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Buy in lots of 14: $20.20/Case
Buy 3 - 13 $21.01/Case
Regularly: $21.99/Case

Other Available Sizes:

  • 3.5 mil thick
  • Allergy free
  • Powder free
  • 1000 gloves per case; 100 gloves per box
  • Product packaging may vary
Usually Ships in 1 Business Day
When will I receive my Item?
Usually Ships in 1 Business Day
When will I receive my Item?
153 reviews

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Noble Gloves - Proper Use

Noble Gloves - Proper Use

All of the gloves offered by Noble provide a protective barrier between your bare hand and food, or unsanitary conditions. But that doesn’t mean much if used incorrectly. For food handlers, it is always important that gloves be removed before or after handling money, and replaced with a new pair afterwards. Gloves must also be changed at least every four hours during continual use, and after handling raw meat and seafood, or poultry to cut down on cross contamination. Proper removal of disposable gloves is just as important as wearing the gloves properly. Cross contamination between soiled gloves and clean hands can can easily be prevented by following these simple steps. Grasp the outside edge of one of the gloves near the wrist. Peel it away from hand, turning the glove inside out. Hold this glove in the opposite gloved hand, then slide an ungloved finger under the wrist of the remaining glove, careful not to touch the outside of the glove. Peel it off from inside, creating a bag for both gloves. Discard, and wash hands thoroughly. Making gloves easily accessible allows you to slip on a pair even when in a rush. So don’t forget to purchase a wire wall mount glove rack, so that you can keep your gloves within arm’s reach of your sink, prep table, janitor’s closet, and more.

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In this video, we go over how to use Noble Gloves properly and most effectively; including how to properly remove these gloves. Proper wearing and removal of gloves can prevent cross contamination and keep your employees and customers safe.

Noble Gloves - Introduction

Noble Gloves - Introduction

When it’s time to shop for a new case of disposable gloves, you want to make sure you get a superior product at a better price, give Noble gloves a try! Noble gloves have proven to be a reliable favorite for many of our customers thanks to their guaranteed quality and incredible prices. With the lowest prices in the industry, on boxes of a hundred gloves and cases of a thousand, Noble gloves ensure a high quality product with a selection of styles and sizes that are sure to meet your every need.

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In this video, we give you an introduction to the Noble Gloves collection. With guaranteed quality and incredibly low prices, Noble Gloves is sure to have a selection of styles and sizes to fit the needs of your company.

Noble Gloves - Overview

Noble Gloves - Overview

Proper food handling is a vital part of any successful commercial kitchen, and Noble’s food service grade gloves are the perfect way to help you ensure sanitation and prevent cross contamination. The gloves’ durability and elasticity make them ideal for any type of food preparation, while changing and disposing of gloves between tasks is no longer a major blow against your bottom line, thanks to our always low price. Noble gloves are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of other applications too, perfect for home use or on the job, they are a tremendous option for maintaining sanitary condition in daycare centers, protecting your hands from grease and other abrasives, in light painting, mechanical and industrial jobs, and can even be used for light janitorial work. These food service grade gloves are available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes with both powdered, and powder free options to choose from. Noble gloves feature color coded boxes, so you can quickly pick out the best glove for a job. With pink, powder-free latex, blue powdered latex, green powder-free vinyl, and yellow powdered vinyl, this easy system will help you grab what you need, when you need it. It’s important to invest in multiple gloves sizes so that you have the ideal fit for all of your employees. Gloves that are too big will not stay on, while those that are too small are more prone to rips and tears. Because you should always have numerous glove sizes on hand, it is also a great idea to install a wall mount glove rack for each size to ensure they are always in reach when needed.

