Coupon Code Update--Thanksgiving Edition

By Steven Ziegler

Happy Thanksgiving Internet Shoppers! Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to be with your family. It always has seemed strange to me that so many people allow themselves to be drawn away from their families in order to mill about a mall with thousands of strangers. So before I get into the coupon codes, here are a few of my favorite (and cheap!) gift ideas for your home chef, that will allow you to shop fromhome!

  • First, be sure to check out my post, "Top Ten Kitchen Tools & Gadgets for the Home". These items, besides being useful, are also very inexpensive gift ideas.
  • So I was home sick a few weeks back, watching cooking shows, and Guy Fieri (people--I was bored) was talking about how much he likes his little lemon squeezer and how well it worked. I recognized that thing...and we have them for limes, lemons, and oranges. I took home the lemon juicer, and it works great! The squeezers start at $3.19 and they fit in a stocking!
  • "It slices, it dices..." Mandolines, a staple of the home show pitchman, are actually incredible tools and great timesavers. Whether you are julianning carrots, or making potato chips, our line of mandolines will make any chef happy.
  • Speaking of pitchmen, you may seem some of them at your local warehouse store hawking a high speed blender. Whether you love smoothies for your health, or love mixology for your fun, these machines are incredible. Here is the thing: our high speed blenders are less expensive and more powerful than the ones you see at the big box store.

Coupon Codes 11/24/2009

  • Avantco W50 12" x 20" Electric Countertop Food Warmer This NSF and UL approved 1200 watt countertop warmer is an amazing price right now...only $74 with the coupon code: avantco
  • Link:Avantco Countertop Warmer
  • Still waiting on swine flu vaccine? The WEBstaurantstore is here to help with Free Hand soap Dispensers! This sale is going indefinitely.
    Foaming hand soap dispensers:
    Coupon Code for gray - KUTOLGY
    Coupon Code for black - KUTOLBK.
    Link: Kutol Foaming Soap Dispensers


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