Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Clear Wrapped Straw - 500/Box

Item #: 999WJ7TN

Add style to your beverage service with this Choice 7 3/4" jumbo clear wrapped straw! Its classic clear appearance, combined with its 7 3/4" length, is sure to make this straw a staple item in your restaurant, coffee shop, or bar. Thanks to its jumbo size, this straw is suitable for drinking large beverages including tall cocktails, cold coffee drinks, or any other refreshing beverages such as lemonade or iced tea.

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Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Clear Wrapped Straw - 500/Box

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straws great wrapped straw price drinks Perfect box quality size
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    Purchased these straws for a busy concession stand. The individual wrapping is perfect so that customers can self-serve without worry about health concerns. Can't beat the price for the number of straws included. Great buy!

    from Legends Ballpark Posted on

    This box of 500 wrapped straws is perfect for a small establishment or home use. Each straw is wrapped in paper and is 7.75" long.

    Posted on

    The cost of this product in comparison to the quantity you get makes it a great purchase I will never have to order straws again.

    from Katherine l cohen Posted on

    We offer a lot of fountain drinks and sweet tea so these straws are great! We also offer pick up/to go orders so its really easy to hand the customers the straws.

    from Fox's Alley Bowling Center Posted on

    This price is just about the absolute cheapest I have found. 12,000 very good quality individually wrapped straws for a very low price. I would recommend to any restaurant.

    from The Diner Posted on

    Great Value. Our customer appreciate the flexible straws. We appreciate the individual wrapping. We will continue to order these. They work perfectly and are a great value.

    from Paradise Entertainment Posted on

    So I got a Telya these are great seven and three-quarter inch jumbo clear wrap straw and a 500 box glad I bought these happy with my purchase on this site

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Arrived just as expected. These are basic straws that hold up well. Will not need to purchase again soon...didn't think about how long it would take us to use 12000 straws! Great value overall.

    from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop Posted on

    The clear 7 3/4" Jumbo wrapped straw is a very useful size. This is just perfect for a small canned drink or a 12 oz soda.

    from Heavenly Hershey's Ice Cream Posted on

    These straws are as good as you will find anywhere and they are much cheaper than at my local wholesaler. Shipping is inexpensive if you add them to a larger order.

    Posted on

    A strong, wrapped jumbo straw. These are over 7 inches tall and conveniently wrapped for protection. Clear straw and a good deal with plenty to last for a while.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    While these drugs are great the price is amazing and I can't believe how many you get will definitely be ordering again soon highly recommended

    from Sweet treats Posted on

    Awesome straws fit great in different size cups. The length is great! The price is very affordable for the quality and for the quantity in the box.

    Posted on

    These straws are a good value as they are quality straws. They promote a sanitary condition because they are wrapped. And the price for 500 pieces cannot be beat.

    Posted on

    Great value and quality product. They are packed in there and take up less space! Easy to get out of wrapper without lots of fuss!

    from Bake Us Happy, LLC Posted on

    Good, just little flimsy, it would be ok to use with soft drinks but not for frozen drinks , I ordered few , and will order again.

    from brants burgers Posted on

    Great normal straws. Will purchase these again. We use them for smoothies and they work very well for thicker drinks including frapaccinio and iced drinks

    from Beviamo Cafe Posted on

    I'm not sure why these are called jumbo, they are pretty much a normal size straw. they stick out about 2 inches in a 20oz cup.

    from The Homestead Posted on

    We got these straws for our smoothies that are heavy and thick. They work great. Good size and individually wrapped, so we don't need to worry about sanitation.

    Posted on

    Individually wrapped straws are great for giving to customers in to go bags or when they are dining in at the restaurant. Paper wrapper comes off easily.

    from boeuf & bun corp. Posted on

    Great quality at a fantastic price. Stock up on these so you don't have to buy frequently. I like that they are individually wrapped to keep them clean.

    Posted on

    Low price but high quality

    These covered straws are of good quality without cracks nor broken lines and are of a good number for a large party and at a good price as well.

    Posted on

    The straws are great. They came in, no damage and all straws are individually wrapped which is a big plus. The price is great compared to other vendors.

    from Genovese's Posted on

    Great straws. I loved that they are individually wrapped as to some of the other straws aren't wrapped at all. Perfect for our customers at our food truck

    from Let's roll Posted on

    Great price on straws. Economy weight. Hopefully you have somewhere to store these as its a big box with a lot of draws. Quick ship.

    from backwater Posted on

    We love that these straws are wrapped! We use them for our mobile, cold brew coffee business! They travel well with us from event to event! We also love that they come 24 smaller boxes to a case, so we can just grab a small box of 500 straws and go!

    from The Maine Coffee Bar Posted on

    12,000 straws.. Wow ! I got this case of straws and it will last us a while. Nice large wrapped straws that fit all cup kids and are nice and thick l

