April 2014 WEBstaurantStore Coupon Code Update

By Steven Ziegler

Spring is here! With the warm weather comes wedding season, outdoor dining season, sporting event snack bars, and myriad other warm weather dining opportunities. We made sure to think of our caterers who are preparing for wedding season with this Coupon Code Update. You'll find our wooden flatware on special. These Eco-friendly disposable utensils have been extremely popular on Pinterest wedding boards, so make sure you are able to offer them as an option for your customers. We also have chafers for $22.99 and swirl hot drink servers for only $7.49 to help you get ready for the season. If you are catering an outdoor gig, check out our double burner outdoor range. And just for fun, and because I love beer, I added our customizable growler to the coupon code update. You can customize these growlers right on our site if you are ordering 288 or more!

Use Coupon Code: APRILSALE

For any or all of the following items for the entire month of April!
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