Behind the Scenes: Volunteering at Landis Woods Park volunteers celebrated spring by assisting the The Sierra Club of Lancaster to clear invasive plants from the local Landis Woods Park. Mother Nature cooperated beautifully to produce a bright and sunny spring day for working outside. Volunteers in long pants and gloves waded through the poison ivy in hunt of pesky garlic mustard weeds. What is garlic mustard, you ask? Garlic mustard is an herb from the mustard family that has the distinct odor of garlic or onion when the leaves are crushed. The leaves are edible, though no one felt the need to risk garlic-breath to test this fact. In total the group cleared over 100 garbage bags full of garlic mustard leaving the Landis Woods Park ready to welcome spring visitors!

The Sierra Club is a grassroots environmental organization that works to protect and improve outdoor spaces and communities.

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