11" Standard Duty Solid Stainless Steel Basting Spoon

Item #: 92246961

This 11" highly-polished, 18/8 stainless steel spoon comes with a solid bowl and is perfect for kitchen line service. It has a grooved handle that adds to the comfort of using the spoon. You can also hang the spoon up on a wall using the notch on the handle.

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11" Standard Duty Solid Stainless Steel Basting Spoon

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spoon spoons serving great quality sturdy steel Stainless price Solid
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    I use this spoon almost every single day. It is perfect to baste, and even serve foods at dinner time. Classy stainless steel look makes it perfect for daily use as well as holiday use!

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    These are high quality serving spoons. Super inexpensive for the quality of the material. Dishwasher safe. I will purchase more of these for catering events

    from desalvo's Posted on

    We actually bought a few of these spoons. They are great for multiple uses in the kitchen. We use them for everything from stirring the nacho cheese to serving marinara.

    from Fox's Alley Bowling Center Posted on

    I bought this for home use and it is worth it. Very good quality of stainless steel and also priced right. I highly recommend this spoon.

    from Sugary and Savory Posted on

    These are high quality serving spoons. Super inexpensive for the quality of the material. Dishwasher safe. I will purchase more of these for catering events and family reunions.

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    A good all purpose stirring spoon for everyday use. Not a fancy looker so I wouldn't use it as a serving spoon on a well dressed table.

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    I just use this as a plain serving spoon and it works well. I know I'll have it forever since it's made out of stainless steel. Good price for a great spoon.

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    Cannot recommend enough, I use these almost every time I cook since buying them. The tip is designed in such a way where you can fit it snugly into most corners, and the metal is sturdy and will stand up to most abuse. It also fits almost perfectly into wide mouth ball jars, and works well when you're cleaning leftovers out of old containers in the fridge.

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    I use these spoons every day for stirring large batches of fudge. They do the job very nicely without any bending even though the fudge gets really thick.

    from Doing Life Better Posted on

    these spoons look very very expensive. good price. i will buy them again. good quality. buy them you will love them. trust me on that.

    from Sheillah's Catering Posted on

    Solid, sturdy and without any problems. This spoon is exactly what it is advertised to be which is the spoon that you most definitely need for your business.

    from Bomb Tacos LLC Posted on

    These are the perfect size for serving at the table. These solid ones are great for foods without much liquid to them. They look very nice in person.

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    Adding a new food line and we needed spoons like this. Stainless steel, built strong and easy to clean. Works well and looks nice at the same time.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on


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    These 11" Standard Duty Solid Stainless Steel Basting Spoon are great for serving any foods. They are perfect size for any food warmers or crock pots. great price for a quality serving spoon.

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    I got here this 11 inch solid stainless steel basting spoon off this great site . Good product well-made very sturdy . I prefer this size for scooping out my mashed potatoes I'm not a big fan of very long spoons

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    These basting spoons are perfect for serving in a buffet line. I have ordered different sizes in the past and will be ordering more very soon..

    from Fireside Cafe Posted on

    love this sppon was really cheap too and its way stronger then I thought it would be thanks seems like a good length for some things

    from home Posted on

    Decent spoon.It is not real heavy duty but it does the trick.Great value I would buy again it seems to be sturdy it is a nice spoon for the money

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    Great quality, relatively heavy weight spoons. I use them as serving spoons for certain items in a buffet line. They're sturdy enough not to bend, easy to clean, and short enough not to get in the way.

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    This is a great basting spoon. It is heavy feeling and very strong. i use it for cooking and for buffet serving at home during big family gatherings. I have had this spoon for awhile and it holds up well to all the abuse I've put it through and still looks and feels very nice.

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    11" Standard Duty Solid Stainless Steel Basting Spoon #92246961 i am not a fan if these non coated handles but bi like the hook hole with my kitchen it fits right in

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    This is a very sturdy solid spoon. It is the right size. It works really well. This spoon is a great addition to our utensils.

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    These are high quality serving spoons. The value for the price is outstanding. We feel good about leaving these at drop off caterings because they give a more polished presentation and it is easy on the wallet at the same time.

    from oh! Posted on

    These serving spoons are a thinner guage stainless steel, but serve their purpose well. They are exactly as the specs state they are and are shiny and nice looking on our banquet lines.

    from GBF Catering Posted on

    These spoons are good for your bowls. They are very sturdy and won't break. However they are not good for the steam table because the handles get hot.

    from Tashpat LLC Posted on

    I decided to go this route instead of the dollar store plastic serving utensils for my wedding - very happy i did. These look much more expensive and they're not!! yet so much better quality!