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This video gives you an overview of what Noble Gloves offers. These versatile, food service-grade gloves can be used to protect hands in almost any situation and come in multiple sizes and styles so you can provide your employees with the perfect fit

Noble Gloves - Types of Gloves

Noble Gloves - Types of Gloves

Ideal for light janitorial applications, powdered gloves can be put on more quickly and easily than powder-free, and they also decrease the chance of rips and tears. Some people have been known to have allergic reactions to the powder, however, so it’s a great idea to stock both types. Powder free gloves are often preferred in restaurants because they bring no concern over bringing powder in the food. Vinyl gloves from Noble boast a 3.5mL thickness for reliable protection at an affordable price. These form fitting gloves are made from man-made PVC which makes them cost effective alternative to latex. Unlike latex gloves which can irritate those with latex allergies, vinyl gloves eliminate the potential for skin irritation. While they’re a bit more expensive than vinyl, latex gloves from Noble provide customers with an ideal blend of comfort and protection. A natural product made using a milky fluid derived from rubber trees, these gloves have a 4.5 mL thickness for excellent puncture resistance. Their elasticity takes the hand’s shape really well to provide the precision needed for more intricate tasks. Please be sure to check out our disposable gloves buying guide where you will find more information on poly-gloves, nitrile-gloves and other gloves offered on our site.

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In this segment, we explain the different types of gloves offered by Noble Gloves. Whether you're looking for powdered or powder-free latex or vinyl gloves, Noble Gloves offers the best in disposable glove protection at affordable prices.

Color Clear
Disposable Glove Material Vinyl
Disposable Glove Usage General Purpose
Glove Thickness 3.5 Mil
Powdered or Powder-Free Powder-Free
Size Medium


Proper food handling depends on properly-gloved staff, and with these medium Noble Products vinyl gloves, you can rest assured that all of your food-handlers will be in compliance at all times, thanks to the powder free, latex free design of these gloves. These non-sterile, multi-purpose gloves offer a consistent fit, with the flexibility and resilience that your establishment depends on. With a 3.5 mil thickness, they are perfect for everything from food handling and preparation, to janitorial and housekeeping applications. Store them throughout your establishment in easily-accessible glove racks for staff to grab on-the-go (racks sold separately). The convenient box size makes them ideal for placing out of the way, virtually anywhere, while the ambidextrous style of the gloves ensures fast, efficient gloving!

Choose amount.

Noble vinyl gloves comply with California Proposition 65 and contain no DINP.

UPC Numbers: 072288116186


Noble Vinyl Powder-Free Glove SDS SDS sizing chart Sizing Chart

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Noble Products Medium Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice ( 4.8 stars from 153 reviews )

    Great gloves at the price. I will say that they tend to fit small compared to our original gloves. These gloves fit like our original small, but we bought individual boxes at first so we didn't have a bunch of extra gloves. Great value.

    Posted on

    No issues with these gloves. Comparable to other vinyl gloves. Easy to put on and take off. I am happy with my purchase. Thank you.

    from Jam Gluten-Free Confections Posted on

    Better value then any local purchase even with shipping fees included they are still lower than going to local restaurant supply stores. Shipment arrived promptly.

    Posted on

    Purchased this before thinking that all employees should be able to use medium - definitely recommend getting the large - not a bad product, but it was much more versatile.

    Posted on

    The medium is a perfect size for a regular sized woman. I didn't want them to be too tight and these are loose enough to get off easily, but not too lose that you can't work comfortably.

    Posted on

    These gloves are a perfect equivalent to what I've used at previous jobs. They are comfortable and fit my hands perfectly! They are sturdy enough that they don't rip either!

    from JW Cakes and More Posted on

    All our employees love these gloves. Easy on and off. No tearing while using to make subs (hoagies). No allergic reactions for anyone. Fairly good price too. I am constantly buying them. They stand up to the test. Good variety of sizes available.


    Well worth the price over poly gloves. This go and off easily in a heavy rush. It pays for itself when you consider time and ripped gloves!

    Posted on

    I bought these gloves to wear when using a disher (to level the batter) while scooping cupcake batter. I have a fairly normal sized woman's hand and the medium is a perfect fit for me. If I were purchasing for a man, I would definitely go up a size or two.

    Posted on

    Very glad that I bought these gloves. I am allergic to the latex gloves. No need to worry about the powder as in case of latex material.

    Posted on

    I like that these are powder free and see through. I am using these when I do cleaning and since I don't use harsh chemicals I had no problems so far. I have thin long fingers and medium size fit fine. if you have thicker fingers or prefer looser fit you should size up.

