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  • Doubles as a scrubber and chemical free finish remover
  • 11 gallon solution tank; 13 gallon recovery tank
  • Traction drive system
  • Brush drive system has 1 hp, 2,200RPM, 75 & 100 lb. of pressure
  • 155AH lead acid batteries with 4 hours per charge
  • Adjustable solution flow

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Pacific S-20 Auto Scrubber Overview

Pacific S-20 Auto Scrubber Overview

Pacific Floorcare, the home of purpose-built floor maintenance equipment for cleaning professionals, would like to introduce you to the S-20; the new, 20" walk behind battery powered scrubber. The S-20 exemplifies value by unifying top specifications with affordability.

An industry-experienced product development team, along with Pacific Floorcare's long tradition of floorcare expertise, produced the S-20. With the best design, materials and components, it's a scrubbing powerhouse. Whether it's daily cleaning or project work with the rotary disc unit or performing one pass chemical free finish removal with the orbital unit, the new S-20 does the job. In the next few minutes you'll see the S-20 and how it's purpose built to meet your cleaning needs through powerful performance, increased productivity and durability, schedule flexibility, and ease of use.

With many features unavailable in its price range, the S-20 is the best value in the entire 20" walk behind scrubber market. Here are a few of the reasons why. The S-20 delivers deep cleaning performance or one-pass chemical free finish removal. Key to this is the S-20's high performance scrubbing system with large motors, fast brush speed, and high down pressure. Increased productivity with 110 minutes of scrub time per tank, up to 4 hours of battery life, and many other time saving features and attributes. Professional grade durability is core to the S-20's DNA. The machine's form and materials combine to create a machine that lasts. Its rugged construction was rigorously tested in the lab and in the field.

All features are designed for today's operators and operations. An on board operation guide, auto on/off brush system, on board charger and multiple fill points combine to get you up and running quickly and easily. The S-20 proudly meets Made in the USA and by American standards. Local part sourcing greatly accelerates Pacific Floorcare's delivery of the S-20 to your business.

These features are hard to beat at any price point but Pacific Floorcare offers the S-20 from 4 to 10% below the average market price. However, this hardly matters if the product isn't easy to use or maintain. That's why we field tested the S-20 for real world usefulness and ensured the unit meets today's cleaning challenges. The new S-20 from Pacific Floorcare redefines value.

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This video gives you an inside look at all of the features and benefits of the Pacific S-20 auto scrubber that make it an excellent choice for your floorcare needs!

Pacific S-20 Operation and Controls

Pacific S-20 Operation and Controls

The machine operation and controls were designed to minimize operator training and decrease the need for adjustments during operation. Additionally, once in operation, Pacific Floorcare's goal was to provide an ergonomic, easy to use system. Due to this focus, the S-20's key operational controls are all within reach so that the operator doesn't have to remove their hands to perform the operation; a key to safe, trouble free, highly productive cleaning.

The machine is powered on through a key switch on the upper control panel. The key switch is a proven way to eliminate unwanted operation. Simply remove the key and safely store it away.

The next step is to set the unit to the desired solution flow. This control feature is located at the lower rear of the machine and can be adjusted from low to high flow, spanning a range of 0 to 0.5 gallons per minute. Once powered on and the solution flow is set, it takes three simple steps to operate the machine.

Lower the scrub deck, lower the squeegee, and engage the activation trigger. These steps are visually shown on the lower control panel by the S-20's one, two, three step onboard operation guide. Following are the detail steps of how scrubbing and recovery functions are activated.

The S-20 scrub deck is lowered using a foot pedal at the rear of the unit. Place your foot on the pedal and depress the lever while shifting it to the right. Once clear of the lower notch, lifting your foot will lower the scrub deck into the operating position. The S-20 has two down pressure settings. The disc unit has settings of 60 and 90 pounds and the orbital unit has settings of 75 and 100 pounds. When the unit is set into operating position with the foot pedal, it is in the lower down pressure position. This position is typically used for daily cleaning of normal soils. However, should you have tough soils or want to perform chemical-free finish removal, engage the higher down pressure setting by lifting the foot pedal lever to the upper notch position.

To disengage high down pressure, simply lift and shift the lever to the right and lower into normal operating position. The disc's scrub head is equipped with a self-adjusting head shroud with bristle skirt that virtually eliminates overspray and increases ease of use. To lower the squeegee, lift the squeegee lever and shift it to the left to clear the notch. Once clear, lower the squeegee into the recovery position. In doing so, the S-20's vacuum will activate.

To begin scrubbing, engage the handle trigger. The trigger activates solution flow, the brush motor, and transaxle drive if equipped. This unique ergonomic design accommodates different operator heights by allowing the user to activate the trigger from any position on the handle. The S-20 speed control and reverse switch are purposefully located so that the operator doesn't have to let go of the machine with either hand to perform the function.

