$436 Bakeware Giveaway! Countdown to Cyber Monday Part 3!

Congrats to Linda K for winning our last giveaway! Now it's time for another. This one has a very similar, but slightly different set of items. Not only do you have great pans from Chicago Metallic and Focus, but a scale, timer, and thermometers from Taylor, and a coffee airpot from Bunn! Just enter win the box below for your chance to win!

And don't forget, concurrent to this giveaway is our Countdown to Cyber Monday Grand Prize Giveaway! You could win a Waring food processor or Waring mixer! Enter here: Grand Prize Giveaway!

Sweepstakes Rules: Open to residents, 18 and older, in the USA or Canada, residents outside these two countries must provide an address in USA or Canada. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. We hereby release Facebook,Twitter, and Pinterest of any liability.No Purchase Necessary. Void where prohibited. Prize is Chicago Metallic, Bunn, Focus and Taylor baking and kitchen supplies worth $436 retail. Items are brand new, but many are out of the box. The pizza pans may have some scratches, since they were used to demonstrate in a training. We are not liable damage during shipping. Enter by 12/2/2013 11pm EST. Winner will be drawn, announced, and contacted on 12/3/13. Please see additional rules in Punchtab Widget.

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Holiday Giving at The WEBstaurant Store

Pennsylvania-based employees at The WEBstaurant Store stepped up their monthly community service efforts by taking part in three events in November. They kicked off the month by taking part in the Lancaster Sierra Club’s 100 tree planting event. Everyone gathered in the Lancaster County Central Park and planted a riparian buffer of 100 trees along the riverbank in less than three hours. This project will help keep the bank from eroding, improving the quality of the riverbed and surrounding areas.

Later in the month, The WEBstaurant Store held a cookie contest as the first fundraiser for The WEBstaurant Warriors, the company’s Pennsylvania Relay for Life team. There were piles of delicious cookies for tasting, and each vote was a 25 cent donation. In just one day, these great bakers raised $74.00!

To cap off the month, the company participated in The Extraordinary Give, a 24-hour countywide donation drive that raises money for a wide array of Lancaster area charitable organizations. Over 60 organizations were supported by our employees, for a WEBstaurant Store grand total of $2,242 in donations! Our donations were stretched even further by a generous matching gift from the Clark Foundation.

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$444 Bakeware Giveaway! Countdown to Cyber Monday Part two!

Time for the next Countdown to Cyber Monday Giveaway! In this giveaway, we're allowing you to enter in multiple ways in order to win $444 worth of baking plans and kitchen supplies from Chicago Metallic and Taylor! We're talking muffin pans, mini cheesecake pans, brownie bite pans, pizza and pie pans, bread pans, digital scales, timers and more! Ever wanted to be in the baking business? This kit will give you a great start! And stay tuned, while this giveaway ends at 11pm on Thanksgiving, we'll have another bakeware set to giveaway over the Cyber Monday Weekend!

Sweepstakes Rules: Open to residents, 18 and older, in the USA or Canada, residents outside these two countries must provide an address in USA or Canada. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. We hereby release Facebook,Twitter, and Pinterest of any liability.No Purchase Necessary. Void where prohibited. Prize is Chicago Metallic and Taylor baking and kitchen supplies worth $444 retail. Items are brand new, but many are out of the box. The pizza pans may have some scratches, since they were used to demonstrate in a training. We are not liable damage during shipping. Winner will be drawn, announced, and contacted on 11/29/13. Please see additional rules in Punchtab Widget.

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Countdown to Cyber Monday Giveaway!

As you'll see in the video below, our vendors give us all sorts of stuff! They come in and do trainings for our staff and leave us the demo items, they send us items for photos and videos, and send us items to use in our kitchen. We appreciate all of those things, but it leaves us with one problem: too much stuff.