    Posted on

    We have tried gloves from other companies and many different brands. These seem to be the favorite of our staff. Very durable and comfortable to wear. Easy on and off and easy to work while wearing them.

    from Triple Moon Coffee Company Posted on

    Purchased these gloves after using powdered ones previously. While putting them on is slightly more difficult than powdered gloves, I prefer these ones as I am not worried about leaving powder on prepared food at home. Very durable and do not tear easily. Medium size is perfect for females and teenagers.

    from ifoodblogger.com Posted on

    Using vinyl gloves while working with jalapeno peppers - no more burning hands.

    A must have to serve ready to eat food. These gloves don't seem to break like all the other we have used. We most definitely will be ordering these again..

    from Funky fresh food truck Posted on

    I really like these gloves, they are a lot less expensive than the other gloves I was purchasing from a specialty supplies store, and work just as well! Medium size is perfect for my hands.

    from Sophisticakes Posted on

    This “Medium” is a true fit for me. Feels secure while working with sticky products but then easy to take off when finished. It’s a good value product I’ll order again.

    Posted on

    When I bought my restaurant. They purchased gloves from our linen service company. I checked the prices and reviews from Webstuarant Store and decided to give these gloves a try. My staff love them. We feel they are a higher quality at about a 25% reduction in cost even after I pay the additional shipping costs. I am the type of person that searches every store, every distributor, and every website I can find on the internet for the best price/quality. Webstuarant's Noble gloves are the way to go, do NOT buy them any where else again. Protect that bottom line.

    from Miele's Italian Bistro Posted on

    Good gloves for the price, nice to be able to order online. Powder free is great, and the gloves themselves stay on without being too difficult to remove. Will buy again.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    I have small hands, I'm a petite female so I purchased the small size vinyl gloves. But I found the medium size fit more comfortably so I am reordering medium from now on. I use these for coloring fondant with gel colors and kneading. They are perfect because the fondant does not stick to the gloves.

    Posted on

    I really wish they were more stretchable. They do the trick but some ripped easily. Can't complaint much since the price was right. Will get them again.

    Posted on

    Cheap gloves - do their job but rip very easily. Don't use them for any heavy duty jobs - I use them to portion out cookie dough and granola.

    from Daniela's Delectables LLC Posted on

    You can't beat 1000 gloves at this price. No powder fits great. I bought the medium and they stretched for larger hands as well. You can take them off and reuse

    from Olivia Rose Confections, LLC Posted on

    These gloves are very nice and they fit in your hand like a second skin. From 100 I got a couple of them that broke while trying to put them on. Aside from this they did great, good quality for your dollar and very handy to have around.

    Posted on

    Great gloves. They come in a dispensing box, they've got a good fit that's not too tight or too lose (for a medium). They're also more durable than some other (thinner) vinyl gloves I've used.

    Posted on

    These are the best gloves I have ever used in many years of food service. They fit nicely and don't rip apart plus no powder to make your hands white.

    Posted on

    Great gloves. Had a problem with the gloves from our wholesaler constantly ripping before you got them on, or ripping between the thumb and forefinger right after you got them on. Thankfully, I found these. They are much more durable and nearly half the price when ordered in bulk.

    Posted on

    This Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice is ideal for your staff, we use it on all our catering event for food preparation the the powder free is a plus

    from Millenium Decorations & Catering Posted on

    Love to use these when working with fondant, they are great to keep the color off of your hands, and make clean up much easier!

    from Cakes by Ashley Posted on

    We go through a day of these gloves. I love the fit and the option to not have the powder. We also like the option to purchase by the case which is also helpful, not to mention they were on SALE.

    from 1st Course Catering Co. Posted on

    There's nothing bad that I can say about these gloves. They work perfect and the price is great. The medium were a bit snug for me so from here on, I will order the Large.

    Posted on

    These gloves are great. They are far cheaper than anything we can get locally and they hold up very well! We will definitely be purchasing again!

    from The Cake's Truffle Posted on

    This case of gloves was being offered as an add on for no extra shipping charge on the side of the window right before I completed my order. I bought them because it's basically what we already purchase at a local wholesaler, but at a much better price.

    Posted on

    We bought this glove in small, medium and extra large. They all fit true to size and fit snugly we will be buying more to keep in stock!

    Posted on

    These gloves are OK. I like the texture but they're a bit snug around the palm. They can also be difficult to get on if your hands are moist and sometimes will tear because of this.

