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TS Hose Reels and Hose Reel Accessories

TS Hose Reels and Hose Reel Accessories

When it comes to clean up there's nothing like a T&S hose reel to make life easier. Its powerful spray valve makes quick work of spills or even regular shift clean up. It's rugged hose material presents kinks and best of all its retractable reel unwinds and wines the hoes easily keeping it out of the way but always within close reach. Though many manufacturers offer hose reels, the range from T&S provides the highest quality, the most reliability, and a broad selection of features and benefits. We offer both open and close designs incorporating a smooth rolled edge on our drums to keep hoses or anything else from catching on them. We've engineer special roller guides to reduce goes wear and crafted the reel arm so it can adjust to 8 different convenient positions. Antilock out is standard on all of our models as is the finest and finishes, either stainless steel or are durable epoxy coated steel. Even the T&S fittings are in a class by themselves with a brass will bowl and a stainless steel shaft to ensure long life as well as Nitrol seals on the swivel and a canonized spring for safer replacement. At T&S we always aim to make the finest most innovative products we can just to be sure though we put our hose reels through rigorous testing. The results showed that T&S hose reels perform well in every single category including spring live, structural strength, swivel life, paint finish, and hose life. We've even documented the strength life tests. When we say reliability built in, we mean it! We make installing a T&S hole reel simple. All our hose reels are sent to you with proper tension and in ready to install condition. We have the option of choosing a mounting position after you've received your hose reels. Those options or wall mount, floor mount, and ceiling mount. And we include amounting diagram that you can use as a template for pre drilled holes. Ensure that your fasting location is suitable for holding the reel and then attached the real using the mounting position you've chosen. For maximum safety, always install a hose reel with two people. This eliminates the risk of holding a heavy reel while trying to attach it at the same time. Once the real was mounted in place, connect the swivel inlet to a water source with flexible hose. While hose reels themselves, especially those from T&S, are quite solid the inlet connection can be shaken or jar during operation and a flexible hose keeps those pumps from becoming a source of damage or leaks. In fact, if you use a hard pipe installation it will void your warranty. Since back flow can contaminate the water supply and since code now requires it you must install the proper backflow prevention. We recommend that T&S B-0963 Vacuum Breaker Unit which provides superior back flow prevention for continuous pressure applications and which also protects its surrounding areas with a patented spill resistant design. If you should ever need to replace the hose on your T&S hole reel follow these simple instructions. First, disconnect the water supply. Pull the hose out to a locked position and remove the bumper. Then unlock the hose and released the tension from the reel. Remove the hose from the reel then remove the two hose clamps. Next, disconnect the swivel. Take your new hose and apply Teflon tape to its swivel. Attach the hose to the hose reel swivel then feed the hoes through the slot in the drum. Tighten the hose clamps to the reel. Finish installing the hose onto the reel. To increase the tension, pull the hose out one or two full turns and locker it. Wrap those revolutions around the reel. This should be sufficient tension for normal operation. Finish by attaching the hose bumper to the hose. If you ever need to replace the swivel follow these directions. Disconnect the water supply. And remove all tension from the reel. Then disconnect the hose that's attached to the swivel and remove the swivel itself by loosening the hex end. Then simply reverse the procedure by taking your new swivel attaching it with the hex end, resetting the tension on your hose, and connecting the supply hose to your new swivel. T&S hose reels of a wide array of accessories that can optimize them for performance. A swing bracket allows your wall mount reel to move smoothly on an arc from side to side. A pivot bracket gives your floor or ceiling mounted hose reel flexibility of movement by allowing it to rotate or spin for maximum convenience. T&S hose reels are also engineered to work with a variety of spray valves. Many choose from a typical spray valve design such is our model B-0107 and its low flow model B-0107c. Others prefer innovative ergonomically designed B-0108 valves which include all of the performance of the standards spray valve with enhanced ease of use. However, we also offer to other options in spray valves, our NV Series of water guns features a rugged easy grip body and either stainless steel or aluminum construction and a powerful water stream. For other applications, our extension spray valves are more appropriate with their long reach spray arm and on the go adaptable spray head. No matter how you choose to customize your T&S hose reel, we offer the option that fits your needs. Durable construction far beyond any other hose reel on the market. Simple installation and maintenance that's reliability built in!

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See how easy it is to install a T&S hose reel in your business! You'll also learn about some of the special convenience and durability features built right into every T&S hose reel.

How to Convert Your TS B-0107 Pre Rinse Spray Valve to a B-0108 Spray Valve

How to Convert Your TS B-0107 Pre Rinse Spray Valve to a B-0108 Spray Valve

No matter which option you choose, TNS Spray Valves deliver great cleaning strength with the water conservation that can save you money. Each option, 107 and 108, meets the requirements of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 also known EPAct. Each is available in choice of normal flow or a low flow. Most pre rinse units use the traditional spray valve the BO 107, so why use anything different? Well, TNS wanted to answer that question so we started from scratch with the goal of making the finest pre rinse unit imaginable. The result was BO 108 Spray Valve featuring a revolutionary ergonomic design that makes holding the unit easier and more comfortable. We completely redesigned the valve itself to dramatically reduce the force needed to activate the sprayer. With the BO 108, fast rinsing power plus water savings has never been easier. Converting to BO 108 Spray Valve is simple and requires only four easy steps. First, shut off your water supply and drain the pre rinse lines. Second, remove the old spray valve from the hose using an adjustable wrench or a pair of pliers. Third, check the hose washer inside the barrel. If it looks brand new keep going. If you feel that it needs to be replaced remove it and insert a new hose washer we included. Fourth, and finally attach your new spray valve by threading the top of the valve into the hose barrel, tighten by hand and use your pliers or wrenched to tight just a bit more if you prefer. Turn your water supply back on and you're ready to go! One of the other benefits of the BO 108 is its simplicity in changing straight faces. The BO 107 comes with a fixed spray face. In order to use a different flow rate you'd need purchase a difference spray valve. With the BO 108 though changing spray faces is quick and easy. Simply shut off the water supply twist the face clockwise and remove the face. Install a new face by pushing it in and twisting clockwise. It's that simple. At TNS, we offer you a world of choices for conservation and saving. Consider upgrading to a BO 108 Spray Valve and enjoy the power of ergonomics and quick change spray faces today!

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See how easy it is to convert your existing spray valve to a new, ergonomically designed B-0108 spray valve from T&S. You'll also learn about some of the B-0108's ergonomic and design features.


This T&S EB-0107 blue pre-rinse spray valve provides a high-pressure 4.0+ gallons per minute spray flow at 60 PSI, ideal for heavy use in industrial kitchens with hose reels, washdown stations, and general sanitizing operations.

Each blue spray valve easily connects directly to your hose and offers a convenient shut-off when the handle is released. The unit, itself, is 4 1/4" in length, and the removable spray nozzle is 2 3/4" in diameter.




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