Caipirinha Recipe

One of the great things about doing social media for the WEBstaurantStore is getting to communicate with all sort of people from all over globe. Tatiana Torres, from Brazil, is one of those people. Now, why would a young woman from Brazil follow the WEBstaurantStore's Twitter feed - when we don't even ship to Brazil? Well, Tatiana is a huge Jonathan Groff fan; and a while back, Jonathan, of Glee fame, helped us out with a little cocktail for Valentine's Day.

Speaking of cocktails, Tatiana commented the other week about a bourbon cocktail that I posted on the WEBstaurant's Tumblr page. She said, "@Webstaurant I loved that Recipe. You should post one about Caipirinha, I think a lot of people would like that :)" Well, I happen to love a good Caipirinha, which is a mixed drink made with cachaça , a kind of sugar cane rum popular in Brazil. But, since she is from Brazil, where it is the national cocktail, I thought I'd ask her to submit how she makes a caipirinha. She was kind enough to respond with her recipe.

By the way, if you love talking Glee, or Jonathan Groff: follow Tatiana! Her Twitter handle is @tatpsy.

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