    Posted on

    Running a Dog Daycare can be messy. I used to purchase these gloves at a local beauty supply shop, but they were much more expensive and the quality wasn't half as good as these. I'm back ordering more! Thanks for the bargain!

    from The Doggie Playh Posted on

    This is another item I will continue to order from Webstaurant. The gloves fit snugly, so no chance of them slipping off. I bought them to use for food prep but I leave them out on my kitchen counter and find myself using them for a variety of other tasks as well, such as housekeeping, washing dishes and even applying flea/tick medicine on my dog. Great price! Recommended!

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    These gloves are very well made and the price is great for what you get. I would recommend them highly to everyone in the foodservice industry .So great!!

    from NEW CHINA Posted on

    These gloves are awesome. The size medium fits me and my kitchen girls.... Wait for it..... Like a glove! I like that they are powder free. Definitely recommended.

    from The Grilled Cheese Incident Posted on

    Easy to slide on and super sturdy. Does not rip when in use and easy to come right off. I highly recommend using vinyl gloves over the powder latex.

    Posted on

    These are great gloves for food preparation as well as regular household uses. They slide on and off easily and don't leave powder residue which is quite nice.

    from From Liza's Kitchen Posted on

    I like the vinyl gloves they are easy to work with and are easy to get on and off. The size medium fits my hands perfectly

    from Unicorn Magic Cake Studio Posted on


    from Just Juice 4 Life Posted on

    Despite these gloves being pretty cheap, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were not as flimsy as I expected. In fact for something that you dispose of so quickly, why waste money on more expensive gloves when these "do the trick" just as efficiently.

    from Honey B Posted on

    they fit perfectly . Thats always a problem for me. not with these glove They dont tear too easily . you can rinse them off and keep goin vs throwing them away for another pair if they feel greasy.

    Posted on

    These are now our primary gloves, used on a daily basis. They're a great combination of comfort and price. The sizes are appropriate for everyone in our operation,

    from Brown Bag Pastries Posted on

    I expected these gloves to be as flimsy as the hair dying "gloves"; I am happy to say that I was wrong. The medium size fits most of my staff. This is a strong glove.

    from Here, There and Everywhere Cafe Posted on

    These gloves are inexpensive, well made and well sized. They have a nice feel to them. We are very happy them and will definitely re order in the future.

    from Miss Deb's Posted on

    Noble Medium Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice keep things sanitary in the kitchen. They are low cost which is great when having to constantly go through pairs switching between handle cash and doing food service, and they stand up to hard use during clean up.

    Posted on

    These gloves are great quality, and a great price. Myself and my whole kitchen staff loves these. I recommend these gloves and will purchase them again.

    Posted on

    High quality gloves, they haven't ripped on me yet and I use these for everything! Cannot beat the price of these gloves compared to local stores. Highly recommend getting several boxes.

    Posted on

    good price, not the best i will say the purple ones are by better than these but for the price i guess `these are great

    from Kedbys Kreations & Party Rental Posted on

    They are good and durable. You don't loose all sensitivity like with other gloves. Plus, they are a real bargain. Very good buy for the price.

    from Chilean Sweets Posted on

    These glove are by far the best glove that you can find in the market and this site make it so affordable to buy a case. The service is rupee fast without the extra charge

    Posted on

    These gloves are perfect for foodservice! At our bakery and café we use these in every department (retail, bread, pastries and sandwich)! My staff really prefer the powder free.

    from Atlantic Baking Company Posted on

    These are by far my favorite disposable gloves on here. They fit me well and I tend to fit better in large size gloves. They are perfect for my needs.

    from Shalane Bakes Posted on

    These gloves are excellent. They don't offer a lot of stretch, but otherwise they are great. They fit well and don't have a funny smell like some gloves.

    from Mauka Shave ice Posted on

    I would definately purchase these gloves again, they are very durable and flexible. They also have great fitment making very easy to use. The pricing is also great compared to other vendors around my area.

