It's... Easy Being Green: Save Money and Protect the Environment

Let's face it, a lot of people give lip service to being "green" and environmentally friendly, but when push comes to shove, excuses abound. Perhaps the #1 excuse to not go green is the added expense of many so-called green products, compared to traditional products. I don't want to get into a discussion of pricing versus supply and demand, but I'm here to tell you today, the day after Earth Day, that you can save money and be green at the same time!

33 Gallon Recycled 1.25 Mil 33 inch X 39 inch Low Density Trash Can Liner / Bag - 200 / Case

You Really Should Be Buying Your Recycled Content Trash Bags From Us

These low density, super-strong garbage bags are made from at least 70% recycled industrial scrap.

Stop Wasting Water... Switch to a Low Flow Prerinse Spray Valve

Want an easy way to save hundreds of dollars a year in water bills? Swap out your dish room's regular prerinse spray valve for a low flow model! A regular spray valve can use up to 4 gallons of water per minute... The T&S B-0108-C uses just 1.2 gallons per minute! Thanks to its specially designed spray pattern, you'll get the exact same performance as your old water-wasting model. You'll achieve a money saving trifecta:

  • Less Water Consumption=smaller water bill
  • Less Water Consumption=less hot water needed=lower electric or gas bills
  • Less Water Consumption=less water going down the drain=lower sewer bills

There are lots of other simple ways to save money by being green. Fix that leaky faucet with one of our faucet repair kits, replace the gaskets and seals on your refrigerators and freezers for better performance and lower electric bills... the list goes on and on. Going green is easy, stop making excuses!

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