The Truth About Free Shipping

As the old saying goes, "There's no such thing as a free lunch." I'll leave it to you to decide what that oft-heard quote implies. There's usually a catch. The same applies to online shopping, so I say, "There's no such thing as free shipping!" Usually, you're paying an inflated price for the item to make up for this "free shipping".

If it makes you feel better to see a nice fat "0" on the shipping line in your shopping cart, that's fine. But you might want to do a little homework comparing prices to see if you're really getting the best deal! Plus, what kind of Customer Service will you receive? Our reviews speak for themselves.

Yes, charges shipping on most items. But if you do a little comparison shopping, you'll usually find we still have the best price on the web! Some of our items do ship for free, and are already marked that way on our site. In those instances, we're passing along the savings we get from the manufacturer to you!

Here are a few tips to help you get the best deals on

  • Buy in bulk. Since our shipping calculator is based on the item's weight, dimensions, and distance shipped (not the item's cost), it's almost always a better deal to buy more at once!
  • Ship to a business address if possible. We use FedEX to ship most of our orders, and they charge more to ship to a residence than a business. You'll probably save a few dollars by shipping to your business address.
  • Sign up to receive our email specials. Our weekly email promotions highlight special pricing on featured items, and it's quick and easy to sign up; just enter your email here.
  • Review a WEBstaurant Store product and you'll receive a $2 credit!
  • Submit a photo and caption of a WEBstaurant Store product in use and you'll receive a $4 credit!
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  • UPDATE: for even more money-saving tips and to watch our latest shipping video, check out my new shipping savings blog post!
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John J. Burcyk Says:

Very Easy Website to Navigate

Nader Elbanna Says:

Do you have store or distributor close to 92026? Please advise.thanks

Brian Montgomery Says:

Nader, thank you for your question! We're an online distributor so we don't have any store locations. All you need to do is find the items you'd like to purchase on our site, add them to your shopping cart, and check out! Then your order will be shipped directly to you.

Lisa Behrman Says:

I know this sounds silly, or maybe a little stingy, but I've been shopping your site for over 2 hours now, have 22 items in my cart, and just discovered that it is going to cost more to ship them than the money I will save buying them from you. I am broken-hearted and frustrated; But I refuse to lose all that money on shipping, earning no discount at all; wasting all that time, when I can shop at a discount store around here and at least save something? Shopping with you makes no get punished.

Emily Hewitt Says:

Hi Lisa! Thank you for taking the time to comment on our blog! I’m sorry you’re frustrated about our shipping charges. In order to provide the very best prices on our site, we charge actual shipping on our orders through FedEx. The charges are calculated based on the weight, dimensions, and distance the order is traveling. We ship from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Usually the more you purchase at one time, the better your shipping cost will be per item! If you’d like to send a list over of the items you were looking to purchase and your zip code to to my attention, I’d be happy to look more closely at your order to double check the shipping and ensure its accuracy!

Alex Arseneau Says:

Hello Ensaf, thank you for your question! Items that are in stock at our warehouse should ship in 1-2 business days. We ship from Lancaster, PA, so transit time all depends on your location. If you are located in the lower 48 states, transit time can range from 1-5 business days!

Ensaf Robbins Says:

How long does standard shipping take, once it has left you site?

Gloria Currie Says:

Do you ship to Canada?

Emily Hewitt Says:

Hi, Gloria! Thank you very much for your question about Canadian shipments! We do ship to Canada. Here's just a couple things to keep in mind: Orders shipped via FedEx will incur additional duties, taxes, and other fees. These charges will be billed to you directly from FedEx. The charge shown on our site’s shipping calculator does not show these fees. Order shipped via common carrier require a broker to get through Canadian customs. We will contact you before processing the order if this information has not been provided. I hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions about this please ask us using our live chat button!

Bill Riggins Says:

We run an internet business as well, use FedEx to ship, and would like readers here to know that Webstaurant is NOT telling you the truth when they say they charge actual shipping costs. They may be charging you the actual RETAIL FedEx rate, but they get a MUCH BETTER rate since they ship in volume. It is deceptive, and they ARE making money on your shipping rates.

Emily Hewitt Says:

Hi Bill- Thanks for your comment! I pulled up your past orders and I noticed you've buying one item from us. To make shipping most cost effective, it is best to purchase in bulk or lots of items at one time. Every time something is added to the shopping cart, the shipping and handling calculator automatically recalculates based on what is in the cart. As far as online shopping goes, our prices tend to be the best even when shipping is factored in! If you have any further questions, feel free to use our live chat or give us a call!

Emily Hewitt Says:

Hi Abbie! That's a great question; if you are looking for coupons, check out our blog and Facebook page! We continually update them, so you can access our most recent promotions. Feel free to use the following link to go to our Facebook page:!

Emily Hewitt Says:

Hi Claire! Thanks for your questions. To get immediate answers, you may want to try contacting one of us (Customer Solutions Specialists) directly! You can either give us a call or use our Live Chat button which are accessible at the top right-hand corner of each page. To answer your question, it's always best to select "Residential" if your business is in your home. FedEx and other delivery services determine whether a location is a business or a residential address based on how the surrounding area is zoned. So if your business is in your home in a neighborhood, it would be considered residential. Also, FedEx looks for posted business hours for businesses. I hope this information is helpful! Again, if you have questions feel free to use our Live Chat!

Cindy Ring Says:

I have also had nothing but problems with shipping and was hoping to find a better answer. Sad that every time I get the quantity that brings me the discount, the shipping goes through the roof. It's sad because you have the products I need, but when I can get $10,000 worth of commercial equipment shipped from someone cheaper than 5 cases of cake boxes from you, I believe there is a problem. I have e-mailed and received the same lame answer. If everything truly cost this much to ship, than no one would ever buy on-line.