    Posted on

    Was skeptical these gloves would be cheap and not do the job for our staff. They were just like the ones we paid 3 times as much for! Perfect!

    from Zen Massage Posted on

    We have purchased many gloves and this by far is one of the best. Powder free is a plus because you would think your hands would be smooth with powder, they actually dry them out.

    from Heaven in A Cup Posted on

    Great gloves! They don't have any powder or residue that they leave behind on your hands once you take them off. Also love that they don't smell plasticy like some others we've tried.

    from Flayvors Posted on

    when It comes to food safety any step to take that keeps your customer safe is a must. these vinyl gloves are a must have. the work great and the price here is way less than my normal supplier. great vale and product.

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    These gloves are perfect for every day home meal prep. They're tough enough to get the job done, yet thin enough to allow texture to come through.

    Posted on

    These powder free gloves work great for us in our food service department. They are the best priced gloves I have found and I order them all the time. They are economical and yet don't tear easily.

    from Miracle Mountain Ranch Posted on

    We are happy with our purchase of these disposable vinyl gloves. They are very good quality and easy to pull on and off. We would recommend.

    from B.C. Bagels Posted on

    Not nearly as great as the slightly more flexible nitrile gloves, but a bargain for casual safety and protection when handling food or low-grade chemicals.

    from Ausome LLC Posted on

    I reorder these every few months. They are comfortable to wear, easy to take off and put on, and durable. I like using the powder free version for all of my cake decorating needs.

    from A Cake In Time Posted on

    They are your basic gloves. I like the vinyl powder free gloves the best, so I would just go with whatever is the cheapest at the time.

    from Gluten Free Kids Posted on

    I like to use these gloves when cutting things like tomatoes, onions, lettuce, etc. They provide a tighter fit than the other types of gloves, which is good when cutting veggies.

    from Windmill Chill, LLC Posted on

    Very pleased with the quality of these gloves. I was a bit wary to try these since the price was much cheaper than I had been paying for other name brands. I was happy to find that these are actually much better than my previous brand and the price is right!

    from No-Rea LLC Posted on

    The Noble Medium Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for food service are the perfect glove for all food handling assignments. They are durable and are easy to take on and off.

    Posted on

    Great value! These powder free gloves work just as expected. The fit of a "medium" glove is not too snug, yet not loose on a medium-sized hand.

    Posted on

    Excellent quality for the price and packaged and shipped safely and quickly to my business. Perfect for almost hand sizes and our workers use them all the time.

    from Moonrise cafe Posted on

    A good quality glove except it was not the medium size I am accustomed to using. I probably needed a large or even an extra large in this brand.

    from V.C. & B. Posted on

    Noble makes a very good quality disposable glove, We seem to go thru so many gloves we needed to find a lower cost glove and these work very good both price and function.

    from Harts Repair Service. LLC Posted on

    We bought this medium size for our employees who have smaller hands. Like the large size, they can be put on and taken off easily even though they are powder-free. Good buy.

    from U Specialties Inc. Posted on

    We like using Noble powder free disposable vinyl gloves for food service here at our shop. They fit our hand just as we expected and are comfortable to work in.

    from Fuel For Fuel Body Posted on

    I think that these gloves should be a staple in every kitchen. The medium sized gloves seem to fit most people's hands. I love them.

    from Sweets & Treats Boutique Posted on

    I like the vinyl gloves as apposed to the latex. Latex for most people create break outs! I am fine without the powder, but will give that a try next. Great price!

    Posted on

    We use these gloves when we tie dye and go through a lot of them! They are very cost effective and don't seem to bother students with latex allergies.

    Posted on

    I bought these gloves to use when I knead gel colors into my fondant and they serve this purpose great! I love the vinyl as opposed to other materials. They fit true to a medium size and its a great price too!

    from Cakes by Leece Posted on

    great gloves , great price what could you ask for more... fit is ok maybe a little snug for larger hands but serves it purpose/....no pun intended..

    from jeanne's bakeshop Posted on

    love these, had too get them for service, and the girls liked working with them, thanks. they make working with the food much easier, and safer

    Posted on

    These gloves are ok. Maybe because they're vinyl and not latex, i'm not used to them. They make your hands sweat and if you're hands are wet, theyre almost impossible to get on when youre in a hurry. Maybe i'll purchase the large size next time and see if that helps.

    from Dancing Cats Posted on

    Great fit for my hands and great use. Use them while serving food. Gives a hygienic appearance, Do not rip off . No difficulty putting them on or removing them.

