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One of our friendly Customer Service reps will be happy to give you the price for this item! Click here for live chat, or call 717-392-7472 Mon-Thur 12AM-12AM EST, Fri 12AM-8PM EST
Sat & Sun: 9AM-4PM EST.

  • 99,000 BTU, 6 burners; 46" x 21" cooking surface
  • All stainless steel construction
  • ETL Listed
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Usually Ships in 3-4 Business Days

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Crown Verity Outdoor Portable Charbroiler

Crown Verity Outdoor Portable Charbroiler

Hi, I’m Bill Verity and today we’re going to talk about two of our most popular barbecue models: our 30 inch and our 36 inch. We package these models to include the roll dome, the end shelf, a bun rack, and a barbecue cover. The consumers, in effect, are getting the bun rack, the barbecue cover and the end shelf at no charge when we package them, so this is part of the reason they’re two of our best-selling models. They’re great for commercial use, and we have a big crossover – a lot of homeowners love these models for their home.

Crown Verity uses only the finest materials available. All Crown Verity grills are constructed of 18 gauge, commercial grade 304 Series stainless steel. We put a number four finish on the steel. It’s a costly process, but it’s built to last and endure the harshest of environments. Our bodies, our legs, our roll domes, our rotisseries, under shelves, radiants, burners, fasteners – virtually all components are stainless steel. You won’t find any wood, painted steel, galvanized metal, aluminized steel, plastics or enamels on a Crown Verity Grill. Try the simple magnet test – I’ve got a piece of galvanized aluminum here; a magnet sticks right to it. A magnet will not stick anywhere to a Crown Verity grill because we use a 300 Series stainless steel – and a simple magnet test is a great test. If the magnet sticks, the product is going to rust.

When a Crown Verity grill is used in conjunction with a Crown Verity roll dome, your grill becomes a natural convection oven, and this gives you precise and even heat distribution. This feat is possible by using our flow-through cavity design. All Crown Verity grills use 304 Series stainless steel cooking grates. Our competitors will use cast iron, chrome or nickel plated grills; they’ll use porcelain grates, and these are guaranteed to rust. Our Crown Verity stainless steel grates will never rust. All Crown Verity grills are shipped fully assembled on a wooden pallet. All you need to do is uncrate it, remove the packaging, put your gas to the grill and you’re ready to cook. No tools are required. There’s no assembly.

Let’s look at Crown Verity’s MCB 36 inch grill surface. With over 730 square inches of cooking area, it has more cooking surface than any other 36 inch grill on the market. Our 30 inch models have over 600 square inches of cooking surface, and this is more than any other 30 inch grill on the market today. Adding our bun rack option will increase the cooking surface even more.

Crown Verity grills cook hot, hot, hot; they’re incredibly hot. On our 36 inch grill, if we put our burners on high for six minutes, you’re going to get over 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Crown Verity grills stay so hot, they virtually need no recovery time. All Crown Verity grills have the highest performance and most precise even-heat-distribution system available on the market today. We utilize multiple stainless steel burners for the ultimate in cooking control. No one else has as many burners or as precise and even heat distribution as Crown Verity. Our 30 inch grill has four individual stainless steel burners. Our 36 inch model has five stainless steel burners. These solid stainless steel burners – this is what gives us our even and precise heat distribution. Crown Verity utilizes a stainless steel lighter tube, which makes lighting the grill simple, easy and safe. Once you light the lighter tube, it acts as a standing pilot, allowing the operator to turn on or off the burners of their choice. You won’t find a cheap diesel igniter on a Crown Verity grill; the one thing a diesel igniter is guaranteed to do is fail. It’s a matter of two weeks, two months or two years – they’re going to fail, and that’s the reason we do not utilize a diesel igniter.

