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  • High output for busy kitchens
  • Temperature control switch
  • Grease collection pan for easy clean up
  • 3/8" thick griddle plate
177EG16 120
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41 reviews

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Avantco EG16 Griddle

Avantco EG16 Griddle

The Avantco EG16 is perfect for snack counters, pools, bars and small restaurants. Only 16 inches wide, this unit will give you high output from a 15.5 by 16 inch grilling surface. The three inch high side and backsplashes will prevent grease splatter. A single control knob allows you to accurately control temperature between 120 and 570 degrees. Cleanup is a breeze with this removable grease pan. The 3/8 inch thick steel griddle plate will give you long service life. This unit operates on 120 volts, which means you can use it just about anywhere. It has a standard three prong plug on a 48 inch cord. Make griddle cleaning easy with our Grill Gear cleaning kit. It includes everything you need to clean and polish your Avantco griddle. Be sure to check out our entire line of countertop griddles!

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This video describes the features of the Avantco EG16 countertop griddle, an indispensable piece of cooking equipment! Discover if this griddle is right for you, and also learn some tips for proper cleaning.

Width 15 3/4 Inches
Depth 19 7/8 Inches
Height 11 1/4 Inches
Cooking Surface Width 16 Inches
Cooking Surface Depth 15 1/2 Inches
Amps 14.6 Amps
Hertz 60
Phase 1
Voltage 120 Volts
Wattage 1,750 Watts
Control Type Thermostatic
Cooking Surface Material Steel
Installation Type Freestanding
Number of Burners 1
Number of Controls 1
Power Type Electric
Temperature Settings Adjustable
Usage Standard Duty


Easily grill burgers, breakfast items, vegetables, and more with the Avantco EG16 16" electric countertop griddle. Great for light duty use, this griddle features a spacious 15 1/2" x 16" grilling surface. The center portion of this surface achieves temperatures between 120 and 570 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum cooking, while the outside areas of the griddle surface maintain a slightly lower temperature and are great for lower-temperature cooking and keeping food warm once it has been cooked. The griddle is controlled by a separate dial with 70 degree temperature increments.

Its durable heavy duty stainless steel construction is designed to withstand repeated use in your commercial kitchen, and the 3" side and back splashes keep grease on the griddle and off of the countertops! When finished, cleanup is easy thanks to the removable, bottom-mounted grease pan.

The Avantco EG16 is CE Listed and requires a 120V electrical connection for operation. Please consult the Specification Sheet for additional details.

Width: 15 3/4"
Depth: 19 3/4"
Height: 9 3/4"


CE Listed



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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Avantco EG16 16" Electric Countertop Griddle 120V ( 4.9 stars from 41 reviews )

    I purchased this griddle about a month ago, based upon my needs and the quality of the reviews it had received here. I have to add to the accolades, it's a wonderful griddle and I would definitely buy another if/when the need arises. The griddle does an excellent job of maintaining it's temperature. It's relatively easy to clean and definitely easy to use. The stainless steel surround around the cooking area is just high enough to catch most of the spatter, keeping the neighboring work areas clean. The griddle does take a while to reach it's target temperature, but that's expected. The design is such that it maintains it's temp consistently. The unit is heavy, but not too heavy to move when necessary. I wish I'd bought this long ago! We use it primarily for burgers and sandwiches, but I'm sure it would work great for nearly anything you throw at it.

    Posted on

    When I needed a standard voltage griddle for my portable catering rig this is the model that fit my needs. It is a great size, keeps even heat and it cleans up easily.

    Posted on

    Heats to temp very quickly. Perfect size for small events. Very easy to clean. Very solid construction. Make any event look very professional. Will be buying one again very soon

    from Lemongrass Grill Posted on

    This is a great flattop griddle. We use it all day every day. It is on 18 hours a day. Never had any trouble in 2 years. Just bought another for my 2nd store.

    from the french market Posted on

    We were able to effectively and rapidly fit 8 sandwiches at a time on the Avantco EG16 16" Electric Countertop Griddle. The Avantco griddle is easily cleanable and we especially appreciated the drawer below the griddle which collects debris from previously cooked food. This countertop griddle works wonders in our concession trailer. Thanks!

    from Here, There and Everywhere Cafe Posted on

    Love this product, have used it in my business daily since June 2013, works great easy to maintain. Has paid for itself many times over

    from Swains catering Posted on

    Let's just say....I have of officially given away my cheap sauté pans. I use this DAILY !!! Once I got it seasoned correctly , nothing sticks, eggs, burger, hash browns etc, just remember the center is the hottest which is great for finishing a complete meal keeping other ingredients warm in the corners while cooking everything else. Love It !!!

