Free Shipping: Commercial KitchenAid Mixers!

So what is so special about the Webstaurantstore’s KitchenAid KM25G0X 5 quart mixer that makes it cost more than a KitchenAid mixer that you can get at a department store? The answer is easy: ours is specifically built for commercial use. Here are some ways that ours differs from an entry level KitchenAid:

  • The most important thing is that our KitchenAid mixer has both NSF and UL commercial certifications, so it is approved for commercial use
  • Our mixer has a 450 watt motor, not 325 watts like the entry level models
  • Our KitchenAid mixer has an overload switch to protect the motor. Why is that important? Well, if you overload the motor on our unit, it will stop, allowing you to unload and restart. But with the department store entry level version, you will find yourself with a toasted motor.
  • Check out all of these features and included accessories: 10 mixing speeds, Soft Start Speed, Multi-purpose attachment hub, Flat Beater, Spiral Dough Hook, Wire Whip, Spiral Hook, and the 5 quart bowl with handle.

At $374, not only do we have the best price on the KitchenAid KM25G0X, but from now until Christmas, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on this mixer. So happy mixing and Happy Holidays!

Posted in: Bakery Supplies | By Steven Ziegler
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