    Posted on

    These are great!! Easy to use and easy to dispose of. They are durable and comfortable to wear. I highly recommend for food prep. L

    from sweeties Posted on

    Because we are dispensing food in our tasting bar and we are making bread cubes available for the tasting, we needed to have a safe and sanitary way to dispense.

    from Olives & Sprigs Posted on

    These gloves rule. I wish I had the money to buy 100 packs so I would never run out. They are a very comfortable fit. They do not slide or break.

    Posted on

    These vinyl gloves hold up well for the task at hand. I mainly use them when prepping food in the kitchen and when I am serving food in a hot food line. I am allergic to latex so these vinyl gloves are a perfect choice for me. I highly recommend these gloves.

    Posted on

    My workers used theses gloves this pass weekend for an event. They really did like how thin they were but still a good quality glove.

    from Where the Heart Is LLC Posted on

    We really appreciate these gloves, because one of our employees had a latex allergy and had a very bad reaction to the gloves that we used to have. Better to be safe and latex free.

    from The Pod Posted on

    We bought these gloves to serve prepared food to our guests for the 20th anniversary and they worked great. they held up nicely and were easy to get on. We were very pleased with this purchase.

    from Peoples Baptist Church Posted on

    Very strong and long lasting. I'm really glad I pitched this. The price at my local restaurant provider was considerably more compared to this site.

    from A Bite on the Side Posted on

    These gloves are powder free and wonderful. This place has just about everything we are looking for. I have had a couple questions and sent emails My emails are always answered within minutes and WEBstaurant is GREAT to deal with.. Thank You!!

    from Be Fit Nutrition Posted on

    Wonderful product to have not just in the restaurant but also at home. I use them for cleaning and also for food preparations. a must have item

    Posted on

    These are the best gloves and priced right. The medium size fits smaller hands, we usually use the large size however I like to have the medium size around also for employees with smaller hands.

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    Medium sized gloves. Fits perfectly!

    I give these glove a thumbs up! I use them for every day cooking to baking and decorating, to cleaning. They fit your hands there not too loose just grest it's like a second skin. For all the cake decorators out there invest in these gloves if you don't want your hand to be stained with color and its good for handling chocolate decorations as well.

    Posted on

    These gloves are the perfect fit and use - just what I needed! No powdery residue left on your hands, and they are a perfect thickness to serve food. Highly recommended!

    from New Era Services Posted on

    We use these gloves for baking in a hot kitchen. Despite not being powdered they slide on easily, even with wet/sweaty hands. Price is good and size is perfect.

    Posted on

    The quality used to be pretty good. The gloves were pretty thin for my last order, instead of using one, we have to use two to do the same job.

    Posted on

    I use these gloves every time I perform body waxing services. They are thin, so put them on carefully. I actually prefer thinner gloves so I can feel the client's skin and can easily use my tweezers. I also cut the fingers off to make the perfect finger cot when needed. Great price- most beauty suppliers charge more per box.

    from Studio B Waxing Posted on

    We use these all day long. We love them!!!! They are a great price too, especially if you order them by the case:) Thanks Webstaurant!

    from annaB's gluten free LLC Posted on

    These are great standard-size powder free gloves. We use them in various applications and I appreciate being able to buy them in bulk! They might be a little large for some of our smallest workers, but they're still pretty strong!

    Posted on

    In our shop, gloves are a must. It is not only more sanitary, but shows the customer you care about food safety. These are about as economical as you can get and still do an excellent job.

    from Hen and Hog LLC Posted on

    These are a great brand of food service gloves! Nice fit that comes in all sizes! Great for prepping chicken or other raw protein items!

    Posted on

    The gloves are wonderful, it is very durable compare to all the branded name. The price is unbeatable, I definitely will buy again and recommended

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    We go through a lot of gloves, and these are very nice for the price. Occasionally the tops tear if attempting to put onto wet hands because they're powder free. Seem to run true to size.

    Posted on

    These non powdered gloves are very easy to use and help us insure the safety of our food, particularly for salads and desserts which aren't going to be baked.

