Southern Champion 11203 6" Corrugated Grease Proof White Cake Circle - 100/Case

Item #: 2456CCCC

Provide a stable foundation for your cake and easily insert it in a box with this Southern Champion 11203 6" corrugated grease proof white cake circle. Made of corrugated cardboard, this durable circle supports and carries even the heaviest and most cumbersome cakes. Thanks to a waxed top, this circle does not show grease stains nor allows grease to seep into the cardboard. So no need to modify your moist cake recipe or refrain from using your signature sweet buttercream icing, this circle can handle it! With this circle, your cake continues to showcase its immaculate appearance and decoration from the first piece, through the last.

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Southern Champion 11203 6" Corrugated Grease Proof White Cake Circle - 100/Case

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cake cakes great grease boards proof circles perfect price sturdy
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    Perfect! We use them in our tiered cakes between 6" and 8" layers and also sometimes wrap them in foil to make boards for small smash cakes. Great price!

    from Thirsty Whale Bakery Posted on

    These 6' corrugated grease proof white cake circles are first off super cute! So handy and multi-purpose not just for putting a cake on. I dry my fondant work on them and use them for brushing on shimmers, etc. and then still put a cake on it!

    Posted on

    Love these little guys! Sometimes I put a few mini treats against the white board for pictures and it turns out great. Then there are the most obvious reasons these are great. Nice strong durable

    Posted on

    The price of these boards is great! It's so much cheaper than buying them in small packs at another retailer by and they're great quality. Very happy with my purchase

    Posted on

    These cake boards are perfect! I had been purchasing another brand from my local craft store, and was paying about the same amount for a box of 10. You can't beat the price of these and the quality is spot on!

    from So Belle Cakes Posted on

    We use these cake circles day in and day out!! We have just introduced a new division in our bakery, to provide small economical wedding cakes to our customers!! Working put really well. Will continue to purchase this itiem!

    from Simply Southern Bakery Posted on

    These 6" round cake boards are great for my 6 inch cakes. They are thick and sturdy.. The price is great. I would order these again.

    Posted on

    I love these cake boards! They are grease proof and do a great job with 6in smash cakes and tiered cakes. These are the only boards I will use!

    from Sugar rush Posted on

    I use this for all my six inch and four inch strong and sturdy and greaseproof which works well for my buttercream and filled cakes!

    from home Posted on

    These 6" boards are perfect for small size cakes.. 4"-5" cake is just perfect.. nice quality and very durable.. I will buy it again in the future

    from Wholly Sweets Bake Shop Posted on

    These work great. I use them for my 6" cakes, & also wrap them in nice paper/foil to display my 4" cakes. They are sturdy & don't show grease.

    from Helwig's Sweets Posted on

    These cake circles are wonderful and are a higher quality than anything sold in stores. I love the fact that they are grease proof and don't show the unsightly grease ring. They serve as a clean and durable base for all of my cakes.

    from Elite Sweets Posted on

    We use these cake boards for everything from cakes to crafts for kids! They are well made and came with so many. Will definitely order more!

    Posted on

    These 6" boards are perfect for 6" top tiers for tiered cakes and 4" smash cakes. They pair nicely with the 6" cake boxes also

    Posted on

    These are perfect boards for building 6 in cakes. Versatile and cheap enough that you can use to just build cakes and the clean look will allow you to serve straight from the board for a more simple finished cake look. Since they are grease proof, they don't hold stains like normal cardboard circles, giving even cut cakes a better look.

    Posted on

    These speed things up tremendously. I was cutting them manually for quite a while before I got these, and now i don't know why I bothered. Perfect fit and great cake release.

    Posted on

    Awesome! I love that Webstaurant carries bulk and ordering is so easy! These are great and I suggest getting them in their other sizes too!

    Posted on

    These six inch corrugated wax circles are perfect for my top wedding cake tiers. These circles are very sturdy, are perfectly round and are exceptional quality.

    from Sonya's Specialty Sweets Posted on

    los comprre paras mis pasteles de 2-3 pisos y estoy encantada , muy resistentes ala humedad de mis pasteles y muy fuertes los recomiendo y volvere a comprar :)

    Posted on

    These are so practical! I had tried in the past to make my own to save me that trip to the craft store, but it is much better when you buy them already made specially at this price that you will definitely not get at your local craft store!=)

    Posted on

    We use these cake circles for all of our small smash cakes. We typically cover them with wrap but don't really need to since they are grease proof and stay clean. Great purchase.

    from Polkadot Cupcake Shop Posted on

    Great product and price for the cake boards. I use these all the time and have never had a problem with them at all. Highly suggest getting the grease proof boards.

    from Home Use Posted on

    This cake board is great for small cakes and has a smooth finish that allows for easy clean up of frosting off the board. Awesome!!

    from Ashman's Cupcake's & Treats Posted on

    These cake circles are wonderful! Being greaseproof make them so very easy to work with. They dont soak up moisture which helps give them a clean look!