Emily Hewitt Says:

Thanks for posting on our blog! The way our shipping is most cost effective is by buying in bulk, so if you are purchasing $10k in commercial equipment, the shipping cost will be much more cost effective per item than if you’re purchasing a couple cases of bakery boxes. Shipping does also vary depending on the items that are in the shopping cart and also your zip code. I would be happy to personally look at your potential order to see what items you are looking to purchase, the quantity and also the zip code you’re shipping to. If you’d like to email us and put it to my attention, I would be happy to look at it and get back to you! Please keep in mind that we do price match as well! If you find the total of the items including shipping to be less expensive than ours, feel free to send us a link and we’ll check into it.

abbie thompson Says:

How can i get coupon codes?

Rita Johnson Says:


Claire Tapang Says:

I do my business at home. Can I use my home address as my business address when ordering?

Morgan Stone Says:

Hi, Rita! Thanks for your questions. We don’t have any specific codes made for churches, however to get discount codes you can always check out our blogs or Facebook page where they do add exclusive discount codes that can be used towards your purchase! Also, we have a discount code of the month every month on certain items so if you are ever about to place an order you can contact us directly using our Live Chat option or our email at to obtain the code! As for the shipping charges, in order for us to keep our prices as low as possible we do charge actual shipping on all orders. Typically the more you purchase the more cost effective your shipping is! Feel free to check out this link on ways to save: If you have any questions feel free to contact us using our Live Chat or email!

Brian Montgomery Says:

Hi Chinenye, thanks for the comments! We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible and we have found that unless the order is very small, we can still beat those retail store prices. We do ship most of our orders with FedEx; larger orders will probably ship on a pallet and freight truck. Usually, the more you buy, the lower your shipping cost per item will be. Don't forget that you can earn credit toward future orders by submitting product photos, reviews, and video reviews too! Our blog and Facebook page are great places to look for promotions and discount codes too, and we often offer discount codes on items featured in our webmailers.

robert smith Says:

I like your policy, and will use it wisely. Thank you.

chinenye odinye Says:

It is true that you guys have some good prices on the web, but the shipping cost makes it challenging to purchase because at the end of the day when you factor in the shipping cost, you would be better off purchasing from a retail store and picking up your items yourself. Are there other shipping options or is it just FedEx?

Wendy James Says:

Is it possible to use our Fedex account number for shipping? That way shipping is charged directly to us and there would be no change in process for you?

Brian Montgomery Says:

Thank you for your comment! Although we would love to be able to use customers’ shipping account numbers, we are unable to. We are not set up with a billing system that will allow us to properly charge our customers’ accounts. Also, in the unfortunate event of a lost or missing order, we would be unable to submit a claim or send a replacement order for any shipments not charged to our account. We apologize for the inconvenience and certainly let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

misty ngo Says:

love the prices on the web just hated on how much you have to paid for for shipping!!!I wanting to buy some of the items that will cost me around $175.00 but the shipping for it is around 75 dollars!!!! That is just too crazy!!!! I keep adding quanity to my orders but is just seem like the shipping prices just keep rising!!!

Brian Montgomery Says:

Thank you very much for your order! We realize that shipping cost is a common concern with all of our customers, so I will do my best to explain how our pricing works. We take every effort to keep our shipping costs as low as possible. We are currently shipping the majority of our orders via FedEx. This is because they have given us the best rates, based on our huge shipping volume. We periodically accept bids from other companies to ensure that we are receiving the best possible rates. Certain items and orders cannot be shipped via FedEx and so they would ship via common carrier. We also have negotiated rates with these freight companies and we have put much effort into getting the best rates possible. Some items are expensive to ship due to weigh, and/or volume. The transit distance also plays a large part in determining the shipping cost. You will find that the shipping costs are most reasonable with large, bulk orders of several hundred dollars or more. Although the total shipping cost is higher for such large orders, the cost per item is actually less in most instances.

Maribeth Penaranda Says:

I've noticed that mostly of the comments were about the shipping cost. I think you should put the shipping cost right away for the buyer to know how much they need to pay you. Mostly of your products are low in prices but do not have shipping cost under it. The tendency is the buyer will purchase lots but once he see the shipping cost he will be disappointed on his bill

Brian Montgomery Says:

Hi Marybeth, it's easy to see what your shipping cost will be by simply adding items to your shopping cart and entering your zip code. That way you're getting the most accurate representation of what the charges would be for you, rather than a one-size-fits-all estimate. Feel free to contact our Customer Solutions team if you have questions about the shipping costs on a potential order!

Gordon Hadfield Says:

Do you ship to the uk

Brian Montgomery Says:

Hi Gordon! We can ship most items via DHL Express to the UK. Feel free to contact our Customer Solutions team if you have any questions!

Kristi Thomas Says:

Hello, I have read most of these comments and do disagree with the majority of the complaints because I worked at UPS for many years and know what shipping costs are. I was just wondering if you ever offer discount codes on shipping for general items? I have seen many free shipping codes for large items but have been holding out on completing my purchase in case a coupon would come about. My purchase contains disposable tableware and silverware. Thanks

Juliana Miller Says:

Hello, thank you for your comment! We do appreciate your feedback on this topic. Since we sell our products online at wholesale prices, we do charge the actual shipping rates on all orders, with the exception of a few items that we are able to get free shipping from through the manufacturers. We aren’t able to offer any general coupon codes or item specific codes for free or discounted shipping. Thank you for checking with us!

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