Southern Champion Window Cupcake Box with Insert 14" x 10" x 4" - 10/Pack

Item #: 2451410CPCAK

This white Southern Champion 14" x 10" x 4" window cupcake box is the perfect size for packaging twelve standard sized cupcakes, or muffins, making it ideal for special orders and take out pastry shops. These inserts fit snugly in bakery boxes, and ensure your decorated, sprinkled masterpieces make it home in pristine condition with your patrons. Its large, clear window makes it easy for customers to view your creatively intricate designs and colorful cupcake creations.

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Southern Champion Window Cupcake Box with Insert 14" x 10" x 4" - 10/Pack

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cupcakes boxes box cupcake window great sturdy inserts easy perfect
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    These work really well for my cupcakes, very sturdy and durable. I was scared to order initially but they are great not flimsy. I got them quickly

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    Packaged flat, so they're easy to store. Well constructed and perfect for delivering cupcakes with panache. The insert keeps things organized and stops them from sliding during transport.

    from Big Mike's BBQ Posted on

    Used these boxes for a large order. I think they could be a bit more durable but they do look beautiful. Had a bit of trouble keeping my cupcakes in place but that might have been due to the recipe.

    from Buttercup's Confectionery Posted on

    I was serving one hundred and twenty five cupcakes for a New Years Eve party. The Southern champion window cupcake boxes with insert was perfect. The design of the cupcakes was view able through the window top. Excellent product.

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    This cupcake box is the perfect presentation for my cupcakes. The box is sturdy and easy to put together. My customers absolutely love this cupcake box!

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    These are amazing boxes! I use these for all of my cup cake orders ! There is enough height for any fondant or decorative icing without smashing the icing when the box is closed. These are great for transporting cupcakes, and stack well.

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    clear window showcases the cupcakes while the insert keeps them secure

    I have ordered the 12 cup cupcake boxes and inserts for years. Much better and nicer than other inserts I've ordered elsewhere. I will continue to order for quality and for price

    from Pammy The Cake Lady Posted on

    These cupcake boxes look very nice. I like the window on the box and the size is wonderful. They are high enough even for my super-tall cupcakes and sturdy, so you can transport your cupcakes securely.

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    I am so glad I came across for my daughter, cupcake business, we love the 12 cupcake boxes that they have, comes with the 12 cupcake insert as well, to keep the cupcakes apart and keep it from messing up the icing on the cupcakes. We are so please with the quality of the product, how you able to see the cupcakes through the windows on the box. The boxes have such a professional look and the customer's are pleased as well, when it is presented to them. We have received so many compliments and asking where we purchase the boxes from, we are more than happy to share with them where we purchase them from. I am so glad it comes in quantities of 10 and it is so much reasonable than going to the store every other week, or have to travel to different stores because one store may not have it. We no longer have to be frustrated of being disappointed and finding other ways of how to box up the cupcakes. is where you want to purchase your supplies, it is highly recommended.

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    Cupcake box displaying our cupcake

    Theses boxes make my cupcakes look more professional. The see through window is great. Also, the inserts are very sturdy and keeps the cupcakes in place. I no longer have to worry about them falling over! There is a good amount of room to if you like to put a lot of decorations.

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    I prefer this box over the plastic cupcake containers. It is sturdy and well-made. Easy to put together too. The window is great for presentation.

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    These are the BEST BOXES EVER. I have tried several other cupcake containers for my cupcakes, and these by far are the best. Very sturdy and not to mention beautiful presentation. Cupcakes are secure, no worrying about them sliding around or over turning. Will definitely order again and again.

    from TeeSpoon Posted on

    Great Boxes

    These boxes worked perfectly for cupcakes for our wedding, and they were inexpensive enough I wouldn't hesitate to order them again just to have some on hand. They're compact when flat and easy to assemble and stack.

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    I am loving the cupcake boxes I ordered. The inserts do a fantastic job of keeping my sweet treats in place while en route to delivery.

    from Southern Chic Sweets Posted on

    These boxes are wonderful for keeping custom works of art safe until they are ready to be eaten! Love the window and the durability. Will order again

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    love these boxes. perfect for the cupcakes and muffins that i sell. very sturdy and durable. very professional looking and clean looking. i highly recommend

    from Designer Cakes Posted on

    I would recommend these boxes to everyone. they are nice and sturdy make my cupcakes look so professional. This company was the first one i used to buy a bulk order and i will continue to use theses

    from SweetsbyDiamond Posted on

    These Window cupcake boxes are perfect for my cupcakes that i sell. they are such a great price you cant beat it! i will be buying these again!

    from Mazey Cakes Posted on

    I love these boxes and inserts for my cupcakes!

