How Long Does It Take to Work Off Thanksgiving Calories?

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes,green bean casserole, and gravy...lots and lots of gravy--oh, the wonder that is the Thanksgiving feast. But wait, I forgot the pie...ahem, pies. It all tastes fantastic at the time, but what about the aftermath? You know, the next morning when we look at the scale. All of that feasting takes its toll on our waistlines. What we don't realize, while we indulge in this massive munching, is that during this single meal we can take in more than 5,000 calories.

Okay, now that we know the damage, how long is it going to take to work off all of those calories? I found a nifty "Calories Burned Calculator" over at that helped me to figure it out and our designer, Ben, helped me make the information easy to read. But once you see the time it takes to work off 5000 calories, it may not be easy to digest. So don't shoot the messenger. If, like me, you find time to exercise tough to come by, you can always follow WebMD's advice and watch portion sizes.

work off thanksgiving
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