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Diversey Beer Clean

Diversey Beer Clean

With the Beer Clean total bar sink program from Sealed Air Diversey Care division, you’ll serve the best beer in town and improve your profitability. A perfectly clean beer glass ensures a creamy tight head of foam, and that improves the appearance and taste of draft beer. It also improves your profits. When you pour a glass of beer with the perfect 1” head, the kind you get only with perfectly clean glasses, you get more than 50 extra glasses of beer from every keg. So make sure you’re using perfectly clean glassware every time with the Beer Clean total bar sink program. It’s easy to set up and easy to use.

Begin by cleaning your three sink system with a glass cleaner and a clean towel. Check that the brushes in your wash sink are in good condition. Now, fill the sink with water and add the Beer Clean glass cleaner. Unlike dishwashing detergent or “quat” cleaners, the Beer Clean glass cleaner leaves no film that can destroy the taste and foam of a beer. Measure the glass cleaner carefully or use the convenient pre-measured packets to ensure correct dilution. If you have hard water, add Beer Clean mineral solvent. In the rinse sink, you need clean, continuously flowing rinse water. Fill the third sink with water and the right amount of Beer Clean sanitizer. Pre-measured packets make it easy to ensure correct dilution. If your area has hard water, add Beer Clean mineral solvent. It’s easy to check the sanitizer level with test strips so you’re sure to protect your customers and your business. That’s it—the simple setup of your Beer Clean total bar sink program is complete. Just follow that simple process to clean your three sink system and change chemicals once per shift or is required by local health codes.

Once your sinks are set up, it’s easy to get perfectly clean glassware. Empty glasses into the bar back tray. Wash all glass surfaces thoroughly. Now rinse the glasses. Submerge each glass completely, at an angle, starting with the bottom—the heel in, heel out method. Heel in, heel out avoids air pockets that can prevent perfect rinsing and sanitizing. Now sanitize the glass using the same heel in, heel out motion. Simply air dry glasses on a deeply corrugated drain board. Avoid towels, which can transfer lint, germs, and odors to glassware. And don’t let glasses dry on smooth surfaces, which can trap germs and moisture. Now, you have perfectly clean glasses. Beer Clean glasses.

How can you be sure? There are four easy ways to know whether your glasses are nearly clean or perfectly clean. The first is sheeting. Droplets will form on a nearly clean glass. Water sheets away from a perfectly clean glass. Try the salt test. Salt sprinkled inside a nearly clean glass falls to the bottom, or clings in random patterns. Salt in a perfectly clean glass adheres evenly. Now, the bubble test. In a nearly clean glass, beer forms fish-eye bubbles, and the head disappears quickly. Beer in a perfectly clean glass is sparkling clear, and the head is creamy and thick. And fourth, the lacing test. Foam left in a nearly clean glass hangs loose or slides away. In a perfectly clean glass, the foam forms parallel rings with each delicious sip. Serve the best tasting and most profitable beer in town. Get the benefits of the Beer Clean total bar sink program. Call your Diversey Care representative today.

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Improve the appearance, taste, and profits of draft beer by ensuring that your beer glasses are clean. Watch this video to learn how the Diversey Beer Clean total bar sink program turns your nearly clean glasses into perfectly clean glasses!

Chemical Form Powder
Package Size .5 Ounces
Type Detergents


Diversey 90224 Beer Clean bar glass cleaner will help you serve the best beer in town! When your beer glasses are properly cleaned with Beer Clean bar glass cleaner, the beer you're serving will look and taste better, leading to increased profits!

If a beer glass isn't cleaned properly, the invisible film left on the glass from the improper washing will "kill" the head of the beer. Beer glasses washed with Beer Clean bar glass cleaner have bigger heads which leads to more glasses of beer per barrel!

This low suds formula Beer Clean is designed for electric brush cleaning. It works in either hot or cold water, and rinses clean without leaving a head-killing film. It also contains water softeners to enhance its effectiveness in all types of water, and when used properly with a manual brush, it will even remove stubborn lipstick stains from glassware!

This low suds formulation of Beer Clean bar glass cleaner is sold by the case. Each case contains (100) 0.5 oz. packets. The recommended dilution is one 0.5 oz. packet to 3 gallons of water.

Beer Clean bar glass cleaner is part of a complete system for cleaning and sanitizing bar glassware in a 3 compartment bar sink.

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Diversey 90224 Beer Clean Bar Glass Cleaner Low Suds Formula 0.5 oz. Packet 100/Case ( 5.0 stars from 4 reviews )

    Great glass cleaner. Gets the glasses nice and clean. Removes any lipstick or gloss that may have been left on the glass without the need to wash them for an extended period of time. Doesn't wash off the printing on the glasses either.

    from Stoneyard Grill & Tavern Posted on

    This glass cleaner works very well for all types of glass. this does not leave any streaks or soap residue behind. The no suds makes it easier to rinse off and turnover the glasses faster.

    Posted on

    If you have restaurant glass ware to wash,never, never use soap! Beer clean gets the job done with absolutely zero residue. Beer Clean means you will have beer clean glassware. Soap residue kills the head and the taste on beer, particularly the lighter beers, so don't take a chance. Less than 30 cents a packet!

    from morton pub Posted on

    This is the best soap for your bar period. There are virtually no suds and the little packest are convenient because eveything is pre measeured.

    Posted on

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