Brave the "Ides Of March" with a Bloody Caesar

By Kim O'Brien

Happy Hour Beware

Friday marks the ominous Ides of March, the doomed date in which Julius Caesar was assassinated centuries ago. Originally just a Roman calendar term to indicate the middle of the month, the "ides" have since carried a sinister weight. Similar to the lore that surrounds Friday the 13th, superstitious types believe that March 15th brings bad luck… and in the case of Caesar, backstabbing.

Instead of tossing salt over your shoulder to ward off misfortune, we suggest sprinkling some in your drink. A dash, to be exact. And while you're at it, combine it with the ingredients listed below to make a Bloody Caesar, our tongue-in-cheek take on this menacing March holiday. A spicy variation of a Bloody Mary, this salute-to-Caesar packs enough flavor to keep you alert on the unlucky ides. Sound too daunting for your taste buds? Gain a little courage from the ill-fated Caesar himself: Veni,Vidi,… Bibi! (I came, I saw, I drank).


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