    I love these cupcake boxes. They window allows my customers to show off their Goodies with even open the box. Only thing I wish they had them in pink :)

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    I love these boxes!

    This cupcake boxes are beautiful very easy to put together.. the shipment and packaging was fantastic I will be purchasing more today I'm very happy with my purchase

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    Love these

    I really like these boxes. They are sturdy, and the cupcakes are easy to remove. The price is great and more economical than a certain big box store and my local cake supply place.

    from The Sugar Fairy LLC Posted on

    These are great cupcake boxes. The finger tabs on the inserts make them very easy to both put cupcakes in and take out without messing up your icing. A very strong, good looking box at a very good price. I like not having to try to figure out which insert would go with which box as these come together. And I LOVE the window!! I highly recommend these!!

    from mitty moos Posted on

    My favorite boxes I've used to date. Amazing quality, holds up well in storage and is perfect for presenting your cupcake designs! Must order if you want an elegant design!

    from Chic Treats Posted on

    I absolutely LOVE these cupcake boxes!! I make fondant decorated cupcakes and they fit perfectly without them messing up and they are great for traveling which is also a plus!

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    Great product! The size of the box is perfect (12 cupcakes), they look much more expensive than they are, and the inserts make me feel much more comfortable that my cupcakes will not get smooshed when traveling with them!

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    These cupcakes boxes and inserts are the perfect size and height for my cupcakes. The display beautifully through the window on the box. Will definitely keep purchasing these for all my future orders. Great quality!

    from 21 Cupcakes Posted on

    Awesome boxes. They fit together and assemble nicely. The window is nice for promoting our cupcakes and the holders are great, costumers. We love the look and the product.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Very nice, sturdy, and pretty white box but the inserts are a bit too large for my standard size cupcakes but they fit my jumbo cupcakes.

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    Shipping was super fast! Boxes were a good quality and and easy to put together! Will order again when my current stock runs out! My cupcakes look great in them!

    from Ashley's Cupcakes & Confections Posted on

    When I first bought these boxes, I was a bit skeptical, wondering if the boxes would be unstable or difficult to assemble. When the boxes arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are both easy to assemble and very sturdy. The inserts hold cupcakes and muffins very well and prevent them from sliding around. My customer's really love the window which allows them to peek inside and see the goodies. Great buy!

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    These cupcakes boxes are super cute, practical and sturdy. The inserts can be removed and they can be used for cakes and other goodies also.

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    These boxes are great! Easy to assemble and stays assembled. See through window helps give another level of attractiveness for products. You can also use it without the cupcake holders for other baked goods!

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    Cuz cake box with cupcakes

    Love the clear top! This cupcake box/ insert works great and does the job. I don't have to worry much when traveling with this box.

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    My cupcakes stay in place! The box could be a bit sturdier, but I don't have any complaints!

    This cupcake carrier is by far the best. The sturdiness of this box is priceless. The clear top display is perfect for showcasing my product.

    from metime sweets Posted on

    This cupcake box with inserts are perfect! Easy to put together/fold. nice amount of window space. All around a nice cupcake box, Also good for 1/4 cake box!

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    What else can I say, this box really does all a baker like myself would need to give a professional and well designed box for cupcakes. I love how the window gives you a preview of your cupcakes and how the inserts perfectly fit inside the box to give room for each cupcake.

    from Muah Cupcakes By Jae Posted on

    These cupcake boxes work so well when transporting cupcakes! The inside piece cradles each cupcake perfectly without harming the frosting. The cupcakes don't move around, I don't have to worry about a customer accidentally ruining them! My mother loved them so much she asked me to leave a few at her house so she could use them! There really is no other good way to transport cupcakes than with these boxes! I will buy extra just to keep in my kitchen at home!

    from decorated. By Di Posted on

    This is a perfect box for standard sized cupcakes! The inserts keep the cupcakes very secure and they don't tip over! The open window makes the cupcakes look so pretty! Happy customer, happy business!

