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Chinet Offers a Strong, Reliable Tray Option for any Concession Stand or Take Out Service
Chinet, a division of Huhtamaki, is dedicated to bringing you high quality disposable dinnerware to help make special occasions all the more memorable! Since the 1930s, Chinet products have been made in America and the company has been busy earning trust and loyalty from countless customers. A top brand in the production and sale of premium disposable tableware, Chinet proudly offers you the highest quality in paper products. Read more

If you are looking for products that complement your take-out options or casual catering events, Chinet has just the option you’ve been looking for! Providing molded pulp trays for take-out orders, a wide variety of compostable plates, paper bowls, and paper plates, Chinet is the perfect option for your next catering event at an outdoor venue.