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    Good strong stainless steel spoon! I work in a professional kitchen and got these for home use, they are better than anything you can buy in stores and way cheaper!

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    This 11 inch solid spoon is great for serving food it's the perfect size and very sturdy but not heavy or awkward I will buy several more for my kitchen

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    This stainless steel spoon is sturdy and good quality. It's easy to clean and doesn't varnish. It's such a versatile product and gets used often.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Good quality serving spoons. I use this for parties or my catering services. It has a shiny look, and easy to wash. Adds a classy touch when you have a catering set up.


    This spoon is an excellent buy if you need many, because the price is so low. They aren't heavy duty, but definitely not flimsy, either. Just your everyday standard metal spoons.

    from FPD Posted on

    The spoons are great and the price is even better. They are very durable and strong. I purchased several and was happy that I did.

    from pashays Posted on

    I ordered several of these and they are excellent quality for the price. They are exactly as shown on the website and I will be ordering more.

    from Detailed Elegance Posted on

    I purchased these for our Town Hall, I wanted something that would look uniform on a food table, yet hold up to all the use it would get in the kitchen. It was a great choice!

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    This spoon is great for scooping up potato salad, chicken salad, etc. It is not heavy duty but works perfectly for what we need. We also use this on the buffet for self service.

    from Fernando's Posted on

    This spoon works well when serving, stirring, or placing items into a cooking vessel. The length is good and the steel looks good. The price is fair for this item.

    Posted on

    These 11" stainless steel serving spoons very a much better value than we could find locally. Perfect for use as the serving spoons in a wedding buffet line. The spoons are sturdy, don't bend & higher quality than anything sold at the local dollar store. They clean up very nicely & have a shiny appearance.

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    These spoons are a great value--I suggest purchasing several, since serving spoons always seem to be in short supply. This is solid and sturdy...The handle doesn't bend under pressure.

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    It is a good spoon at a great bargain price. It does as expected and described. It is sturdy and durable which is what I need.

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    It's a good sturdy serving spoon at a very reasonable price, it's a tad shallow but gets the job done and isn't that what we're looking for? A product that will last, be priced reasonably and get the job done?

    from Lions Camp Crescendo Posted on

    i am shocked at the price of these spoons, i used them on the serving table at my event and they did the job well, i even use them to cook with.

    from B'Better Event Production Posted on

    Love these spoons. Daily use. I have them all. Solid, perforated, and slotted. Sturd, durable, and perfect to toss in the dishwasher, always come out shiny, clean and sanitized.

    from Melodie Garner Posted on

    You can use the 11" Standard Duty Solid Stainless Steel Spoon to serve kale with some of the liquid to guests and or loved ones. It fit well in my 910 pressure canner.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    This little spoon is great! Having a short spoon with a large scoop comes in handy for many kitchen tasks as well as serving. I am very pleased.

    Posted on

    This is a good serving spoon, but isn't good for mixing because the edge of the metal is uncomfortable in the hand, especially when mixing anything thick like potatoes or sour cream. Would be alright for mixing thin soups and things like that.

    from Katie Kate's Posted on

    I bought these as an alternative to my plastic spoons that don't always stand up to stews and heavy soups. They also work well when moving food from pot to storage container. Some spoons are so heavy they tip over the container.

    Posted on

    These 11 inch solid serving food is pretty easy to use nice handle u can hook anywhere in your kitchen quality stainless steel very sturdy

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jay Posted on

    Everything item I bought at Websturant I have bee very happy with, it is indeed a pleasure to shop here. This spoon is another awesome spoon for my home made body products..

    Posted on

    Nice size and weight. Purchase to use at pot luck dinners, family gatherings, barbecues and fundraisers. Because of the affordable price, bought more than one and now don't worry if something gets left behind at one of the events I attend.

    Posted on

    This is a great, basic solid stainless spoon. It holds up well in the dishwasher, is light, and is high quality. I like that it has a nice hole in the handle, for easy hook storage.