Crown Verity grills clean up like a dream. By removing water pans, any fat or grease that drips onto the grill will immediately vaporize when it hits our stainless steel radiants. Any grease that misses a radiant falls directly into the stainless steel water pan. A simple hint: Add a few drops of liquid dish detergent to the water pan and watch the grease dissipate. Crown Verity grills come complete with two 14 inch wheels and two quality total lock casters. They’re so easy to move around; even a child could move them around. All Crown Verity grills come with removable stainless steel water pans. The water pans help keep product moist, and they make cleanup a breeze. All Crown Verity grills are designed and engineered to accept optimal accessories such as roll domes, wind guards, griddles, griddle plates, rotisseries, front shelves, end shelves, smokers. We have more flexibility and options than any other grill on the market today.

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Check out this video on the outdoor portable charbroilers offered from Crown Verity! Precision, quality and durability are the defining features of the 30 inch and 36 inch models offered.

How To Season A Charbroiler

How To Season A Charbroiler

Getting your brand new charbroiler cleaned, seasoned, and ready to use is easy! A properly seasoned charbroiler will produce better tasting food. Plus, it will last longer, resist rusting better, and be easier to clean. Follow these easy steps to season your charbroiler. After you’ve uncrated your charbroiler and hooked it up, it’s a good idea to wash the exterior with a mild detergent. Next, light all the burners and leave them at the maximum setting for 30 minutes. This will burn off any oils, dust, or protective coatings from the shipping and manufacturing processes. After the grates have cooled completely, you’ll want to season them to prevent sticking. First, coat the grates with a high-heat cooking spray or oil like Canola oil. It’s a good idea to wipe them with a paper towel or cloth to make sure you have them covered evenly. Next, turn all your burners on high and leave them on for 30 minutes or until your charbroiler stops smoking. Turn off the burners and let the unit cool off. Now your charbroiler is seasoned and ready to use!

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Unpacking, cleaning, and seasoning your charbroiler is easy! Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be grilling up savory burgers and fish fillets in no time without the hassle of sticky grates.

Crown Verity Quality Stainless Steel BBQ Grills

Crown Verity Quality Stainless Steel BBQ Grills

Hi, I’m Bill Verity, president of Crown Verity, and we make the best outdoor cooking equipment available today. Chefs need the right equipment for outdoor cooking, and we have that right equipment. It’s designed for outdoor use. It’s designed for portability. Our products are engineered to exacting standards – 100% stainless steel construction.

Customer Testimonial

Quality all the way. I’m Steve Adams from Team Cedar Grilling, and we’re three-time Canadian barbecue champions. You get what you pay for. In my opinion, if you buy a Crown Verity barbecue, you’re going to have it for a lifetime.

Our Crown Verity barbecues are built out of 304 stainless steel – the highest quality stainless steel available for barbecues. They’re built to last for years, and years, and years, with minimum maintenance – and these are the things chefs want. We want to see chefs make money by using our equipment.

Customer Testimonials

You know it’s made me a lot of money. Hi, I’m Chris Devlin from Devlin’s Country Bistro & Catering in Mt. Pleasant. The amount of functions that I've done – everything from barbecuing pizza to duck breast; it really is phenomenal, and I think that it has to be part of your artillery.

The initial investment is nothing compared to the dollars and cents you’re going to make off of that grill. Brian Witteveen from Strodes BBQ & Deli, also known as Big Sid on the barbecue circuit. Our catering division is incredible – 365 days a year if we have to. Even in cold weather, the heat is so consistent and the product comes off just incredible.

Our customers like to tell us our grills cook very, very hot, which is a great feature. We can always turn them down, but if you don’t have the heat to begin with, you can never get hot.

Customer Testimonial

You can turn on any burner, and you’re up to seven, eight-hundred degrees within seconds. That’s what I need. If I spent a year preparing to compete in a competition, I need something that’s going to perform and not let me down. Instant heat and something of quality.

Homeowners are actually asking for our brand name. They like commercial – they want a barbecue in their backyard that’s going to give them the same great features and qualities that commercial chefs use all the time.

Customer Testimonial

My personal barbecue is a Crown Verity. I love it; I use it every day, even during the winter. My name is Riny Kooymans, and I’ve been in the restaurant business for about 25 years now. I really love to show it off; it’s almost like a BMW. I’ve had it for 10 years now, and it looks like brand new.