    from Oooh LaLa Elite Cupcakes LLC Posted on

    Love these boxes, the clear view on top makes it really easy to see what's inside. Will definitely be ordering again. The only problem I had with the boxes was that sometimes they fell apart. Just tape the sides and your good to go.

    from Sweet Rounds Bakery Posted on

    These work great! Sturdy boxes and sturdy inserts for standard sized cupcakes. I like that I can buy these in packs of 10 instead of one at a time or in bulk. The window is a nice touch to allow your friends and customers to see what yummies are waiting inside!

    from Tulip Tree Bakery Posted on

    These bakery boxes work great, they are sturdy and they don't take up a lot of space to store them. I really like these and the clear plastic ones. I would order both again.

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    These cupcake boxes come with the inserts and are perfect! They are very sturdy and stackable without collapsing. The window allows for beautiful view of the wonderful product it contains!

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    Perfect box for 1 dozen cupcakes. The insert fit standard size cupcakes perfect and there is enough room between each one for designs that hang off the edge of the cupcakes. Big window on top so customers can see the cupcakes.

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    These boxes with cupcake inserts look crisp and clean. The window is nice and big so you can easily see the contents. I find these boxes to be nice and sturdy for delivery.

    from Blissful Bites of the Hudson Valley Posted on

    I love these boxes they are so easy to put together. I have never had one fail me yet! I use them to deliver cookies cakes and cupcakes!

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    This is great box for a dozen of cupcake great quality made well made carton easy to see hat inside on the box sincw they have a window

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    My most favorite FAVORITE boxes for my cupcakes! They are so extremely sturdy and easy to assemble! They are tall enough for high frosted cupcakes! I love these boxes

    from Coco's Cupcakes Posted on

    This was such a great product for packaging and transporting my cupcakes. It was so nice to not have to worry about the holders being to small to hold the cupcakes or not fitting appropriately into the box. I will be buying these again.

    from Nexdine/Cardinal Spellman Posted on

    I like these with the viewing lid. The are cute and people like them. Although the insert is odd. It doesn't fit in well, sometimes the cupcakes are hard to get out. I trimmed them a bit and they worked better!

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    These boxes are perfect for boxing a dozen cupcakes! I've found them to be exactly what I need for my baking business and the window gives a great view of what's inside. Will definitely order these boxes again!

    from Bite of Joy Posted on

    Perfect box with a window for viewing baked items!

    I absolutely love these boxes! They go together so easily and they're not cheap material that is really flimsy. I love how they snap together on the sides really nicely and don't come out really easily. It fits a dozen cupcakes perfectly and the window looks really really nice. I highly recommend these!

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    I ordered these boxes for cupcakes and really love them, they are great for tall cupcakes and perfect for transporting them. You can see the cupcakes without opening the box with the view window which is awesome. I did a search for good quality boxes and these fit the bill.

    from Frost With Me Posted on

    Well priced, good quality, and the window makes your cupcakes look even prettier once boxed!! Good boxes for transporting your cupcakes and keeping them intact.

    from Sugar and Spice Cupcakes Posted on

    Cupcakes for a birthday party all ready to go!

    The price on these is much cheaper than any of the local stores i found them in. They are sturdy and will allow me to transport my cupcakes with ease

    from Zeppe's Pizzeria Posted on

    These are exactly what I needed! I love how easy they are to put together and I don't have to worry about my cupcakes falling over and getting ruined on delivery. The inserts hold them in place perfectly. I will order again and again.

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    Love the presentation these boxes give!

    My wife used this box to store our cupcakes which we made for our wedding reception. The were great. All of the boxes fit conveniently in our fridge. I would definitely recommend this item.

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    I love this box with insert to fit 1 dozen of my cupcake creations that I make on a daily basis. These are the best!

    from Christy Lynn Creations Posted on

    These cupcake boxes are great and easy to put together. They also give a full view right thru the top of the box so each cupcake can be seen that's awesome!

    from BakeZilla Posted on

    A nice stylish window cupcake box. The insert holds 12 cupcakes with enough space in between that you can remove them or add them to the box without messing up icing.

    from TRW Posted on

    I really love this bundle deal! This box set it perfect for displaying cupcakes in a professional way. Boxes were not flimsy. Good quality and sturdy design.

