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Floor Mat Care Made Easy

Floor mats just don't get a lot of respect. And why should they? If you're like me, you probably don't even think about them until you trip over one! But the anti-fatigue rubber mats you have in your dish room and the red, grease-resistant mats on your cook line help improve your worker's comfort, productivity, and safety.

Similarly, those carpet entrance mats you have at your entrance clean some of the dirt, muck and water off of your patrons' shoes, helping to keep the rest of your business cleaner!

Luckily, it's super-easy to take care of your anti-fatigue floor mats, whether they're rubber or carpet! By prolonging the life of your floor coverings, you'll be able to save money to spend on something else! Here are some quick and easy tips to keep your floor mats in tip-top shape:

Carpet Floor Mat Care

  • Vacuum daily to remove loose soils.
  • Use a water-based detergent or shampoo to remove soils or spots.
  • Allow mats to dry before returning to surface.
  • Never Stand rolled mats on their ends.

Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor Mat Care

  • Clean your rubber mats often, but NOT in your dishwasher! They're not designed to withstand the high temperatures and harsh chemicals.
  • For lightly soiled mats, Noble Chemical's All Surf is a quick, easy solution. For very greasy, heavily soiled mats, Noble's Strike, an all-purpose cleaner & degreaser would be best.
  • No matter what you use to clean your mat, it's important to rinse the mat thoroughly and let it dry before putting it back! We have a great mat transport cart available to make moving, cleaning, and drying your rubber floor mats a breeze!
  • Make sure the floor is clean and dry before you put the mat back down.
  • Never Stand rolled mats on their ends.

If your rubber floor mats or carpet mats are beyond hope, don't worry, we have a phenomenal selection of floor mats of all types, styles, and sizes!

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