And another big thing we hear all the time: They’re so easy to clean. Everything is stainless steel, so they can take a power washer to it and not hurt a thing.

Customer Testimonial

We use a high-pressure soap rinse and then a nice hot water rinse after. Cleanup time is a matter of 10 to 15 minutes on a grill like that, and if you invest in that 10 to 15 minutes every time you come home, it’s incredible how long this grill will last you.

We open the lid; and we just put a little plastic bag over the regulator; and we power wash absolutely everything. There’s no other barbecue on the market that you can do that to.

Whenever I do call on the company, it’s a very professional company. It’s almost like a family-operated company. Their arms are open for any kind of suggestions you have to talk about.

It’s a terrific product; we know it’s going to give you years, and years, and years of trouble-free operation.

Customer Testimonial

My barbecue from 2004 is still going strong. It’s 2011, and it looks just like the day I got it.

It works fabulously: easy to transport; the recovery on it is wonderful; and the cleaning is fabulous; we really could not get by without it. In fact, I like it so much, I have one at home.

You may end up buying three barbecues of someone else’s brand versus one of the Crown Verity. You’ll be passing this down for generations.

What we’re talking about is a well-built piece of equipment that is built to last, is built to give you the quality, and does the job every time.

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Check out this video to learn more about the quality stainless steel BBQ grills that Crown Verity has to offer! Several customers and businesses have already reaped the benefits of a Crown Verity BBQ grill. See what one could do for you!

Width 56 Inches
Depth 28 Inches
Height 36 Inches
Cooking Surface Width 46 Inches
Cooking Surface Depth 21 Inches
Gas Inlet Size 3/4 Inches
Grill / Griddle Usage Medium Production
Number of Burners 6
Outdoor Grill Type Gas Grills
Preheat Time 6 Minutes
Total BTU 99,000
Type Outdoor Grills

Customer questions about this product

My business is at a high elevation; does this change anything when I order gas cooking equipment?
Many gas equipment manufacturers need to make adjustments to the equipment so it operates correctly at elevations over 2,000 feet. Sometimes we can special order from the manufacturer and have your cooking equipment delivered ready-to-go, but in other cases, you’ll need to have a qualified service technician come to your location and alter your unit at the time of installation so that it is compatible with a higher elevation. Contact our Special Orders team prior to placing your order, and we will let you know what will work best for the equipment you are planning to purchase.
Ask your own question!


With its all stainless steel construction and 99,000 BTUs of cooking power, the Crown Verity MCB-48 outdoor charbroiler / BBQ grill is a durable, heavy duty grilling solution for country clubs, resorts, hotels, caterers and more!

This heavy duty portable charbroiler features a stainless steel pilot burner tube system that heats up too cooking temperature in 6 minutes and can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes so you'll never leave your hungry patrons waiting too long! The Crown Verity MCB-48 comes with a tank holder on the back of the unit that accommodates standard 20 lb. propane tanks (sold separately). The liquid propane versions come with two 2-stage regulator and hoses with two gas connections, while the natural gas models are equipped with a single gas connection and a 10 ft. quick disconnect hose.

This mobile outdoor charbroiler features two 14" wheels and two locking casters for easy mobility, and water pans with drain ports for easy cleaning and reduced grease fire hazard. The Crown Verity MCB-48 outdoor charbroiler is ETL Listed. See Companion Items for compatible accessories. Choose fuel type. Please consult the Specification Sheet and Manual for detailed installation requirements and information.

Overall Dimensions:
56"W x 28"D x 36"H
Cooking Surface: 46"W x 21"D

Please Note: Seasoning your grill grate prior to use helps prevent food from sticking and rust from forming. Re-season grate after each cleaning. Please view "How to Season a Grill Grate" Instruction sheet on this product page.

Manufacturer's Item Number(s): MCB-48-LP , MCB-48-NG

This Item Ships via Common Carrier. For more information and tips to help your delivery go smoothly, click here.

Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing and transit times will vary. If you need your items by a certain date, please contact us prior to placing your order. Expedited shipping availability may vary. We cannot guarantee that this item can be cancelled off of the order once it is placed.

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