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Very surdy and fast shipping:) so happy woth our purchase and I wi order kore for our upcoming event' thank you and love the material of it!

    from CRE8TIVE CUPCAKE Posted on

    I use these straws for all of my smoothies and iced tea/ coffees. They work well and are the perfect height for the choice plastic cups I use.

    from Serving Grace Cafe Posted on

    These straws are great! They do the job and I like that they are individually wrapped so they all stay clean. They're the perfect height for all of my drinks. I always order 4-5 boxes every time I place an order from here.

    from Good Doggy Posted on

    Great quality straw for the price. Easily half of the cost of our local supplier and fast shipping as well. This is the place we will continue to order from.

    from B-4 Investments LLC dba Wallys Posted on

    These wrapped straws are perfect for my grab and go drinks. Unwrapped straws that are put out for everyone to touch, really bother me. These are sanitary, convenient and economical!

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    The amount of straws in one box was far beyond what I expected and price for such a large box was incredible . I am sold and is a customer for life.

    from pashays Posted on

    We use these straws for our Cold Brew Coffee. They need to be a little thicker because they will collapse when pushing them into the lid sometimes.

    from Sludge Coffee Roasters Posted on

    I ordered these straws to go with the 24oz disposable plastic cups and lids and they're great! I have yet to have a negative experience with them, as they really don't break or leak. They are also a perfect length.

    Posted on

    Clear straws that are individually wrapped for sanitary to go or delivery service. Have proven very durable so far i.e. does not easily break when removing wrapper or inserting into cups

    from Best Western Plus Windsor Hotel Posted on

    Good straws They were all packaged very well. None of the straw wrapping was torn. Good size. They dont break. Haven't had any complaints that any have holes.

    from StreetSide Sushi Posted on

    These wrapped straws are jumbo sized. They are great for preventing the spread of disesases, because they come individually wrapped. There are 500 to a box.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    Great Straws for the price. Straws are durable and work great. I will definitely reorder these straws when I run out. You wont find a better price.

    Posted on

    Bought milk straws last time :( so this time I ordered the right size. Great value for how many you get. Love that they are all wrapped so you know peoples dirty hands are not touching something you put your mouth on. just long enough for my 16-24 ounce drinks.

    Posted on

    9 oz cup.

    Perfect size straw for 16 ounce cups. I like that they are wrapped so you dont have to worry about fingers touching the actual straw.

    from CG's Pizza Posted on

    Very good price for 500 "wrapped" straws. The straw is not low quality, it is not too soft or easily bend like some other straws. Like it. Will buy again.

    from Shipping And Handling Inc Posted on

    The 7 3/4" Wrapped Jumbo Straw - 500 / Box  are so cheap that many times the kids make straw planes out of them. Not really jumbo size but I still like them. When I run out I'll probably purchase more. Great buy. No regrets.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    Can't go wrong with these straws, all individually wrapped so it's super sanitary. We offer them for our iced coffee and tea drinks. Never had any complaints of broken straws.

    from Ivy Bakery Posted on

    My kids are in love with these straws. When they open one they feel like they are eating out so it makes meal times more fun. Great for our Smoothies also.

    Posted on

    Perfect size. Great value. They are definitely serving their purpose for what i ordered them for. I am running low and will be ordering 2 more boxes.

    Posted on

    Not the best straws in the world. I chose them because they were cheap, but in the future I will most likely be getting some better quality ones.

    Posted on

    These are perfectly good straws however most of our customers turn them down when we offer one to them. I find myself using them so they won't go to waste.

    Posted on

    On the upside, these are individually wrapped, they're sturdy and won't split or crack, and they have a very low price. On the downside, there's nothing 'Jumbo' about these. They're actually pretty average sized. That's not a huge deal, but if you need a wide diameter straw for frozen beverages, this isn't it.

    from Zulu Co Posted on

    These straws seem to be a good value - but be careful. After we opened our first case we quickly realized that several straws are unusable. Out of the first box of the case - we had over 50 empty wrappers with no straw inside at all and over 20 straws that had their ends crimped shut. Straws are very inexpensive so this isn't a dealbreaker but it is something to consider if you are needing a certain number of straws for an order.

    from Keim Bakery LLC Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Brady! We are glad that you like the quality of the straws. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to credit you for the unusable straws.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We needed cheap and reliable straws and these are perfect for our need. They're the perfect heights for our drink. They are also individually wrap which help keep things clean and sanitary. We would buy this again and again.

    from The Travels Inc Posted on

    great straws

    Love these straws! We use these in our iced coffee beverages every single morning. They're sturdy and never have any holes in them. Would purchase again!