What to do with it? Well, we thought we'd give it to the people responsible for making us so popular with our vendors: our customers! We've had a great year thanks to you, so why not let you have the things we don't need? To that end, we'll be giving away over $2000 worth of items in the next few weeks from vendors like Chicago Metallic (bakeware), Taylor (scales/thermometers), Bunn (airpot), Whip it (soda siphon), and Waring. The two grand prizes will be the Waring 929WFP16SCD food processor and the Waring Commercial 929WSM7Q 7qt mixer. These demo units alone are worth over $1000.

There will be multiple ways to win items in the next few weeks. Make sure you bookmark this blog post, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for your chances to win!

But most importantly, we're calling it the Countdown to Cyber Monday Giveaway, because on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday email flyers, you'll have the enter our two first prize machines! Sign up for our emails HERE: Cyber Monday and Black Friday Specials!

First Giveaway (ends 11/20): Like our Facebook page, and then comment on this Facebook Post with an item that you see in the video that you think may be marked. We'll choose among the correct answers on Wednesday, 11/20/2013 and pick winners for each mystery item. Also, LIKE that post, because we'll pick 10 folks who liked the post to receive pocket thermometers. Entries must conform to the rules below and be received by 11:59am on 11/20/2013. Winners were selected, you can find them in the comments on the Facebook post mentioned above.

Second Giveaway (ends 11pm 11/28/13) Win $444 worth of Baking supplies! See our post for multiple ways to win! Click here: $444 Bakeware Giveaway! Countdown to Cyber Monday Part two!

Grand Prize Rules: Open to residents, 18 and older, in the USA or Canada only excluding Rhode Island. Void where prohibited. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability.No Purchase Necessary. Grand Prize Entries must be received by 11:59pm 12/5/2013. Winners will be drawn, announced, and contacted via email on 12/6/13. One contestant will win a demo unit Waring WFP16SCD food processor with a continuous feed and batch bowl. Another contestant will win a demo unit Waring WSM7Q 7qt mixer. Please note: all of these items are sample and demo units. Some are new in package, some are out of package, and some have been used in a demo once or twice. All are in new or "like-new" condition.  

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Top 8 Wines To Serve at Thanksgiving Dinner

Unsure of what drinks to serve with Thanksgiving dinner? Holiday cocktails are always a hit, but nothing beats a traditional glass of wine shared with family and friends. There's even mention of wine on New England food supply accounts from the 1600's - and it doesn't get more traditional than the pilgrims themselves! (On the other hand, it was probably a safer bet to drink alcohol than contaminated colony water.)

While the settlers of Plymouth Colony probably weren't raising glasses of Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir, modern day America offers plenty of vino varieties to bring to the dinner table. Today there's a wine to pair with any Thanksgiving recipe, from turkey to pumpkin pie. Just stick to a few rules of thumb. A semi-dry, semi-sweet white wine best complements turkey. Keep in mind that the sweeter your white wine, the bolder your entree seasonings should be. Red wine, on the other hand, is best served lighter and brighter as to not overpower food flavors.

For more wine serving resources, view the following:

Thanksgiving Wine Notes
Tableside Wine Serving Tips
Current Wine Trends
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A World Of Food

If there's one commonality that brings the world together, it's food. The manner in which food is consumed and dispersed, however, reveals vast differences between nations. The WEBstaurant Store took a closer look at global calorie consumption figures and their relation to income, rate of underweight and overweight children, and life expectancy. Click on the interactive World of Food graph below to view each country's data. The results may surprise you!

To view each country's results, click the image below:

Data Sources:

Calories Consumed refers to the average amount of calories available for human consumption per day. Note that the number of calories consumed may be lower than reported due to the amount of food waste that is not taken into account (particularly in countries with higher incomes per capita). Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAOSTAT)

Percent of Income Spent on Food is based off of each country's self-reported figures. Figures are obtained from random household expenditure surveys. Note that because these numbers are self-reported, accuracy of data is susceptible to bias. Sources: African Development Bank,U.S. Department of Agriculture