    from Mr Baker Man Posted on

    It's a great cake circles perfect for a small personal cheesecakes to adding an additional tier to a larger tank strong and sturdy and greaseproof Grapevine definitely recommend

    Posted on

    perfect amount for a great price. i always recommend these products to friends and customers. fits perfectly in the 6" boxes without worrying about bumps

    from Designer Cakes Posted on

    We love how sturdy the cardboard circles are. We can also stack them and glue them together for larger cakes that may need addional support.

    from Sunset bay cafe Posted on

    I use this 6 inch grease proof board when stacking tiered cakes. The 6 inch cake lines up and ices perfectly on this board. I use them daily!

    from That Cake Place Posted on

    Bought this Great product for my baked goods and so far so good. Keeps my baked goods from breaking which is great for my customers

    from MwintSoph Enterprises LLC Posted on

    I love these for the base of my 4" baby cakes and 4" mini cheesecakes. They are coated with a grease proof cover that looks nice and is easy to wipe off crumbs.

    from Simply Elegant Sweets Posted on

    I used to buy cake circles from a local craft store and it was way more expensive than these ones even if I use coupons. The quality is the same, but the price is way cheaper so I don't have any complaints at all. I bought these in 6", 8" and 10". Planning to buy the 12" to make my own cake drums.

    Posted on

    This cake circle is so sturdy and greaseproof. I used it to hold a 6" tall top tier cake on a wedding cake and it held up beautifully! No smears or smudge marks from buttercream frosting.

    from A Baker's Mission, LLC Posted on

    These cake boards are sturdy, easy to clean and wipe off excess icing, and a great price. They hold up well in a stacked wedding cake and still allow a wood dowel to be driven through them.

    from Sweet Treats Bakery Posted on

    Sturdy, holds up well for heavy fondant cakes.

    Great price for the quantity but not super grease resistant if that is what you are looking for. this works great for pizzas and cakes

    from Cup My Cakez Posted on

    one of our smaller cakes on one

    Small, cute, GREASE PROOF, and strong! These do not fold under the pressure and they withstand a lot of scraping and rubbing to remove excess frosting.

    from The One Butt Bakery Posted on

    Theseb6" boards are a must. And being grease proof keeps the look clean for the client. They also offer a sturdy suppot for the top layer.

    from Courtney's Cakes and Sweet Treats Posted on

    I was buying these in small quantities at a local craft store never once thinking I could get them here. I'm so happy with this purchase! The only thing I wish it had, was a hole in the center to make doweling a little easier.

    Posted on

    These boras are the perfect size for smash cakes/cupcakes. Just glue 3 together, cover with scrapbook paper, contact paper and a ribbon, and it makes the most professional handmade display!

    Who has time to cut their own cake circles. Not me! They are a great price here and I love that they are grease proof. I use them as bases for all my cakes.

    Posted on

    Used as cake board.

    These are perfectly adequate cake boards--Nothing fancy, but they do the job. They come in a package of 100 so make sure you have room to store them if purchasing for home use. This is a much better price/value than buying at a cake supply store.

    Posted on

    perfect size for the smash cakes that i make. its grease proof so i know its sturdy and wont get weak the longer the cake sits on the board.

    from Sprinklesohmy Posted on

    This is my second time ordering these. Fantastic buy! 6 inch round cardboard circles worked beautifully for my cakes! It would definitely keep buying this product again and again as I use them up ao quickly and price is almost cost less

    Posted on

    Perfect! These cost an arm and a leg at the local craft store, and they aren't much cheaper at my local cake decorating supply store, even though the quality is comparable. I haven't found a better price for this quantity! I use the 6" boards for both 6" tiers that are stacked as well as cut them down for the 4" and 5" sizes I offer for the top layer of smaller tiered cakes. Works like a charm!

    from A Bake Cakery, LLC Posted on

    great to have this 6" Corrugated Grease Proof White Cake Circle - 100 / Case i use this a lot for my 6 inch cake for layering

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    Webstaurant has the best prices on cake circles anywhere. Great quality grease proof cake circles for such a large amount. We buy these all the time.

    from TRW Posted on

    Good price good products. We use lots grease proof cake boards. They works well with all of our cakes. We don't need to worry the moist makes the cake board looks so urgly.

    Posted on

    I ordered these to stock up. They are perfect for stacking my cakes. and the grease proofing just makes them all that much better. I will order from here now on!

    Posted on

    Love them!!! They are grease proof, which i didn't know when I ordered so i was happily surprised! Will be ordering these often. True to size as well.

    from It's All in the Cake Posted on

    These are perfect for use in between cake tiers to help support the top tier, and they are great for smash cakes! Love them for all small things!

    from Everything Iced Cupcakes & More Posted on

    These cake boards are very sturdy and the corrugated grease proof surface allows icing and durability so it doesn't soak through... And ordering 100, they are in abundance so I don't have to worry about running out... :)

    from Chace's Cakes & Catering Posted on

    These grease proof circles feel more durable than just cardboard. Slices of cake are easy to serve from the smooth surface. Each circle is perfect with no rough edges.

