Simple Restaurant Upgrades Just in Time for Tourist Season

Having grown up less than 5 minutes from the “Sweetest Place on Earth,” (Hershey, PA), and worked in the “Heart of Dutch Country,” (Lancaster, PA), I have seen more than my share of vacationers come and go each summer season. Even I myself am guilty of partaking in the summer exodus, making the rewarding journey to and from the beach several times each year.

As any seasoned tourist knows, along with vacation comes a great deal of dining out. This year, as hungry vacationers grace your establishment, why not become part of their vacation “experience”? Here are some simple upgrades that you can make to give your restaurant a perfectly sophisticated look this summer season.

So there you have it. Three simple, effective upgrades you can make to your restaurant to give your seasonal customers something to talk about. This year, don’t settle for being part of a memory in the minds of busy vacationers; be the memory.

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