    Posted on

    Cheap disposable gloves. Frankly they're cheap enough that they sometimes tear at the wrist as I pull them on. But I need them to be both close fitting and thin.

    from The Kitchen Posted on

    Went to a local Big Box Chain for this product and could not believe the price. Bought them anyway, because I really needed them. Should have looked here first. The quality and price are great!

    Posted on

    I love the powder free option on these gloves. I also ordered them during a promo and receved free shipping. The cost per case is cheaper than what our food service provider has.

    from Barfly Inc. Posted on

    We recently switched from buying these gloves through Webstaurant and man did we save. I also can vouch for the quality of these gloves as they are fairly resistant to tearing.

    from Breads, Buns, n' More! Posted on

    We've been using these gloves for a few years now. They're higher quality than the ones we used to get from our foodservice supplier. Powder-free is a bonus. Compare prices and save at Webstaurant!

    Posted on

    These are great gloves to have in the kitchen. If I am handling raw meat they easily prevent cross contamination, especially when dealing with chicken. I should have bought these years ago.

    Posted on

    At first I ordered the small but, found that they were way too small. The medium fits my hand perfect. Snug, comfortable, and like a second skin.

    from Debs Cookies and Treats Posted on

    These gloves have a very nice fit to them. No matter if your hand is big or small. No mess on yours hand after you take them off.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    I like these gloves for their snug fit. I've used other brands of the same size that don't fit my fingers as well and it's harder to take care of small problems with my cookies. These work great!

    from Peddlers Choice Posted on

    Great! They feel nice on and there's a more custom fit, so they don't interfere when working on more intricate foods. They do run small, so keep that in mind.

    from Sunshine Girl's Cafe' Posted on

    These gloves are nice quality, but run smaller in size. It said "medium", but most our staff have troubles getting their hands in. They fit more like "small". We would order size "large" next time. Good material though.

    Posted on

    I have no regrets trying these gloves the first time I ordered. Great product at a great price and we've continued to order these for our store

    Posted on

    i had never used vinyl gloves befor but these worked great. the event i used them it was my first and ease of use was important becouse i would be changing often. i was very happy with these.

    from top hat Posted on

    Definitely recommend these gloves for everybody working with cake decorations and more delicate details requiring more of a "bare hand feel", they are very durable, and more comfortable than latex gloves.

    from Pink Poppy Posted on

    These gloves are used in our special needs classrooms. They are an excellent value for the price and we have received no complaints from the teachers or aides.

    from Adams Wells Special Svcs Posted on

    These are excellent gloves that fit well and are of an excellent quality. They are great for use in food service environments. The price is great and we purchased a case to get an even better deal!

    from Gluten-Free Bakery Posted on

    We love these gloves as a replacement for the expensive latex gloves. Though they don't stretch as well as latex, they are strong and do the job for us.

    from The Goddard School in Sparks, MD Posted on

    These are more cost-effective than the gloves at our local warehouse store. We use these gloves every day in our after care snack program. Medium size fits our female staff well.

    from New Hope Academy Posted on

    Wish I could give 3.5 stars. What I like: thickness, durability. The gloves stand up to real work. The "average" rating comes because the gloves do not grip as well at the wrists, and the wrists are not very high. For most uses like chopping an onion, this is okay. It can be annoying when mixing a meatloaf, or cleaning. Overall though, a pretty good product for the value.

    Posted on

    All businesses must comply with health standards, these gloves offer quality, and ensure customers a safe food handling. Its proper packaging and design are signs of a good product.

    from Corempro/ Ecuador Posted on

    These gloves were very useful. Shipping was quick, and the price could not be beat! Size was exactly as promised, and the thickness wasn't too thick or too thin. Plus, the price was less than Restaurant Depot, even with shipping!

    from Cupcake Construction Company Posted on

    We use these gloves for day care and they are perfect. It is a great buy! The price is right and quality is the best!

    from Rainbow palace Posted on

    We purchased these gloves for a learning center that services 143 children from 3 months to 6 years old. We find these work best for all our diaper changes and the sizes fit a variety of hands here. The compact boxes allow us to store them in limited space and have little to no breakage even with ladies long nails. We switched to the powder free to avoid breathing in the powder that can cause lung irritation.

    from LSLC Posted on

    good quality.good price much cheaper than the other places. it is working for us as we have a fast food place and employees have to change gloves often.

