A Toast to Champagne - The Dazzling Wine of Sparkling Design!

By Ryan Loose

Champagne. Sparkling Wine. You can’t have a proper New Year’s Eve celebration without it. Sooooo, let’s talk about it! We can drink it later.

Spot of History Here

Champagne was originally made in the Champagne region of France, thus the name - bahrum bum. It is primarily produced from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes. In many areas, champagne from Champagne is the only champagne you can buy even to this day. (Three times in one sentence, that’s 10 bucks you owe me, Brian). Otherwise, it’s referred to as Sparkling Wine. Even in the US, many manufacturers will not use the term champagne to describe their sparkling wines. In fact, in Oregon, wine producers are banned from using the term.

So Why is Champagne Only a "Special Occasion" Drink? - Due to its early association with the anointment of French kings and other royalty, champagne has always carried a close correlation with pomp, luxury, and power. That’s why, even now, we normally only bust out the bubbly for occasions like weddings and anniversaries.

But it Doesn’t Have to Be! - There’s tons of cocktail recipes that call for champagne or sparkling wine, and the majority of them are downright delicious. ( Warning: some of them are, admittedly, pretty darn strange ). Go ahead and Google champagne cocktails, you’ll see what I mean.

The Bubbles Tickle My Nose - And rightly they should. That’s where the giggles come from or, as one of my dear friends likes to say, the bubbles "give you happy feet." But the bubbles weren’t always a good thing. Carbonation originally occurred naturally in Champagne wine. The gas would often build up in the bottles until they would explode, or the corks would shoot out like bullets, which gave Champagne wine the nickname "The Devil’s Wine." (It also led to an increase in the number of one-eyed monks roaming the French hillsides). Eventually, because the itty-bitty bursting bubbles help release the wine’s sweet flavor and aroma, and make it ’sparkle’, people started to enjoy the bubbly nature of champagne, and advances in the creation of bottles and corks prevented these mini-explosions.

Check This Out - Outstanding Champagne Related Products at INcredible Prices!

WEBstaurantStore.com has all the supplies you need for an incredible, champagne drenched New Year’s Eve bash! Our great selection of Champagne & Flute Glasses is Ready. Set. Goooo-ing to help you restock your bar’s glassware before the big day. From affordable stemware, to our high-end, 100% crystal Stolzle Champagne Flutes, our glassware is sure to leave all of your happy, possibly stumbling, customers saying WOW!

For those of you, like me, who only drink champagne once a year, right when the ball drops, we also have affordable, but ’zo manufique-chic’, Disposable Champagne Glasses!

Champagne should always be served cold. Its ideal drinking temperature is 7 to 9 °C (45 to 48 °F). So, for a perfect tableside service, we also carry a variety of Champagne Buckets and Champagne Bucket Stands.

And for anyone enjoying a bottle of bubbly at home this New Year’s Eve, we also carry Champagne Stoppers, just in case you don’t finish the whole bottle and want to save it for later. (Seriously? Come on now people).

A New Year’s Eve Toast from WEBstaurantStore.com

As 2009 closes
Please raise your glass,
And look to the future
But remember the past.

When this year began
We did not have a blog,
Or a "we pay you" system
For your comments to log.

Or fun product videos
For a visual treat,
And no way for Steve
To fire off a tweet.

We’ve reached 20,000 products!
Let’s all give a cheer,
For another 20,000
In this coming year.

And to you, our Customers,
A tremendous Thank You!
Without your support
What would we do?

Your critiques and ideas
Always help us to be
The only One-Stop-Shop
For your restaurant’s needs.

So to all of our friends,
From the WEBstaurantStore,
Here’s a toast to a happy
Two thousand and nine more!

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