Knife Sample Giveaway! 14 Knives, 10 Lucky Winners!

Two things we are known for at are well-written descriptions and great photos of our items. While others use the stock photos and descriptions from the vendor, we photograph the vast majority of our stock products. That means we have to get lots of samples from vendors. It also means that our current photo room gets awfully full. I thought the knives that I found would be great to giveaway!

There are 14 knives to give away to 10 lucky winners. Two winners that will each get a set of three knives (an Asian knife set or a paring knife set). The rest of the winners will get one knife each. The knives are from Dexter Russel, Icel, Victorinox (Forschner), and Mercer. Remember, they are samples--they've all been opened and photographed. Some have packaging, some don't, but all are in new or almost new condition. The most expensive prize is the Asian knife set, which comes in around $72.

Are you curious what the knives look like? Well, I asked our photographers to take photos of the sample knives, and to "have fun" with it. That may have been a mistake, as you'll see in the slideshow below. But you can see all the knives that we're giving away, as well as item numbers for most of them. Enter the item number into the site search to find the knives.

How to Enter

It's easy! You just need to be a Facebook fan and confirm that by clicking into the "Easy Entry" button in the box below (if you are not already a Facebook fan, you can "Like" once you click on the "Easy Entry" button).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You will have until the end of the day Thursday 9/13/2012 to enter. We will announce winners and send emails on Friday 9/14/2012. In case you have one of those email filters that send stuff from unknown addresses to your spam folder, please make sure you check that Friday! Winners must be located in the USA or Canada. For complete rules, check out our Facebook giveaway tab. Have fun and good luck!

Check out our Cutlery Giveaway tab on Facebook to enter to Win these knives:

  • /blog/content/images/Knives/fullsize/01.jpg

    Step 1
  • /blog/content/images/Knives/fullsize/02.jpg

    Step 2
  • /blog/content/images/Knives/fullsize/03.jpg

    Step 3
  • /blog/content/images/Knives/fullsize/04.jpg

    Step 4
  • /blog/content/images/Knives/fullsize/05.jpg

    Step 5
  • /blog/content/images/Knives/fullsize/06.jpg

    Step 6
  • /blog/content/images/Knives/fullsize/07.jpg

    Step 7
  • /blog/content/images/Knives/fullsize/08.jpg

    Step 8
  • /blog/content/images/Knives/fullsize/09.jpg

    Step 9
  • /blog/content/images/Knives/fullsize/10.jpg

    Step 10

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