Speed control is easily thumb-adjusted and the reverse can be depressed with your fingers on the backside of the control housing. This one-handed reverse feature allows the operator to lift the squeegee with the other hand, a small element with big rewards when in tight spaces. The battery power level gauge is located on the upper control panel. The gauge has red, yellow and green LED lights to indicate the amount of power left in the batteries. At a pre-determined discharge level, the unit will shutdown the brush motor, but leave the vacuum and transaxle drive operational to perform final water recovery and transport back to storage.

The scrub deck and squeegee must be in the raised position for transport. The scrub deck is raised into transport position by placing your foot on the foot pad and depressing the lever until it clears the lower notch. Once clear, shift the lever to the left and place it into the lower notch. To raise the squeegee, lift the squeegee lever high enough to clear the notch, shift it to the right, and lower it into the resting position. At this point, the vacuum fan will continue to run for 10 seconds in order to evacuate the recovery hose.

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Check out this video to see how incredibly simple it is to operate the Pacific S-20 auto scrubber!

Pacific S-20 Auto Scrubber Maintenance

Pacific S-20 Auto Scrubber Maintenance

Once you've completed your daily scrubbing, project work, or finish maintenance, proper end-of-use maintenance can greatly extend the machine's life, improve performance, enhance sanitization, and lower the machine's long term operational cost. There are four key areas we will review and demonstrate. The recovery tank, squeegee assembly, battery maintenance and charging, ending with pad and brush maintenance.

At the end of the job, the recover tank needs to be emptied and rinsed out. To drain the recovery tank, utilize the recovery tank drain hose at the rear of the machine. The drain hose has a press-fit cap that is removed for the draining process. The hose is also equipped with a restriction collar that can be bent or squeezed to reduce splashing or spraying during the operation. As the recovery tank drains, lift the recovery tank lid to the fully open position. When close to empty, begin to rinse out the sediment from the bottom of the tank with the clean water hose. After the tank is thoroughly rinsed and drained, leave the tank lid open for air drying. At this point, it is a great time to inspect and clean the vacuum mesh filter screen and ball float system. This can be removed for cleaning by unscrewing the filter screen and rinsing it with a hose. The full access tank is designed for periodic deep cleaning and sanitizing. Once thoroughly rinsed, the operator can use a cleaner and sanitizer with a cloth or sponge to completely sanitize the recovery tank. This reduces the mold and mildew that can form over time.

The squeegee system is crucial to high performance cleaning. It is the last thing that touches the floor so proper maintenance is important for making it perform at its peak. Remove the squeegee assembly from the machine, loosening the easy grip knobs and detaching the recovery hose at the back of the machine. Take the squeegee to a drain or utility sink and thoroughly rinse the underside of the squeegee frame and squeegee blades. Make sure that all particles and debris have been removed. Next, inspect the neck of the squeegee assembly for debris. If found, clear the debris and rinse it out. Finally it is time to inspect the front and rear squeegee blades. If the blade edges are not clearly defined then it is time for replacement or to be flipped to another edge. The S-20 squeegee blades have four usable edges. Blade exchange is completely tool free for fast, easy maintenance. To remove the rear blade, release the over-center latch and slide the squeegee retainer off the hook on the other side. The blade can be removed for replacement or flipped lengthwise or top to bottom to utilize another blade edge. To reattach the blade, align the blade guide holes with the squeegee frame guides from one end to the other. Slide the retainer over the hook and press the retainer latch into position on the far end following the guides. Engage the latch to finish the operation. The front blade exchange is completed in similar fashion to the rear blade by removing the front blade retainer, attaching a new blade using the guides, and re-engaging the squeegee retainer. When squeegee assembly and blade maintenance is complete, reattach by aligning the assembly, tightening the easy grip knobs and reattaching the hose.

Based on research and experience, batteries are the number one nuisance issue and drive a high cost of ownership if not properly maintained. With the S-20 you can select from two types of batteries; wet lead acid or sealed maintenance free AGM. Wet batteries by definition need water in order to store energy and protect the internal lead plates. Battery watering frequency depends upon usage but the best practice would be to check weekly. Batteries should be fully charged prior to watering. Refer to the charging segment of this video or your manual for charging instructions. Once charging is completed, open the vent caps and look inside the fill wells. Add distilled water until the electrolyte level is approximately 1/8 of an inch below the bottom of the fill well. Clean and replace the vent caps. Should you want to make it easier and safer to perform battery maintenance, the S-20 can be equipped with Hydrolink on the 155amp hour wet lead acid battery units. Hydrolink is a series of specialized battery caps, tubes and a hand pump that formulates a single point battery watering. There is no need to check or fill individual battery cells with this accessory. Additionally, the caps come with a battery watering indicator to show when the batteries need to be watered. After the batteries are charged and the operator has identified the batteries are low with the indicator, place the feed hose into the reservoir of distilled water and compress the hand pump until it becomes hard to squeeze. This indicates that all the battery's cells are filled to the proper level. The greatest benefits of this system are that the indicator lets the operator know when it's time to water the batteries, it's virtually foolproof from under or over watering, the process saves time, and it increases safety by eliminating the potential for acid splash accidents. Best of all, this system can save thousands of dollars in premature battery replacement costs.

