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Flexible Cutting Boards

Flexible Cutting Boards

Hi I’m Steve Ziegler, product expert at the WEBstaurant Store, and I’m excited to tell you about one of my favorite kitchen tools: the flexible cutting board! In most cases these sturdy but flexible sheets of plastic will prove more useful, more cost-effective, and more sanitary than your regular cutting board. Let me take a minute to show you why I love these things. By far the best reason to use a flexible cutting board is the actual flexibility. If you’re using a regular cutting board, transporting vegetables to your bowl can be somewhat of a pain, as you can see. But not with the flexible cutting board! Look how easy this is. If you have a small hole, like on a food processor, you can just fold it up a little bit more and guide some rough chopped vegetables right in there. Now let’s say you’re doing some on-site cooking. At your sauté station you need to get ingredients into the pan, and you can see how easy it is with a flexible cutting board. What’s more is if you have to move your cutting boards around to a location or just around your kitchen, these flexible cutting boards are just so much easier to use. Being a former bartender, I know the importance of doing things quickly on a busy night, and running out of lemons or limes during the middle of a rush can be a real drag. Here is where the small size of flexible cutting mat can come in handy. You can see right there that it’s the perfect bartender’s mat. And when you’re done with these, and you need to clean them, they go right in a dishwasher rack. Easy to clean. Now that you’ve seen the versatility of our flexible cutting boards, there are a few more points I’d like to make. First off, you may have noticed this black piece of material underneath my cutting mats all day. This is our Board Buddy material that is great for underneath any type of cutting board to keep them from slipping. It is so much more sanitary and much more flat than a wet towel. The other thing is that with these flexible cutting boards, if you buy one of these and it’s not quite the right size, one of the beauties of these things is that they’re completely customizable with just your standard kitchen shears. In fact, you can even take your one larger cutting board and you can turn it into two cutting boards. So it is very versatile. Here you see a regular cutting board and a flexible cutting board. The thing I want you to think about is this: What part of this half inch cutting board are you actually using? It’s just the surface. Now unless your primary cutting tool is something like this, you’re really not going to get much use out of the rest of the half inch thick of plastic here. What’s worse is that when this gets old and warn you’re going to need to replace it at three times the cost of one of these flexible cutting boards. The other thing I want you to think about is transport. Six of these flexible cutting boards weigh less than a single one of these. Could you imagine having to transport six of these cutting boards around? The last thing I wanted to mention is that in addition to our standard flexible cutting boards, we also stock Table Crafts’ set of colored cutting boards. This is great if cross-contamination is an issue at your work place. They come in a pack of six colors; one for every food group. Well thank you for watching this video, and if you have any questions please feel free to use our live chat button.

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Flexible cutting boards are a versatile, cost effective addition to any kitchen! They make transferring food from prep area to pan a breeze, not to mention they are easy to transport themselves. They come in colors and are are easily customized, too.


The Tablecraft FCB1218A 12" x 18" flexible cutting board set is great for catering, restaurants, and off-site events. This mat set is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, disposable, lightweight, and flexible. Tablecraft FCB1218A cutting mats are constructed of polyethylene.

Never worry about cross-contamination ever again with Tablecraft's FCB1218A flexible cutting board set. Now each food group will have their own color cutting mat, so fresh fruits and vegetables are not being cut up on the same cutting mat used for raw meat.

Each Tablecraft FCB1218A cutting board pack includes six colors for different food categories: Blue (fish), Yellow (Poultry), Green (Fruits & Vegetables), White (Dairy), Brown (Cooked Meat), Red (Raw Meat).

Length: 18"
Width: 12"
Thickness: 1.4 mm


Dishwasher Safe

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Tablecraft FCB1218A 12" x 18" Flexible Cutting Board Set 6 Boards / Pack ( 5.0 stars from 15 reviews )

    I bought this product a few months ago and waited to review it to see how it stood up. It has been great. it has not warped or stained and we have used it a lot

    Posted on

    The Tablecraft Flexible Cutting Board is a great addition to the kitchen if you are in need of a versatile cutting board with minimal space. This is a great item to have if you're in college or have a small kitchen space. Great buy and will buy again!

    Posted on

    We bought 3 sets of these cutting boards for a sushi class. They were light weight and easy to transport but still felt like a quality item. Highly recommend these for off site events.

    Posted on

    Wonderful cutting boards! I was so happy when these came in. You can use one board for vegetables, one for meats, and one for fruit. You have more for things like fish too. You will always know what you cut on each broad because its colored for you!

    Posted on

    I use these all the time. They are great for storage space and the flexibility makes it easy to pour them into a pot or bowl after chopping! No mess or falling on the floor!

    Posted on

    These are a wonderful buy for anyone who has a busy kitchen. They are easy to store and even easier to use. I love the way they are color coded to help me use the appropriate board every time.

    Posted on

    Perfect size; They are flexible yet durable and I love that they fit in the dishwasher for easy cleanup and sterilization. Great value and I highly recommend.

    Posted on

    Very nice cutting boards. They store easily in my cabinets and the color coding means I use the right board for the right food. Love being able to pick up the board and pour items into the dish I'm cooking.

    Posted on

    I bought these flexible cutting boards for my mother-in-law, who lives in Russia (although I left two of the six boards for myself). She raves about them, and specifically about their durability as compared to the ones I had bought her during an earlier visit (from a brick and mortar store for home use). I have noticed the same thing - Even though these boards are flexible, they are much thicker and more durable than the ones available for home use, and do not scour as easily. I'd say I'll probably get as much use out of these as from my regular non-flexible cutting boards.

    Posted on

    I have used the flexable cutting boards for years. You can cut,dice,chop and just pour over into your pot or bowl. Easy to clean. well priced.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    We really love these, use them SO much. They are dishwasher safe, easy to move about the kitchen and handy to take to our mobile site as well.Takes up minimal space.

    Posted on

    Love this cutting boards. I love the colorful colors. I use different color for different chopping products. Very flexible to use, great price for the set

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    This was a gift for my son-in-law. He loved them because when they have people over for a special cookout, people can help with the food preparation and each person will have their own cutting board.

    Posted on

    Love this cutting boards. Took a sharpie and wrote on the back what each one is for. Extremely easy to chop and just pour into pot or bowl.

    Posted on

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