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    Love these boxes! Easy to put together and hold up pretty well! I've ordered these boxes about 4 times already. Great find! Can use with or without the inserts for more space. Held 24 standard cupcakes!

    from Andi cakes Posted on

    Whether you are a professional or home baker, there comes a time in which your cupcakes may be in demand. This was the case for my purchase of the Window Cupcake Box with insert. I purchased a ten pack, and it took approximately 10 minutes to put them all together. They fold nicely and hold their shape well. The window is high gloss and allows a perfect viewing of the goodies contained. I will definitely be re-ordering soon.

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    I love these boxes! I am a small home based bakery and I so love the quality of these boxes, it makes me feel like a big time bakery! I always come back to your site, shipping is the fastest too :-)

    from Lisa's Sweet Tooth Posted on

    Love the professional presentation these boxes give my cupcakes. The inserts protect my hard work.

    This box with the inserts is awesome for transporting our cupcakes, we did a party that we had to transport about 6 dozen cupcakes, all I can say is thank god we had these , it made it so much easier, we also will be ordering more of these in the future.

    from B&Ds Sweet Confection Posted on

    I just these boxes for delivering and presenting cupcakes! They are super easy to use. The insert is easy to drop in the box and the box is quickly assembled.

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    I love these cupcake boxes! They separate the cupcakes perfectly so the edges don't touch. The window is crisp and clear and makes for great presentation too!

    from Home Grown Cakes Posted on

    I ordered these for my home bakery and they are perfect for standard sized cupcakes. The box is easy to assemble and the insert goes right in with ease.

    from Berry's Home Bakes Posted on

    Ordered these boxes for delivery of cupcakes. LOVE THEM!! Arrived quickly. Sturdy, looks professional & keeps our cupcakes from getting squished. Will definitely get more!!

    from Sugar Mammas Cupcakes Posted on

    The 10 pack is just what we needed, we asked for these to be delivered in a few days and the customer service team took care of us! Durable and sturdy keeps the cupcakes right in place great product!

    from HJS SERVICES Posted on

    These boxes are a great value and makes packaging cupcakes easy, I used to buy my boxes and inserts separate, but not any more. Webstaruant really makes it easy for bakers who are just starting out and want to present your products professionally.

    from Cupcakes by D'signz Posted on

    These boxes are the best boxes for my in home cupcake business! They hold my frosted and decorated cupcakes with room to spare and my customers love them!

    Posted on

    These boxes are easy to put together and sturdy. I love the window because it lets people see the decorated cupcakes they are receiving. I am ordering more.

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    Excellent product. Easy to assemble, sturdy, great for transporting. The inserts work well in keeping the cupcakes separated and upright. The window allows customers to view them without opening it.

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    6 dozen cupcakes ready for delivery.

    Like the 1/2 dozen boxes, this 1 dozen box is also very sturdy. The box inserts are also great -- they are nicely spaced out and can hold both standard cupcakes and taller larger cupcakes with ease.

    from The Cupcake Garden, LLC Posted on

    LOVE these boxes and inserts! Clean and professional looking and sturdy enough to stack a few if you need to. Perfect for a dozen cupcakes with the insert or a 1/4 sheet cake without it. The window allows you to proudly display your work. This will be an item on rapid re-order for me!

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    These boxes really make our cupcakes look like they came straight out of a store. Wonderful look very durable and they do excellent in transit.

    from Mr.Roland's Catering, LLC Posted on

    Perfect Fit, great look

    Love these boxes! Bought the small starter boxes to see how I would like them and to see how the cupcakes looked. My cupcakes shine in this box. I usually wrap bows on my boxes but the cupcakes are the stars in these boxes, no bows required.

    from Crave Sweets Posted on

    Inserts are easy to use and tell me when there are "reject" cupcakes! I know my cupcakes need to be higher than the inserts or they'll fall through. Inserts are great - I used them with all of my orders and fit perfectly in a 14x10 box.