    Posted on

    This is one of my favorite cooking tools. From burgers, pancakes,Salmon fillets, to Philly cheese steaks, the EG16 will deliver. Plugs into a standard outlet which makes it great to take along to a party or cookout. I use at home and use it often.

    Posted on

    I absolutely LOVE this griddle. I bought it to make cheesesteak subs at home and so far have used it to make that and pancakes, eggs, and hamburgers. The food came out great and I did not have problems with the pancakes getting cooked unevenly. I also plan on using this griddle to make blackened fish, breakfast potatoes, and french toast which I am sure will come out great as well. I would have preferred a bigger size but this is the only size that uses 120 current. However, when it arrived the griddle was bigger than I expected and this size is probably better suited for our small to medium home kitchen anyway. I would recommend opening the windows if using at home, especially when frying meats so that your house doesn't smell for hours afterward. The best part is that it is easy to clean and it's better than cleaning a greasy pan. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see that when I use oil to fry anything on the griddle, there is no grease splashing all over the place. This is the best purchase I've made in a long time and I would certainly recommend this griddle. My husband and I absolutely LOVE it. I am so thrilled to be able to make cheesesteak subs at home! My brother got one at the same time I got mine and is very happy with it.

    Posted on

    Great Product Great Price, just enough for my small pizza shop. I purchased to make my Philly and sausage parm subs and is it work just fine

    from PapaNizios Pizza Posted on

    I been using this electric griddle for over two years on a daily basis and let me tell you it works great. It takes about 10 minutes to warm up, which is great.

    Posted on

    For years we had been using a residential griddle that lasted maybe 6 mos. We upgraded to this Avantco Griddle and it is fantastic! Sits on the counter top, cleans up easily, keeps the heat; a great addition to our deli!

    from Lyme Country Store Posted on

    What a great thing to have. This countertop griddle is good to use for anything from grilled cheese to pancakes to burgers to hot dogs to tortillas!

    from Dough Posted on

    Bought for home use because anything bigger would require 220 V. Works perfectly! Couldn't be happier with this awesome grill. Teppanyaki grilling is now reality.

    Posted on

    The Avantco Electric Countertop Griddle is an awesome powerful little table top griddle. Consistent and powerful this is perfect for a smaller operation, A great buy.

    Posted on

    This is a small unit that's great for a catering functions, etc. Price is unbeatable however heat is uneven so it's not great for pancakes. Small items that can be moved around work better like bacon or hot dogs

    from Osterville Village Cafe Posted on

    This is a really good item. Can't do without. Makes my grilled sandwiches outstanding. And puts a nice finishing touch on warming my hamburger buns.

    from Ranch House Kitchen Posted on

    This is a nice small counter top style griddle for use in a pantry or cold portion of the line. Great to have for toasting fresh burger buns.

    Posted on

    this small griddles are good for smaller places or mom and pop shops. they're nice for cooking eggs and burgers. also nice for cooking home fries and keeping them warm.

    Posted on

    LOVE this griddle, it used daily. Takes a bit to warm up to full temp, but no problem to turn on while prepping. I use it for everything. From grilled sandwiches, eggs, fajitas to putting pots on it to boil potatoes etc... It has never let me down. during high use the temperature fluctuates some, but in my small restaurant it is not much of a problem. Great little griddle

    from Lisa's Lunchbox Posted on

    Only gets hot in the middle section. On a griddle this small that makes an effective cooking area just too small. Bacon was burned in the middle and not cooked enough on the ends. Very dissapointed.

    Posted on

    Thanks for your review! This griddle is designed to cook food in the center of the grilling surface. The outside areas are for keeping the food warm once it has been cooked. If you are looking for a larger griddle, you can check them out here: Standard Duty Electric Countertop Griddles.