    Posted on

    we use the disposable poly gloves at work, and they are ok. but these vinyl gloves are much better and don't rip like poly gloves. I buy these for at home to use when doing all sorts of projects. they work great.

    Posted on

    The sizing on this brand of glove is a little different than gloves we have used in the past. We like the quality and fit, however had to buy 2 different sizes to accommodate everyone who needs to use them.

    from MacDaddy's Rollin' Smoke BBQ Posted on


    from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs Posted on

    Due to skin allergies, I go through disposable gloves very quickly at home--especially with an infant since I'm allergic to baby wipes! WEBstaurant has by far the best price I've been able to find. The gloves aren't quite as high quality as some I've used, but for less than half the price it's well worth it for me.

    Posted on

    Vinyl gloves are necessary for any food service application. These definitely stood up to the challenge. The vinyl was not too thick and not too thin and got the job done. I would recommend going with size large, for more universal use and less tearing when trying to put on. The mediums are good for small hands, but you have be careful not to handle too roughly when putting on larger hands. Good value and recommended product.

    Posted on

    These are fine, basic latex-free gloves. They are not quite as stretchy as I expected, though I was using latex gloves before I ordered these. Easy to get on and off.

    from A Dash of Delicious Posted on

    These gloves are perfect and they were cheaper to buy here then from our regular supplier (Sysco). I plan to purchase more in the near future!

    from Fleetwood Pizza Posted on

    Gloves often vary greatly by manufacturer, so I only ordered a single box of your Noble Medium Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice to be used in my bakery; I wanted to see how the quality and size compared to my current product. They are WONDERFUL! Size is the same and quality seems even better. Once again, nice job Webstaurant! I will be ordering by full cases from here out!

    from Memories By Taste Posted on

    Glove-view of my hand moving product...

    Just your basic food service gloves. They aren't too difficult to slip on and off, but they do easily tear at the cuff when removing them.

    Posted on

    Great gloves for the price. Could not find these cheaper at any other web site or store. I purchase these gloves on a regular basis.

    Posted on

    We purchased these gloves while webstaurantstore was running a special on them. Best gloves we've ever purchased! Shipping rate was excellent and the OVERALL price cannot be beat for this quality.

    from FroYo Creations, Inc. Posted on

    These gloves are durable and provide a perfect fit! They have many uses in our child care facility, and they provide good value for what they cost.

    Posted on

    We use your product in our NYS returnable container business and the reliability of your product is endless. It would be hard to find a company to match the professionalism that your company spreads.

    from Dansville Redemption Center Posted on

    Excellent quality. Great Price. We use alot of chemicals in our business. We weren't sure so we only ordered 10 boxes. Now we are ordering more. Highly recommend.

    from Sky Nail Zone Posted on

    for the price you cant beat these gloves, we were getting them from one of our suppliers, now i order them from here they are at least half price here then where i was getting them great quality

    from rosies Posted on

    These gloves are perfect size for most people and work extremely well - since they are powder free, they are probably the most safe you will find for food use and at this price, are great for anyone not wanting to waste money!

    from Shaharazade's Restaurant & Tea Room Posted on

    I love these gloves, they really are powder free and the fit is snug, but not too tight. Easy to work with, and I tend to pull them on in a hurry and I messed around with these, and they do NOT tear. I'll be buying all my gloves from here from now on!

    Posted on

    Snug fit with the medium size, but still able to yank off easily

    Good value at an excellent price. I priced many vinyl gloves and found these to be the best. We order them in cases for our pizza line makers.

    Posted on

    Great price on the gloves. Great gloves in general though. They are good because they do not rip like others do and the fact they are powderless is wonderful.

    Posted on

    Great gloves, appropriate for both kitchen and housekeeping staff, as well as those messy little cleanup jobs. Very durable and lightweight. Great value. I saved over a dollar per box by purchasing through the Webstaurant store.

    Posted on

    These gloves fit well and are very well made--have never had one break or rip on me yet! I use them daily and was very pleased with the excellent price I got on them.

    Posted on

    We love to use these in our kitchen and order the same ones over and over. Excellent product for the price. Couldn't ask for anything better.

    Posted on

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