    We absolutely love these boxes. They take a couple minutes to put together, but the end result is well worth it. We will continue to order these boxes.

    from Cupcake Cafe Posted on

    These little babies were a show stopper and saved my bacon at my latest event. They look amazing giving everyone a birds eye view of the goodies inside and were easy to transport and to get into to set up over 300 cupcakes at my latest vendors event. is amazing!!

    from Galactic Confections Posted on

    These are my new cupcake boxes! Great quality and price is great! Plus the inserts are included. Definitely I will buy more of these boxes for my cupcakes.

    from Verox's Treats! Posted on

    Best boxes for presentation and delivery of my cupcakes. They are easy to assemble. The window allows customers to see and smile at the final product!

    from Q.C. PATTYCAKES Posted on

    Wonderful item for the price! I was having trouble finding something like this in a smaller case size. I really didn't need 200 boxes cluttering up my kitchen. Webstaurant Store to the rescue! Very sturdy!

    Posted on

    I was very satisfied with the size and the look of this product. And it also didn't take very long to com in the mail! I will definitely order more from this website

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    Just baked 200 cupcakes for a wedding. I was worried about transporting them safely to their destination and these boxes were great! The cupcakes were held secure and arrived in perfect condition. I will definitely be ordering them again!

    from Le Petit Chef Posted on

    These are my go to cupcake boxes! Best quality to be found and a great price to match! Love that the inserts are included, one less thing for me to worry about!

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    These cupcake boxes are easy to assemble and get the job done when delivering. I love that they can be ordered as a pair! The window makes it quick and easy for clients to see the treats inside!

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    I have used these boxes 4 or 5 times now and I absolutely LOVE them! The first time was for 160 wedding cupcakes and I was so nervous to transport cupcakes for the first time, especially this many. They held the cupcakes in place perfectly, there was no damage and they stack on top of eachother with no problems. The quality for the price is unbelievable. I am buying more now for the 3rd time and I will keep using them. I would highly recommend these to anyone and everyone!

    from Bethany T. Posted on

    Bridal shower cupcakes

    I love these boxes because they are easy to assemble, sturdy, displays cupcakes beautifully. I use these for all of my cupcake orders. They are also reasonably priced!

    Posted on

    The cupcake inserts allow ample room for lots of frosting, without the cupcakes touching each other or touching the lid.

    The cupcake inserts allow ample room for lots of frosting, without the cupcakes touching each other or touching the lid.

    These boxes are very sturdy and I love the window that allows for easy view of product. They are a great price too. Quick shipping and delivery.

    from Holy Sweetness Wylie Posted on

    This is the only way to transport my cupcakes or muffins. I can print out my label and place it on the box. The box and insert are both heavy duty.

    Posted on

    I have just started making cupcake in my small business and before I both these they would sometime turn over but with the divider inside they stay in place.

    from Janice's Cake Creations Posted on

    I love these boxes! They are perfect for adding the right professional touch to your cupcakes. Boxes are sturdy and easy to fold, and the window is a great feature to showcase your art. I will be ordering these often.

    from Elegantly Sweet Pleasantries and Events Posted on

    Great boxes for transporting cupcakes. I do a lot of cupcakes for weddings and these boxes stack much better than the plastic counterparts so large orders are no problem.

    Posted on

    Great cupcakes boxes. Very easy to put together and the box is sturdy. While transporting, you don't have to worry about the cupcakes shifting all over the place. Also looks great that you are able to see your work or show your work to the customer without them having to open the box. They can look at the top! Very pleased.

    from Cupcakes by Meenah Posted on

    Carrot Cake cupcakes for Easter with Peeps!

    I love these so much! So convenient when you have a bunch of sweets to bring somewhere. I love that there are the extra cutouts around where the cupcakes sit so that you can easily lift the cupcakes out. The only thing i wish was different is that i wish they came in the pink that is available and that you didn't have to buy the box and inserts separately! But I love that these have the window on the top of the box so you can show off your goods

    from Amber H Posted on

    These boxes are great! they are very well made and keep the cupcakes in place, I love that it has a window so you can see what's in the box and as always the price is great!

    from Cakes by Ashley Posted on

    I love these cupcake boxes! They're easy to put together, sturdy and make my cupcakes look great. The price is also unbeatable! I highly recommend them.

    Posted on

    I love these boxes! Everything I put on them looks neat and professional and there are no worries during transportation and delivery. The price is reasonable and you get a superior product.

