Behind the Scenes: WEBstaurantStore Volunteer Day at the Central PA Food Bank

For our August Volunteer Day, a small group of WEBstaurant Store employees traveled to the Central PA Food Bank to volunteer their Saturday morning sorting produce. Despite feeling tired from our early start, we helped sort and box up over 6 pallets of produce in under 3 hours! It was a great team effort. We came away with battle wounds, including sore backs and stinky hands from working with the vegetables, but also with a rewarding feeling knowing we did a small part to help put food on the table for our fellow Central Pennsylvanians.

A "behind the scenes" look at our volunteer day at the Central PA Food Bank:

  • Sorting Boxes


    Before we could sort the vegetables we had to divide all the produce boxes into piles by size. Each type of vegetable had to be placed in the same size box in order to stack them properly on the pallets.

    Step 1
  • Tomatoes Galore


    Steph is hard at work boxing up our first of three pallets of tomatoes. By the end, we boxed up a total of six pallets of produce!

    Step 2
  • Box Assembly


    We worked in an assembly-line to sort the produce. Some people constructed boxes, other filled them, and finally the full boxes were handed off to those constructing the pallets. Here Mark demonstrates the wrong way to construct at box (upside-down!).

    Step 3
  • Zucchini


    Christine is starting on a fresh box of zucchini and squash. The beginning of the box was the easy part. Reaching for the last few stragglers at the bottom was the challenge!

    Step 4
  • The Fruits of our Labor


    Each finished pallet was wrapped up and sent on its way to be distributed to the Food Bank's network of community agencies who work to feed the hungry in the local area.

    Step 5
  • Group Shot


    Everyone still smiling after working 3 hours to box up over 6 pallets of produce!

    Step 6

For more than 20 years, the Central PA Food Bank has been committed to ending hunger as well as increasing public awareness and understanding of hunger problems in the area. Through a network of community agencies such as soup kitchens, emergency pantries, shelters, and childcare centers, the Food Bank distributes food to hungry families in Central PA.

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