Rate of Childhood Obesity and Rate of Underweight Children figures are based off of independent country reports obtained by the World Health Organization. This data defines "overweight" as being 2 standard deviations above the national average and "underweight" as being 2 standard deviations below the national average for all children age 5 and under. Note that because these numbers are self-reported, accuracy of data is susceptible to bias. Sources: World Health Organization (Childhood Obesity), World Health Organization (Underweight Children)

Notes on Atypical Results:

Egypt: Figures reported for Egypt are atypical compared to other developed counties. This includes high rates of overweight children, underweight children, and percent of income spent of food. These atypical results demonstrate the disparity between developed regions of the country vs. impoverished regions in light of Egypt's economic crisis. As revealed in Calories Consumed figures, Egypt does have food available; however, economic instability has led to significant poverty increases that leave a large portion of the country unable to purchase food. Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Mauritania: Figures reported for Percent of Income Spent on Food in Mauritania are also atypical. A possible explanation is the still widespread practice of force-feeding girls as part of a cultural bias towards obesity in women. Source: CNN Cable News Network

Map does not show results for countries with insufficient data.

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Fall Fun at the WEBstaurant Store!

Ah, November. The days are growing shorter, the nights colder, and the scent of seasonal stuffing and turkey has been wafting from the test kitchen here at the WEBstaurant Store. Restaurant and foodservice operators have been keeping us on our toes with a steady stream of orders: turkey fryer kits,sheet pans, flatware, foil pie pans, and more. Sounds like the essentials to a great Thanksgiving dinner! No doubt it'll be a busy season - but what's fall without a little fun? Take a look at what's been cooking at our office in the past month.

Spooktacular Staff

Some of our staff took a break to show off creative, creepy, and of course, culinary costumes on Halloween.

Easy As Pie

Corporate chef Matt Schuler was up to the challenge of making more than a baker's dozen of pies (30, to be exact) for a recent photo shoot. The one shown below is a sumptuous strawberry pie made with Musselman's fruit filling.


Pass the pork! The WEBstaurant Store staff enjoyed traditional German Oktoberfest entrees. The meal was prepared by staff with October birthdays under the direction of chef Schuler.

Pumpkin Painting

Our creative Customer Solutions took time to paint pumpkins in the spirit of Halloween. Click the image below to view a Vine video montage.
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Celebrate Soup Season with Our Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

30 Days Hath Souptember...

To usher in the Autumn season, WEBstaurant Store staff cooked up crocks of homemade soup! Employees with September birthdays got to play chef for the day, prepping a Broccoli Cheddar blend and Butternut Squash soup with direction from our chef Matt Schuler. Below, check out printable recipe cards for Butternut Squash Soup. The recipe calls for seasonal squash, Granny Smith apples, fresh sage, and pumpkin seeds to create the perfect fusion of fall flavors. To make it vegetarian, simply sub out the chicken broth with vegetable stock instead.

To learn what fruits and veggies are in season in your region of the United States this fall, check out our handy Regional Guide to Fresh Produce. Short on time? Check out our Regal Soup Bases and Canned Soup and Stew for pre-made broth blends.

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Showcase Your New Restaurant with A Soft Opening

Practice Makes Perfect

You've heard the old adage "Practice makes perfect." The same goes for restaurant openings! Hosting a soft opening for a limited number of people allows you to work out the kinks in your restaurant service before opening your doors to the public. This test launch strategy allows you to hone in on specific meal times to see where your staff could be more efficient.

Burgeoning Lancaster, PA restaurant Aussie and the Fox has mastered the soft launch concept, hosting a series of breakfast, lunch, and bar menu previews in the weeks leading up to their official opening. Prior to opening, we spoke to proprietors Frank Fox and Julia Garber about their marketing plans for the restaurant. Aware of the competition surrounding their King Street location - a block smattered with craft beers, specialty shops, and trendy cafes - they knew they had to "come in big," noted Fox.

"If you're coming into an established area, come in with something uniquely different," Fox added. Aussie and the Fox did just that at a soft launch held for the Friday happy hour crowd, featuring items from their late night bar menu. Serving typical pub fare with a twist, they featured flavorful pieces like falafel lettuce and spiced mixed nuts. Cocktails like the "Sydney Sunrise" made the restaurant's Australian themed menu exclusively their own.

