Bizarre Product Of The Month - The Jerky Shooter

By Ryan Loose

You are traveling into another dimension, a dimension not only of chafing dishes and disposable plates, but also of rethermalizers and oyster shucking machines. You are entering The Bizzare Product of the Month Zone! Bum, Bum, Baaaaaahhhhhhhhhh........... Submitted for your approval - The Jerky Shooter.

So, It’s Like A Big Super Soaker?

No silly. It’s The Jerky Shooter! The Jerky Shooter is designed to shape ground meats into jerky style strips while you season and cure them, before dehydrating. It’s great for use with any kind of meat, like venison, beef, turkey, chicken, duck, fish, even Sasquatch if you like.

The Jerky Shooter is a must have tool for wild game processing companies, butcher shops, or meat packaging operations. It’s even perfect for creating fun and exciting appetizers at tapas bars or theme restaurants.

For those of you who like jerky as a snack, but haven’t found a brand that has the jerky-rific flavor you’re looking for, the Jerky Shooter makes it easy to form and season your own jerky at home, so it’s just the way you like it when you pull it out of your dehydrator.

It’s Even Fun For The Kids!

You’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when operating the Jerky Shooter, adding the correct amounts of liquid to the meat and seasoning mixture, that sort of stuff, but once you’re all loaded up, forming your jerky is as easy as pulling a trigger. It’s like a big squirt gun, but instead of shooting water ( or other things that your parents don’t want to know you fired out of water guns when you were a kid ), the Jerky Shooter shoots meat. Deliciously seasoned meat. Deliciously seasoned and formed meat. Jerky. It shoots jerky is the main, unifying theme here I suppose.

Why My Jerky Shooter?

Well, for starters, this Jerky Shooter has an extra-large, 1 1/2 lb. capacity. It also has a durable, food grade aluminum tube to hold up to years of high volume use. Plus, it comes with all the accessories you need to start pumping out jerky right away. The Jerky Shooter comes with a 1/2" round nozzle, a 1 3/16" x 3/16" flat nozzle, and a cleaning brush! You just can’t find a better value anywhere on the web! Just Click Here to Buy Now!

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