    WEBstaurantStore.com Customer Solutions

    only great things to say about this handy small grill, we cook about 15 burgers at once on it and it doesnt take up too much space.

    from JCees roadside market Posted on

    worth the money order came in very fast.ones it gets hot its a great grill. takes about 3min 2 get hot easy 2 clean ty

    from dovids kosher Posted on

    The Avanto Grid 16 16' Electric CounterTop Griddle 120 V. Works great for cooking your favorite foods.Has a drain pan to remove the grease. Also good for pancakes. We love it price is right .

    Posted on

    Its a great one for what all I need .I cook burgers and few sandwiches use 3 nights a week. so far so good.I love the size 16"16".

    Posted on

    A nice small electric griddle! Great for making kids orders of grilled cheese or toasted sandwiches for lunch!! Good for small restaurants or even home use!!!

    Posted on

    This grill is the perfect size to do just about anything! It is very easy to clean, and heats up very quickly. It is a MUST in any sandwich shop!

    Posted on

    The Avantco Grid- 16" Electric Countertop Griddle 120v ,Is great. Perfect for any fund rasier, or just for an extra grid.We use ours at church for pancake breakfast's.The seniors love it. The price is right.Works great.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    I bought this for my own personal residential use. This griddle gets hot after warming up for a while and stays hot all day. It is really an amazing piece of equipment. Highly recommended

    Posted on

    This Griddle is another one that has helped us boost our revenue. We use it for display cooking and are glad to have purchased this unit.

    from Kurry Masala Posted on

    This grill appears to be a substantial piece of hardware. A lot of grill for the money. When you heat it it up to cook, let it sit for a while even after the the light indicates it is on the set temperature. I have found that mine initially heats up past the set temperature a ways, then settles back down. I haven't temp probed it yet., but I will. This is a heavy griddle and the packaging that it came in (probably all the way from China) is woefully meager. I'm sure mine was dropped or mishandled somewhere along the line because the styrofoam was crushed and there is some slight deformities on the griddle housing. However, everything seems to in fine working order, so I am not about to expend energy and worry just for cosmetic reasons. This griddle looks and feels the part of a professional piece of equipment.

    Posted on

    Fantastic product. Our little hot dog joint does burgers as well and this has been a little workhorse for us. Always hot and always ready, More satisfied than 1000 griddles I have had in past!!

    from Griffn Dawg House Posted on

    Just an incredible Unit, I would reccomend this to anyone looking for a unit that will heat up / hold and recover very quick, the thermostat and tempeture are dead on !

    from JONABELLA CATERING Posted on

    Only used it a few times. Recently purchased. So far, this item has preformed well. Solid built. Heavy commercial quality product. Power indicator comes on when plugged in. Installed a switch that turns item off when not in use. Would be nice if switch was built into griddle as so power light would not come on as soon as item is energized. Would recommend this item. Cleans up well with BarKeepers Friend. Clean surface before you turn it on as the oil on the cooking surface is hard to remove after it gets hot. Heats quickly and stays hot. Don't try to overheat when warming it up for cooking as it will get too hot.

    from None Posted on

    I got this griddle today and after cleaning, I used it in my home for 4.5 hours. I made enough food for twenty meals and cleaning in took only a few minutes. I may only use it a couple times a month, but it is a huge time saver. I am not a professional chef, so I am not sure, but it took 25 minutes to reach 350 degrees Farenheit, and that seems slow. On the other hand, it is a thick (3/8") cooking surface. It took about 45 minutes to reach 570 F. Putting cold food on the cook surface drops the temperature and it takes a few minutes to come back up. In a really busy restaurant, I am not sure this would be the best choice. It is a 110v model and that is a lot to expect for the power it uses. For my use, I absolutely love it.

    Posted on

    Very impressed with the weight and quality of this unit - takes a little time to pre-heat, but thats because of the thickness of the top - holds heat well, and reheats quickly.

    from Mr Tony's BBQ Posted on

    I have used this item for many years, it is just the right size for a small kitchen. I had a problem with one inside the warranty, It was replaced with no problems.Nice service!!!

    from THE SQUIRE Posted on

    Great product for the price. Fast recovery and fits about 12 burgers for a large cooking surface. Heats up fast for the price you cant beat it.

    from Calamitys Posted on

    I love this,it is exactly what I wanted.I put it on my stove and it stays there.I cook hambugers to hashbrowns,easy to clean up also.

    Posted on

    Maintains steady heat temp from morning to night! Cooks great and gets very hot if you need it to. Excellent value for the price!Great service too!

    from ACAC Posted on

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