The following Sunday, the restaurant hosted a soft opening "brekkie," a chance for the public to come in and test out their Australian take on brunch. Additionally, they opened The Tucker Box, a cash only take out counter open for customers to grab coffee, bagels, and other on-the-go fare. With roughly 1,500 Facebook followers to boot, it's clear that word is getting out thanks to these sneak previews of their full menu.

Aussie and the Fox relied heavily on Facebook to appeal to the public, but there are multiple soft launch strategies you can try. From private parties for friends and family to sneak peeks open to the public, there are several soft launch strategies:

  • Offer a "beta" menu that offers half of what is on your complete menu. It reduces stress on new staff, and encourages customers to come back to see the full menu reveal.
  • Don't operate all day. Consider offering just breakfast and lunch for four days, then dinner on the fifth.
  • Host a "sneak peek" happy hour with select menu items and drinks.
  • Hold a friends and family only opening with complementary dishes, with the intent of inviting them to help train your staff.
  • Hold a soft opening for neighboring homes and businesses, held exclusively for them. If they like what they see, they will return - and suggest your restaurant to visiting friends and colleagues.
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Cronuts, Cake Pops, and More: 5 Desserts Taking Summer 2013 by Storm

As fashion trends vary from season to season, so do food palates. While classics like berry pies and ice cream cones never go out of style, dessert hybrids like the Cronut are taking the summer sweets scene by storm. Turns out that doughnuts, dessert shooters, and bacon-topped ice cream are so 2012. So grab your wayfarers and panama jack hat and head to the closest dessert shop. Here’s a look at the fastest trending desserts of Summer 2013:

If You Liked: Doughnuts
Try: Cronuts

Since debuting in May, this croissant/doughnut hybrid has skyrocketed faster than temperatures in July. Pioneered by New York's Dominique Ansel Bakery, the "Cronut" has been in such high-demand that bakery customers are limited to just 2 per customer. Crafted from fried croissant dough and formed in the shape of a doughnut, a host of D.I.Y. recipes are quickly surfacing.

If You Liked: Miniature Layer Cakes
Try: Cake Pops

Playing off the bite-sized trend, cake pops are the portable solution to last summer's mini layer cake craze. Perfect for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and carnivals, these whimsical bite-sized delights have taken summer holiday themed treats by storm. Just check out the endless board of Pinterest posts tagged as 4th of July Cake Pops.

If You Liked: Layered Neapolitan Desserts
Try: Layered Mason Jar Desserts

You can't bottle nostalgia, but layers of Blueberry Cobbler served in an antique glass mason jar certainly come close. While tri-colored Neapolitan desserts dominated everything from popsicles to pastries last summer, mason jars allow for unlimited layers while keeping ingredients neatly contained. Pound cakes, parfaits, puddings, pies (okay, I'll stop with the alliteration now) - these glass jars hold it all! Bonus - the jars double as party favors for guests.

If You Liked: Ruffled Pastel Icing
Try: Sleek Metallic Icing

Silver and gold are no longer just reserved for winter holidays - metallic icing cakes have taken summer Pinterest boards by storm! Gone are the sweet ruffles and rainbow pastel colors of Summer 2012. But you don't have to give up color altogether. Shiny metal purples, greens, and pinks are making their mark on the cake decorating scene.

If You Liked: Ice Cream with Bacon
Try: Ice Cream with Caffeine

Bacon-infused blends had their time to shine, but the ice cream world is embracing a new trend: caffeinated ice cream. Think Frappuccino, but captured in a carton. Bang!! brand ice cream stole the show at this year's National Restaurant Association demo, debuting free samples of caffeinated blends like Iced Latte-Da and Peanut Butta. And expect to see Ben & Jerry's newly released Coffee, Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz! (an espresso-chunk laden variety) available on retail shelves soon. I scream, you scream, we all scream for … caffeine.

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