    Posted on

    We go through a LOT of cake circles in our bakery and these are such a money saver! They are a great quality but you do need to watch and make sure they don't warp. Overall, we love them

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    Super rounds for small cakes!

    Perfect size for our 4 " cakes that we sell as a grab and go item. Easy to pick up and cake does not slide off or move around once its laid down on the board.

    from Bakery Melange Posted on

    These are a real time saver The price is very reasonable so I bought every size . It makes it so very easy to stack cakes.

    Posted on

    These 6 inch grease boards are the best for my 6 inch cakes that I make on a daily basis. Perfect with the 6 inch bakery boxes.

    from Christy Lynn Creations Posted on

    now these one are great quality, the grease proof feature.... amazing, they are easy to wipe off and strong to support the any cake. I am happy with this cake boards

    from Angel's Bake Shop Posted on

    Perfect size for our small wedding cakes for two. Can be dressed up by stacking three and placing foil around them and taping underneath it.

    from My Tiny Wedding Posted on

    These cake boards are great for my 4 " cakes. I use one and trim it to the size of my cake then I put the finished cake on the 6" cake board with a doily. I like the price point and works great for me since I use two boards for my cakes.

    Posted on

    Perfect size for small 6" cakes - essential for support in transport - can't go wrong with these, will last forever in dry storage as well.

    from Mountain Oven, LLC Posted on

    These cake pads are Wonderful! My cakes have a glaze over them and these don't allow it to leak through like others have that I've tried!

    from Shur Nuff Rum Cakes Posted on

    It's difficult to go wrong with these 6" grease proof white cake circles. They have so many uses besides placing them under and between layers of cake.

    Posted on

    I love these 6" grease proof cake circles! They are sturdy, and work great for smash cakes! They are such a great value too! I highly recommend this product.

    from Jennie's Cake Creations Posted on

    Perfect cake rounds for our tiered cakes for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. Cheapest price we found anywhere, love that they come in bulk too!

    Posted on

    This is a fantastic buy! The product came quickly and was perfect for what I needed… It is hard to find 6 inch round cardboard circles and these worked beautifully for my cakes! It would definitely buy this product again as I am sure I will use them up and be looking forward to having more!

    from Sweet Samantha Posted on

    We love these grease-proof cake boards! They're perfect for our stacked cakes, smash cakes, and more. They're always grease-proof and pressed well so they don't peel apart on high humidity days.

    from Rachel's Bake Shop Posted on

    We are new customers and are very pleased with our first order. Great price and prompt shipping. Package arrived in good condition. Product is comparable to what we were using, but at one fourth the cost.

    from Simply Cake Posted on

    These are perfect! They really are grease proof and hold up under the greasiest of conditions. I am very pleased with this purchase. Highly recommend!!!

    from sweeties Posted on

    I highly recommend the 6" grease proof corrugated boards. I use them for both my tiered cakes and for my smash cakes. They are the perfect size and thickness.

    from Mandy's Cakes and Treats Posted on

    These work really well for my cheese and veggie tortes. They are grease proof and very sturdy and hold up really well in the fridge and freezer.

    from Flying Avocado whole foods llc Posted on

    These boards are really affordable so they work really well for our store. We prefer using the grease proof boards when possible because they are more sturdy.

    from Fix it with Frosting Posted on

    I've never knew they made 6" cake boards until I discovered them right here on Webstaurant store. It's amazing.... and it good for use of stacking cakes

    from Shavonna's Yummy Treats & Creations Posted on

    We use these in an unconventional way. Our students use these to trace circles in class. They also color on the brown corrugated side in paints/markers. Great price on durable circle cut-outs.

    from Lighthouse Productions Posted on

    These are very durable cake circles. We use them for both cake display and stacking. They are a perfect size for small small cakes as well.

    from ACES Cake Shop and Baker's Supply Posted on

    I love these handy cake circles! They are great for cake decorating. They are quite sturdy, and though I appreciate that they come as greaseproof, the coating is not as thick as I would like it to be. However, overall, the greaseproof coating is sufficient.

    Posted on

    These cake boards work well in my bakery. Grease proof lining works very well. The boards are sturdy enough to handle heavy cakes. And you can't beat this price.

    from Sugar Fixe LLC Posted on

    high quality, durable, greaseproof, and for a great price. I recommend this product to everyone! The cake does not stick to the surface leaving unwanted mess on the board. Very professional quality!

    from Sight & Sound Studios Posted on

    Excellent price for these. We go through a lot of this size and these are perfect for what we're using them for. I could not ask for a better price and in the economic hardships that we're facing, this is truly appreciated.

    from Shelly's Sweet Delights Posted on

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