    Posted on

    The 11" spoon works well on the line in our busy kitchen but is also presentable enough to be used on buffets and by guests in the dining room.

    from Golden Lion Cafe Posted on

    Nice product, nicer value. Was very pleased to find and order these after paying triple the price elsewhere. Very sturdy and cleans up very well

    from The Colonial Hotel Posted on

    we love these spoons. it gives our place a sleek look for our toppings and sets us apart from other dessert shops. we recommend this product highly

    Posted on

    Pretty tough to mess up a spoon - this one handles all the scooping and serving your heart desires. Doesn't feel cheap or thin either

    Posted on

    These solid spoons work great for so many items. They are strong, easy to clean, and take the heat with no problems. They worked great for large events.

    Posted on

    This is a perfect serving spoon. Wide brim of the spoon allows for scooping, and the long handle keeps food from being contaminated. I'd look for something a little longer if you want something for commercial cooking.

    from All Souls Unitarian Church Posted on

    Price was good on this serving spoon. Hole in handle for hanging. Very sturdy for light to medium use, and should last a long time. Perfect serving size!

    Posted on

    This standard 11" spoon is an amazing bargain. The handle is a bit wide for comfortable (and lengthy) stirring, but it will be a workhorse nonetheless.

    Posted on

    Perfect serving size! We will definitely reorder for party or events we host. We were happy with the price and our order when we received it.

    from Castro Wedding Posted on

    The 11 inch standard spoon is a workhorse around our kitchen, I was amazed these were priced so low. A local store wanted a lot more for theirs.

    Posted on

    this 11 " standard solid spoon is a great fit to any kitchen. work great for us every time. and with this low price it is a deal you have to grab.

    Posted on

    The serving spoons are very nice and presentable and can't wait to use them for our upcoming silver anniversary this January 2015. Highly recommended. The delivery is so accurate and the price is unbeatable.

    Posted on

    I ordered these serving spoons for our school because many potluck dishes are brought to events without serving spoons. These are just perfect .... function and price!!!

    from Bellevue Elementary School Posted on

    Durable and made from quality stainless steel, we use these all over the kitchen for general scooping. The one piece design makes them very sanitary and easy to clean

    from Rip City Sandwiches Posted on

    This is a really, really nice solid spoon. I get tired of the plastic bendy ones and this one just makes me feel like I have control. It washes up real nice and is another one of those products that I expect my kids will be arguing over some day when I'm gone... (that was Ma's favorite spoon I want it) it would be easier to just buy 3 more, they wouldn't be able to tell the difference. LOL

    Posted on

    Whether it's the solid spoon or the slotted, these 'standard' are anything but. I love when I order something at a really good price and then get it and feel like it was a steal. These are one of those items.

    from A Tasty Affair Posted on

    Love Love Love these serving spoons!!! Found here at a very good price! Great solid spoon!!! Perfect to serve at a large family dinner! Would definitely recommend!

    Posted on

    I needed to add to my serving spoon collection, during outdoor picnics, and LARGE bbq's. ONe large heap, of this spoon is about 2 servings, or one HUGE helping, of beans, potato salad, Mac and Cheese, Rice, etc. These are great for assembly line or buffet line, style service. Where you need to HEAP-A-HELPING, on the plate, this will serve up a mound. Do not let rest on pot, as they can heat up, or use the silicone slip on covers, if using near heat or steam. they will get very hot. The quality is commercial grade, and clean in a breeze with HOT, SOAPY water. I use them to nest near the fruit bowl ( the anchor hocking 1/2 gal jar- much better than a flat platter to save on table space), so folks can fill up their bowls quickly, and keep the line moving.

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    love the spoons just what I was looking for heavy sturdy just the right size not to big and not to small.will order this again

    Posted on

    We use several spoons that we have purchased here on Webstaurant in our store. They have served us (and our customers) well for almost two years now.

    from Lotsa Pasta Posted on

    These lightweight metal spoons are a pleasure. The weight is perfect so it does not feel heavy which makes mixing and spooning out much easier on the hand and wrist. Even after hundreds of washes the finish still looks beautiful and shiny.

    from signature caterers Posted on

    I initially bought this spoon because I was shopping for a lot of common utensils and the spoon seemed to me like a no-brainer. The price is really good: I could not find a better deal elsewhere. I use this spoon mostly for scooping out boiled eggs, mixing the gelatin gel desert and when making pizza sauce. For so cheap this spoon is a great deal and is handy to have around the kitchen.

    Posted on

    This is one giant spoon! Strong and sturdy, perfect for stirring deep pots of soups and sauces. This is the spoon you must have in any commercial kitchen!

    Posted on

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