    Posted on

    I ONLY use these boxes for my business!!! They are incredibly durable and the quality is amazing! Plenty of room, cupcakes NEVER fall over and they stack nicely. They've held up during some recent deliveries in the snow and rain. If you are looking for superior quality, professional presentation and incredible value, these are the only cupcake boxes you'll ever need!!!

    from Bake That Posted on

    "Pascal" themed cupcakes for Tangled birthday celebration

    These boxes work great for being in a pinch and out of my regular containers. I don't prefer the boxes because you almost have to be a genius - or so it feels - to be able to get them put together quickly.

    from Haleigh-Claire's Cupcakery Posted on

    Bought these boxes for my son birthday party to give away to guest. Affordable, good quality boxes and so convenient for my friends to bring there cupcakes home. I love it!

    Posted on

    These cupcake boxes are great! I love how they display my cupcakes. I have a start up home based cupcake business and these boxes are perfect. They look very professional. The price is really good too, I like how you can purchase packs of 10 or full cases.

    from Stiletto Cupcakes Posted on

    I love these boxes! They help add an even more elegant look to our cupcakes and are very sturdy! I also am in love with how fast the turn around is when I order.

    from Sweet Blooms Cupcakes Posted on

    Our variety pack cupcakes look great in these boxes.

    Money saving idea when you need both the insert and the box. Our customers also love that when they purchase our mini cheesecakes, they can see there purchase right away.

    from Skylar's Homemade Cheesecakes Posted on

    When I have an order for 2 dozen of our Cheesecakes for larger events, I use 2 of the inserts side by side!

    This Product is Perfect, size and everything... my cupcales looks gorgeous...... the quality is 5 starsss I recommend this product always... I am just opening a little bakery and the prices of this boxes are the best in the business

    from Massiel Rangel Posted on

    I LOVE these boxes! I was apprehensive initially because I felt the pricing was low...the box is SO sturdy! You can actually here it "snap" into place when you put them together! It makes for a beautiful presentation for my yummy treats!

    from She Can Bake Posted on

    "Say Cheese! Cake" cupcake

    I was very pleased with the cupcake boxes I received. I used them for a wedding that ordered 190 cupcakes. The inserts were fantastic and I had no issues putting all of them together. The price was the cheapest around that I could find for good quality boxes. I will definitely purchase them in the future.

    from WonderFilled Cake Co. Posted on

    This product is great!!! It comes with a cupcake insert for each box so the cupcakes aren't slipping and sliding all over the box, makes for a very neat, clean and great appearance. And the Window on top of the box gives a great peek of the treats inside.

    Posted on

    I was in need of cupcake boxes & inserts for an upcoming Birthday Party. I found them on WEBstaurants website which were the best price by far. I received them when they said I would & I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were better quality than expected. Thank you WEBstaurant for being there for me when I needed you!!

    from A/I/S Posted on

    I love these boxes! They're easy to assemble and they look so professional. They are a great value (the inserts are included) and I like that I can order 10 at a time instead of the packs of 100 or 200. I highly recommend these.

    from Adrienne Batla Cupcakes Posted on

    These cupcake boxes and inserts are great! They are easy to put together and have enough space around the cupcakes so your not messing them up.

    Posted on

    These boxes are great! They look professional and the window lets you see the cupcakes inside. Very easy to assemble. Webstaurant has the best prices around and this cupcake box has become a regular purchase for me. The insert fits just right, and is suitable for the standard size cupcake as well as the slightly larger bakery size, so you can use them to package your homemade muffins as well!

    Posted on

    The cupcake box with the window are great to display you lovely cupcakes. I especially love the divider. There is enough space for you to pick up each cupcake without messing the other cupcake up.

    Posted on

    Love theses cupcake boxes! We bake a lot of cupcakes and these hold up very well with transporting. The clear top shows off all our hard work!

    from Sergeant Major's Subs Posted on

    Pretty much can't go wrong with this combination. It is nice to have the option to buy the boxes as well as the inserts all in one package. I always have at least one full pack as a backup, they tend to go quickly. This product is consistent, I have never had a problem with them since I started ordering. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    I LOVE these boxes!! They are very sturdy and easy to fold up. The window nicely displays your treats, and the cupcake insert holds each treat in place which makes far deliveries much less stressful! I also like that the inside of the box is white.

    from Cakes by Leece Posted on

    Ninja Turtle Cupcales

    Cupcake Box with windows to peep through the beautifully decorated cupcakes. it comes with inserts to hold the cupcake in place. the price is well worth it.

