Brew Up Something New in Your Coffee Shop for 2012

Winter is officially here, and it brings with it cold weather, short days, and good times spent with the family. Tis' the season for warm, caffeinated beverages, and now is the perfect time to treat your patrons and ring in 2012 with these great new products for your coffee shop!

Brew the Best Cup in Town

GET BAM-1001 BambooMel 7.5 oz. Ovide Cappuccino Cup 48 / Case

Coffee is unique because, unlike most beverages, it goes good with just about anything. There is a cup for every occasion; the "meeting up with an old friend" brew, the "first date" blend or, of course, the ever-popular "making up for five hours of sleep" double shot of espresso. Whatever your patrons are ordering, there are plenty of new ways to ensure that your cup of Joe is both good for business, and good for your business.

This BambooMel cappuccino cup is a great example. At first glance, you'll think it’s just a really sleek ceramic cup, but its melamine/bamboo fiber (yes, bamboo fiber) construction makes it dishwasher safe and break-resistant. Better yet, the bamboo used to make these cups is a renewable resource, which is another huge win if your café or shop is invested in going green!

Also be sure to check out our selection of Davinci Gourmet Single Origin flavor syrups; these all-natural products use a wide range of top of the line ingredients from across the globe. Take your patrons to sandy beaches with Hawaiian Salted Caramel, or go on a trek through fern-covered valleys and towering Redwood forests with Pacific Northwest Raspberry. Try a bottle, and create what’s sure to be your next signature drink!

Coffee on the Go

Mobile coffee is a huge part of the American culture – we grab it on the way to work, take it with us in the car; it’s just as important as sit-down service, if not more so. If you can simplify the process of getting coffee from the brewer to the customer to wherever he/she is going it's a point to your favor, and there are some really innovative products on the market that take this idea and really think “outside the cup.”

These Stix To Go beverage plugs and stirrers are made with a simple but practical concept in mind, combine a stirrer and a lid cover in one, convenient package. Just stir your coffee, snap off the stirring rod, and use the top plug portion to seal off the travel lid! No more fiddling with the tabs on resealable lids, no more breaking the tabs off while you fiddle with them…just pure, caffeinated goodness when you want it, and a spill-proof cover when you don’t. They also come in a variety of other fun colors to match any theme or décor.

Dart Solo IC8 8 oz. Duo Shield Paper Hot Cup 1000 / Case

The cup that’s too hot to hold is every coffee drinker’s nightmare, and alas, even a coffee jacket sometimes just isn’t enough. That’s where Solo's Duo Shield paper hot cups come in. They are available in four standard sizes, and the walls of the cup feature insulated air pocket design, ensuring your patrons won't burn their hands on their favorite latte, while still keeping their coffee warm. And since you won't have to buy protective coffee jackets again, your guests can fully enjoy their slick, contemporary design!

Also be sure to check out our Coffee Shop Supplies section for other great ways to enhance your coffee shop or café in the New Year!

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