Tips for Outdoor Dining Success: Part 2

In Part 1 of Tips for Dining Success, I went in depth with a few key things to do to make sure your outdoor dining is profitable. In part 2, I have here for you some Quick Tips for Al Fresco Dining success:

Beware of the Animals

Whether we are talking about gnats or pigeons; animals of any size can ruin a dining experience. It is critical that you keep your trash containers covered and secure, that spilled food is cleaned up, and that you take steps to keep animals out. That can mean netting to keep seagulls from stealing food, or screened liquor pourers to keep gnats out of your drinks. Don't forget, we offer a great many pest control products for you WEBstauranteurs.

commercial patio heater

You'll Need to Weather the Weather

Doing so means umbrellas to ward off the sun, a roof or overhang to keep seating open during a light rain, and adding patio heaters for cool evenings. Even during the Summer, evenings can cool down, but commercial patio heaters can also allow you to open earlier in the season and close later in the year.

Outdoor Dining Means Thirsty Customers

Both the breeze and the sun can dehydrate during the warmer weather, so you will want your drink menu to reflect that. Drinks are among your most profitable items, so take full advantage of this weather-induced thirst. Tailor your wine menu to the weather and add more refreshing white wines and custom Sangrias. If your outdoor bar doesn't have a high speed blender or granita machine for bar drinks, you are missing out on a way to please your guests and pump up your checks. And of course, don't forget to have plenty of iced tea and lemonade. Add to that tea or lemonade some of our flavored syrups, and make even more money. Your special peach tea or raspberry lemonade will easily fetch an extra dollar per glass.

And one more tip: If you have pictures of our products in use on your deck, we'd not only love to have them, we will pay you for them! Remember, you get a $4 credit for accepted photos of our products in action.

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