Chafing Fuels

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Do you ever wonder what is chafing fuel, or which type of chafing fuel you should be using? The right chafing fuel can increase profits and lower accidents caused by improper use. From the diverse types of fuels to the diverse types of applications, this chafing fuel guide will help you to determine which fuel is best for your specific food service application.

Cost Per Hour & Annual Savings Calculator

Although our Choice brand 2 hour gel fuel offers to the lowest cost per can, the best value in terms of burn time is our Choice brand 6 hour wick fuel. Our Choice brand wick fuel offers a convenient screw on lid so you can easily reuse the fuel to get the full 6 hours of usage. Making it great for shorter or longer events!

Cost Per Hour Calculator

Product Hours per can Cans per case Cost per case Cost per can Cost per hour
Choice 2 hr Chafer Gel FuelChoice 2 hr Chafer Gel Fuel 2 72 $36.99 $0.51 $0.26
Choice 4 hr Chafer Wick FuelChoice 4 hr Chafer Wick Fuel 4 24 $25.49 $1.06 $0.27
Choice 6 hr Chafer Wick FuelChoice 6 hr Chafer Wick Fuel 6 24 $26.99 $1.12 $0.19


Product Hours per can Cans per case Cost per case Cost per can Cost per hour
2 Hour Chafing Fuel Choice 2 Hour Chafer Gel Fuel 2 72 $36.99 $0.51 $0.26
4 Hour Chafing Fuel Choice 4 Hour Chafer Wick Fuel 4 24 $25.49 $1.06 $0.27
6 Hour Chafing Fuel Choice 6 Hour Chafer Wick Fuel 6 24 $26.99 $1.12 $0.19
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Annual Savings Calculator (Comparing your fuel to our Choice 6 Hour Wick Fuel)

Cans used per each chafer: How many hours per week?
Your Chafer Fuel Our Choice Chafer 6 Hour Wick Fuel
  Cost Per Hour -  
  Cost Per Hour -  
  Cost Per Chafer Per Hour -  
  Cost Per Chafer Per Hour -  
  Annual Cost -  
  Annual Cost -  

Safety Tips

  • Always select fuel with a burn time long enough to last the length of engagement so it will not be necessary to change fuels during the event
  • Always ensure water is hot and steaming and foods are at a minimum serving temperature of 140°F before putting food pan in place
  • Chafing fuels are not designed to cook; only maintain proper temperature for serving
  • Keep canned chafing fuel away from flammable table decorations or nearby items (i.e., curtains)
  • Always light fuels in place; use a long reach match or butane lighter; do not use other lighted cans or rolled up paper
  • Avoid touching gel-type cans — as they become superheated overtime as the flame burns into the can
  • Always extinguish chafing fuel at the end of the event, using the proper tool
  • Dispose of spent fuel cans properly
  • Check with your local code official before using open flame. If open flame is not allowed, then check out our Vollrath 46060 Universal Electric Chafer Heater 120V, 14" x 22" x 6" Electric Chafer Warmer 900W, or one of Vollrath's induction-style chafers
  • Always have back up fuel! It's cheaper by the case anyway

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