    Posted on

    These are great! I have started baking more cupcakes then ever before and these boxes are good strong and sturdy. I like the cupcake divider that comes with it! A1 product.

    from sweet tooth Posted on

    These boxes are fantastic! Your cupcakes look fantastic in these, they are sturdy enough for heavy cupcakes, don't look or feel cheap and the inserts provide enough space for your cakes.

    from Shalane Bakes Posted on

    I love these boxes and inserts! I can put a dozen cupcakes in the box, using the cupcake insert, or I can take the insert out and actually fit 20 cupcakes or a regular 9" round cake in the box perfectly. I love how there is a window for customers and others to view my product.

    Posted on

    These boxes with cupcake holder inserts are perfect! Customers love the windowed top so they can view the cupcakes without opening the box. They are very sturdy and make transporting them much easier.

    from Good Juju Cupcakes Posted on

    These cupcake boxes are great. Not only can you see the types of cupcakes but you can easily pick up the cupcake without messing it up.

    Posted on

    I used this box for my daughter's birthday cupcakes. It made for a very professional presentation. She had a great day and everyone raved about the cupcakes!

    Posted on

    The 14x10x10 cupcake box holds 12 cupcakes perfectly. The insert comes with the box and has a nice snug fit. The outside of the box does not pick up grease spots and finger prints. The box is easy to put together and very sturdy!

    from A Cupcakery Inc Posted on

    The insert and cupcakes fit perfectly

    Love these boxes. Easy to put together and are very sturdy. Like how they already come with the inserts so that is one less thing to worry about since they fit perfect. I will be re-ordering this again!

    Posted on

    These are great cupcake boxes! They are sturdy and make a pretty presentation. The only complaint I can potentially offer is that they weren't the easiest to put together.

    from Broadway Brew Posted on

    The cupcake boxes were sturdy and easy to put together. Because of the folded sides, it was a little difficult to open and close the boxes. Overall though, they were a good purchase.

    Posted on

    Cupcakes are kept neatly separated and look great in this cupcake box with insert!

    This box is great customer to see the product without opening it easy to put together and store way I just love this set very much

    from Deions Treats & Sweets Posted on

    Outstanding value and high quality! Sturdy inserts keep cupcakes in place nicely during travel. We also love the convenience of ordering the inserts and boxes as a set! Time saving!

    from Two Sweet Girls Posted on

    I love these boxes! They are so sturdy and durable that I\\'m not worried about it collapsing on my cupcakes. I, and my customers, love the window also. It is a great way to be able to see the cupcakes without having to open up the box.

    from Sweet Tooth Cupcakes Posted on

    I really love this product. You recieve a quality item for little money. I would highly recommend it for any business. To get an insert plus the box...awesome.

    from Designer cupcakes & More Posted on

    Very sturdy boxes that keep my cupcakes fresh. The window allows customers to see their cupcakes when they pick them up and everyone has loved these boxes.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    Such a wonderful price for these high quality cupcake boxes! I have used other brands in the past and prefer these! Will definitely be reordering in the future!

    from Premier Events, Elite Wedding & Event Planning Posted on

    I love these cupcake boxes. They fold easily and my cupcakes look very professional. I had many compliments from my customers. The cupcakes stay fresh. Love the window!

    from Leah Kakes Posted on

    I am starting a home business and have searched all over for boxes and these are perfect! I love that the inserts are included with the boxes and that I do not have to by a large quantity. I will continue to use these for my cupcake orders!

    from Klassy Kupcakes by Kelli Posted on

    I absolutely LOVE these boxes. I started ordering from here when I got tired of gping to my local grocery store to purchase the plastic boxes everytime I got an order for cupcakes. (which is quite oftern now lol) These boxes are such a great deal since you get the inserts included with the price. I'll continue to order this set until I need to upgrade and buy in larger bulk. is my main go-to place for all my baking needs.... :-)

    from D-Lish by Trish Posted on

    Birthday Piggies!

    Red Velvet Valentines Day Cupcakes

    Snickers Cupcakes

    These boxes fold up super easy and were durable and high enough for my decorated cupcakes! I love that I can get pack sizes and the pricing is always great!

    from Jazzy Ruperts Posted on

    These boxes and inserts make it easy to transport and display your cupcakes. There's no risk of ruined icing or smashed cupcakes when you use these boxes. The boxes are nice and sturdy too.

    Posted on

    Bridal Shower Perfection ... Very happy Bride

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