Restaurant Dinnerware Shopping Tips

Let's face it, some things are tough to shop for on the internet. Shoes and clothing are just two examples that come to mind. I've only recently started purchasing my running shoes online--but that's after I've tried on the model and size I want at a local store! I still won't buy a pair of pants or a shirt online, because one company's "medium" may be much closer to another company's "small".

Restaurant Dinnerware Here at, we realize that with so many dinnerware choices, making a decision can be tough. So our writers, web designers, and image specialists teamed up to create a brand new Restaurant dinnerware page with a pattern chooser and cross reference! Our goal was to make shopping for new restaurant dinnerware as stress-free and easy as possible. We have a great selection, and the best prices anywhere, so why not take a look? Here are a few other things to keep in mind when you're purchasing restaurant dinnerware, to make the process as hassle-free as possible:

  • Ounce Capacities Are Approximate: For items like grapefruit bowls, pasta bowls, and soup crocks, we often give an ounce capacity (which the manufacturer provides to us) in addition to measurements, to help give you an idea of how big the vessel is. It's important to keep in mind that China bowls are serving vessels, not measuring devices. Therefore, some deviation is possible either way.
  • Likewise, Dimensions are Close But May Not Be Exact: Similar to my first point, since restaurant China dinnerware is not a precision manufactured product like a measuring cup or a portion spoon, you may notice slight variations even within the same case of plates. For example, some examples of a nominal 9" plate may measure 9 1/8" rim to rim.
  • Restaurant Dinnerware Styles and Colors are Usually Different Than Department Store Styles: Chances are, if you're trying to match a color or pattern bought at a department store, you won't be happy with the results. Restaurant dinnerware is designed with durability and utility in mind, and the color palates and patterns may be different than residential China styles and colors. We recommend using our pattern cross reference and color cross reference chart to find the best match to the China you're currently using at your restaurant or food service operation.

By using all the great tools you have available to you, you'll be sure to find the right restaurant dinnerware for your needs!

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