September 2012 Coupon Code Update

September is here - time for a new coupon! With football season starting, there are plenty of busy Sundays ahead for bars and sports-themed restaurants. We wanted September's coupons to save them money, but also be for something that everyone can use. So the coupon code for September is for our most popular sanitizer: Edwards-Councilor S150E48 Steramine Sanitizer Tablets. Of course, everyone in the hospitality business knows them simply as "Sanitabs". They make a bartender's or dishwasher's job easy by the simplest of portion controls--1 tablet per 1 gallon of water. But besides being an easy, non-bleach sanitizer, Sanitabs are great for sanitizing tables, work surfaces, and just about anything else.

In September, get $2 off a case of regularly priced Sanitabs with Coupon Code: 2OFFTABS. That equates to 900 gallons of sanitizer for only $22.49!

Want to see how easy it is to use Sanitabs? Just watch this video:

Help us with our Market Research - Get $25 in Store Credit!

All of us at the, from the buyers to our shipping staff, understand that having the lowest prices possible on our items is an important part of our mission. To that end, we sometimes need to call upon our customers to help. In fact, any competitor's invoice that shows 8 items that we carry can get you a $25 credit to your account. But this month we have a special request: We need invoices showing Newspring Packaging Items. In September, our goal is to get pricing from non-Internet vendors on these products, so that we can beat their pricing. We are suspending our normal invoice submission rules, so that the invoice will only need to show one Newspring item. For more complete details, visit our Facebook page: WEBstaurantStore Facebook-Get $25 for Newspring Information!


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