    Posted on

    We use these straws for our Frappe drinks at our mobile coffee shop. EAch one is individually wrapped. They do what you expect a straw to do, and that makes for happy customers.

    from Penguin Yell Coffee Posted on

    Superior strength and quality cannot be understated. We use these with frozen drinks and the remain to be a good choice not only for our business, but for any such food service business in which quality and strength in a straw are important. Price is in line with what's available locally as well.

    Posted on

    You can't have drinks without straws. These work great which is good for our customer and they're cheap which is good for us. in our opinion, you can't go wrong with these.

    from Jim's Bar N Grill Posted on

    This a great value for a box of straws. Each straw is wrapped so no germs passed around. Easy ordering, fast shipping, what else can you ask for?

    from TAPEO Restaurant Posted on

    Great product, the straw works perfect with all my cups even the big 32 oz. cups and their a great price. Michelle from Café Even

    from Cafe Even Posted on

    Great sturdy straw. The individually wrapped straw is a necessity for any customer self service application. Kids love em, and they save us a few messes!

    Posted on

    Ordered 2 boxes of these... just to test them out you know? But after getting them.. they are good sturdy straws. I cant beleieve the quality for the amazing low price! Awesome steal... I mean deal! ;)

    from Beanie's Dog House - Best Hot Dogs In NYC Posted on

    I make a lot of green smoothies at home and this is great for thick smoothies and shakes. It's a great drinking straw, but when you need something larger for thicker drinks and this fits the bill.

    Posted on

    this 7 3/4 wrapped jumbo straw is a great product. they are wrapped and our customers really like that. and the price is just great. shipped really fast too.

    Posted on

    Great straws we use these for our tall drinks and the customers like the idea they don't have to constantly be pulling the straws up to sip their drinks.

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on


    Nice, sturdy straws. My kids (Teens) like to use them and I like the fact that they are wrapped as well. I still have some but will be replacing them when the time comes. Great product.

    Posted on

    with straws you have to have two things for sure. a good strong product and a great price to match. this wrapped jumbo straw does both with ease.

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    I go through straws in a flash. These are sturdy, no holes, and wrapped so I can throw a few in the car and they are clean when ready to use. Good price.

    Posted on

    Our customer like these straws. They are strong and the perfect length for all of our cup sizes. If you want a good quality straw we highly recommend them .

    from Fuel For Fuel Body Posted on

    This is a great straw for milkshakes. We make very thick shakes at our frozen custard stand, and the wide mouth makes for easy drinking. Perfect length for a small or medium.

    from Abe's Old Fashioned LLC Posted on

    Order two box of this these straws are very long and good size for tall iced tea tall cup, nobody can't beat the price for 500 straws.

    Posted on

    This is a basic bar necessity that all restaurants have. These are a good size, good price, durable and the box they came in was in good condition.

    Posted on


    Excellent quality pre-wrapped straws. Durable and not flemsy, these straws are high quality at a very fair price point. Thank you for the great product!

    from Fields of Pizza Posted on

    These are a great basic item at a great price. I actually use them to stir and direct the pouring stream for our lip balms, so the individual wrapping was a must for sanitary reasons. I got a single box of straws along with a mixed order of equipment, and the box got pretty beat up and ripped open during shipping. I bet this wouldn't be as likely with the case pack.

    from Southern Girl Soapery Posted on

    They are pretty good at a very reasonable price. They are individually wrapped and everything I expected them to be. No complaints! Will consider buying again.

    Posted on

    Price is unbeatable. I was spending twice as much getting these from food companies. I buy a large inventory so I never have to think about wasting money again.

    from Union St Diner Posted on

    I've been buying these paper wrapped straws at Sam's for more. Webstaurant is helping me save a lot of money on so many products.

    from Rosemary V. Posted on

    We don't have a high demand for straws for fountain drinks, and these are very adequate for our purposes. I like the fact that they are individually wrapped. My only concern is storage since the large volume per case will likely last us for years.

    Posted on

    These straws work just fine for our needs, and I'm sure would for anyone's needs. The price is right, as always with Webstaurant, our favorite store!

    Posted on

    You can't beat the price of these straws for the amount that you get. We like the fact that they are wrapped. Ensures that no germs have been on the straw itself.

    from Stoneyard Grill & Tavern Posted on

    I would definitely recommend using a straw like this for thick milkshakes like ours. They can stand up to a bit more punishment than normal straws.

    from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen Posted on

    nice quality product at a great price point, I will deffinatly buy more. they come 12000 in a case makes it nice to be able to afford large qty for cheap prices

    from Big Sky Posted on

    These straws are a really good size and a great price. This big case will last some time without running out. I'll keep buying these here.

    Posted on

    These straws work just like any other wrapped straw you get. The biggest difference being the price of course. These are about half of what we used to pay, A+++

    from Gallaghers Pizza Posted on

    Wow what a great deal! 12 thousand straws for this price? thats nuts. ive never seen them this cheap before. this is a great time to stock up on them.

    Posted on

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