The S-20 can be equipped with either on-board or off-board charger. The on-board charger is equipped with a 9 foot long cord that can be plugged directly into a 120 volt outlet. The cord wrap on the unit has a quick release hook. The lower hook allows the user to slip the cord off and then the cord can be lifted off the upper hook, all without having to unravel the entire cord. The on board charger has charging LED lights. The red light means it has just started the charging cycle. The yellow light indicates that it has reached the second phase of charging. And green means fully-charged. The off-board charger has both a standard 120 volt power cord and a cord with an Anderson connector. There is also an Anderson connector on board the S-20, located on the lower control panel on the rear of the machine. With the 120 volt cord plugged into the wall, you connect the two Anderson connectors and the batteries begin to charge. The off board charger also has charging indication LED lights. The primary indicator light is green and if blinking slowly, then the batteries are still below 80 percent of full charge. If blinking fast, then the batteries are above 80 percent of full charge, while if solid green, the batteries are fully charged. There is a red fault light LED as well. In the rare occurrence that this light comes on, check the charger operator manual for troubleshooting guidance. Both types of chargers are able to charge wet lead acid or maintenance free AGM batteries. As it leaves Pacific Floorcare's factory, the charger is setup to match the type of battery chosen in the original machine order. Should you choose to change from the original battery type to the other, the charger can be changed by resetting the dip switches. Detailed instructions of this are found in the charger manuals that come with the machine.

This portion of maintenance is simple and quick but key to keeping your S-20 performing at peak levels. Remove the pad driver or brush to check for wear. To remove the pad driver or brush from your disc unit, locate the automatic off switch on the lower control panel at the rear of the machine. Depress position A for one to two seconds and then depress position B to click off the cleaning tool. For the orbital unit, simply pull off the pad, taking care to follow proper safety precautions as indicated on your chemical product label in regards to coming in contact with solution. Should the pad or brush show ample wear and have reached the replacement point, simply discard the pad or brush and replace it at the beginning of your next shift. Alternatively, if not worn out, you can extend the life of your cleaning tool by rinsing out any captured debris or sediment and then hanging it to dry between shifts; a simple step that can lower your cost to clean.

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Proper maintenance is key to getting the most out of your Pacific S-20 auto scrubber, and this video will show you just what you need to do to extend the unit's longevity while improving its performance!

Pacific S-20 Orbital Scrubber

Pacific S-20 Orbital Scrubber

We have a square, orbital-motion scrub head for chemical-free finish removal. We're just extremely excited about that particular component because we really studied the dynamics of orbital motion and we really put engineering rigor to this. And I think the market's going to see that from day one we have the best orbital motion scrubber out on the marketplace and we're very excited about what that can bring.

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Find out why Pacific's S-20 orbital scrubber is one of the best on the market by checking out this video!

Length 45 Inches
Width 21 Inches
Height 43 Inches
Hertz 60
Voltage 24 Volts
Battery Type Lead Acid / Wet
Cleaning Path Size 20 Inches
Drive System Horsepower 1 HP
Drive Type Traction / Transaxle
Noise Level 65 dB
Power Type Batteries
Recovery System Horsepower 1/2 HP
Recovery Tank Capacity 13 gal.
RPM 2,200
Solution Tank Capacity 11 gal.
Type Orbital Scrubbers
Usage Hard Surfaces

Customer questions about this product

What is the difference between Lead Acid and AGM batteries?
Lead acid batteries require regular maintenance. The battery’s water level must be monitored and topped off with distilled water as needed. The manual indicates battery inspection frequency. AGM batteries are sealed and maintenance free.
What is chemical-free finish removal?
This means that the user is able to remove floor finish with just fresh, clean water when utilizing the maroon surface preparation pad.
Ask your own question!


With the turn of the key switch, this versatile Pacific S-20 855405 20" walk behind orbital floor scrubber allows you to quickly and easily clean any floor, while its 20" x 14" rectangle high-rpm orbital motion head can also provide chemical-free finish removal! This model boasts a 1/4 hp traction drive system that propels the unit forward for simple operation and incredible efficiency. Combine that with a 20" wide cleaning path, a 30" squeegee and an impressive 2,200 RPM brush speed driven by a 1 hp motor, and customers can cover an average of 14,175 sq. ft. per hour (9,000 sq. ft. for finish removal)! An 11 gallon solution tank and 13 gallon recovery tank, including a 2 gallon demisting chamber, allow you to clean longer between refills and two lead acid batteries with a combined 155AH deliver up to 4 hours of operation per charge. The battery charge level can be easily monitored via a gauge on the control panel. And thanks to an amazingly quiet 65 dBA operating volume, you can perform maintenance on your floors when you want without having to worry about disturbing customers!

- 120V, 25A on-board charger

- Manual on/off pad change

- 75 & 100 lb. pad pressure

- Roto-molded polyethylene tanks and a powder coated steel frame

-Solution flow can be adjusted from 0 to 0.5 gal/minute

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 45"
Width (without squeegee): 21"
Height: 43"

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  • UL Listed

    UL Listed

    This item has been tested and meets safety standards imposed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

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