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Ateco Small Roller, Piping Gel, and Shaker

Ateco Small Roller, Piping Gel, and Shaker

Hello, I'm Julie Bashore from the Sugar Arts Institute and I'm going to show you how I work with the Ateco icing spreader. It's a little, plastic tool with ribs one end for easy gripping. It has flexibility so it is easy to spread. I have fondant rolled out and I am going to place a very fine, delicate stencil over the top of the fondant and roll with even pressure until the fondant peeks through the holes of the stencil. It's important to make sure that it peeks through the holes, otherwise your icing or piping gel is going to ooze and spread. If you have the fondant peeking through the holes, you are sure to have nice, clean, and crisp edges. I'm going to be working with the Ateco piping gel. It's a clear gel and I have it on the end of my spreader. I'm going to spread it firmly, yet gently over the holes of my stencil. Make sure that it is evenly spread and then use the Ateco shaker to shake some edible glitter over the stencil, making sure that all the holes are covered. With a second spreader, just go over the glitter and make sure that it is evenly spread and firmly placed on the stencil. Very gently, peel the stencil away to reveal your glittered pattern!

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Use Ateco's small roller, piping gel, shaker, and icing spreader to create beautiful patterns on your fondant. Simply find a stencil with a pattern you like, grab some edible glitter, and begin designing works of art!

Ateco Sculpting Set, Shaker, Cutting Wheel, and 7 1/2" Roller

Ateco Sculpting Set, Shaker, Cutting Wheel, and 7 1/2" Roller

Hi, I'm Julie Bashore and I'm going to highlight 10 Ateco tools that I use for ruffling. Here, we have the tool set with a wide variety of tools that are double sided. We also have the Ateco shaker, 2 offset pallet knife spatulas, the Ateco cutting wheel, fondant wheel, the 2 inch food grade bristled brush, the jumbo bore tool that I co-designed with Ateco in conjunction with the jumbo ruffle cutter and the jumbo ruffling pad. Last but not least, we have the miniature 7 1/2 inch plastic rolling pin. Let me introduce you to each Ateco tool. This is the 7 1/2 inch plastic rolling pin that I use for rolling fondant really thin and making it even and smooth. Secondly, we have the jumbo ruffle cutter. It is a scalloped cutter that is nice and large and it cuts out big ruffles so you aren't rolling and cutting constantly. Instead, you can do it all in one go. Use the pallet knife to remove the center and then use the jumbo ruffling pad to soften the edges. Lightly dust it with corn starch and use the food-grade bristled brush to smooth it out. It's an excellent Ateco brush and you'll find that the bristles will hold firmly without pulling out over the fondant. The next tool that we are going to use is from the Ateco set. It is the shell tool. I'm going to use this to indent a shell design into my ruffle while working on the ruffling pad. After that, I'm going to work with the bore tool to cup the edges. This is if you want a slight cup and a little curl to the ends. However, I also have the jumbo bore tool. By working with the larger end of the jumbo bore tool, you can achieve a more delicate design and impression. The next tool I will be working with is the ruffling tool and I'm going to ruffle directly on the mat. This tool is cone shaped and we need to catch the edge of the gum paste and fondant with the wide edge. You can very simply roll it around the edge and get a more defined ruffle that depends on the final look you are trying to achieve. The secret of success is to keep the ruffle's edge right on the edge of the tool. To open up the ruffle and give a nice, neat edge to the center, cut it open and use the bore tool. Trim off the center edge with the fondant wheel because sometimes it can dry out depending on the weather. Rather than having a cracked edge, you can simply trim it with the wheel. Working again with the bore tool, you can make scallops on the opposite end. I just catch the end of the gum paste and fondant and push it out gently with the bore tool to finish it off with a nice scallop. With the miniature bore tool, we can do a more delicate design by using the same technique. This gives a nice, clean, finished edge to your ruffles. Finally, with the shell tool, you can use the shell to do a design on the edge so it matches the ruffle design while creating a little scallop.

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Watch as Julie Bashore demonstrates how to use Ateco's tools to create a ruffle. With Ateco's sculpting set, shaker, cutting wheel, and roller, you can create clean edges and delicate ruffles of your own!

Ateco Translucent Mats, Design Sleeves, and Shakers

Ateco Translucent Mats, Design Sleeves, and Shakers

Hi, I’m Julie Bashore and I’m the founder of the Sugar Arts Institute and I’m here today to show you some more of the wonderful tools manufactured by Ateco. The first thing I’d like to show you is another silicone mat, this is a new mat that they’ve brought out into the market by the request of many of their customers. This is so that if the fondant is rolled out and adhered to the mat, when one goes to flip the fondant over the cake, the mat is translucent so you can be sure of centering your fondant over the cake. And when I say translucent, you can see here it truly is translucent so you can center the fondant over the cake quite well without having to worry about it being short on one side or too long on the other. It’s a great mat, holds well to the table. I’ve already rolled out a little bit of yellow fondant here using the plastic rolling pin. I started off by rolling very gently, working with my hands on the side of the pin and then coming in, just sliding the rolling pin, and what I’m effectively doing here is pushing the thickness of the center of the fondness out, so that I have the nice, even surface. I like my fondant to be thin, but because I’m going to be working with these wonderful design sleeves, I have actually rolled it out thick. For me, this is quite thick, for most of you, I’m sure you’ll think that this is quite thin, I like to keep my fondant thin so that it’s more palatable and easier to cut and eat. Normally I roll it out to 1/16 of an inch; here I have it at about 1/8 of an inch. I will thin it out using the design sleeve. For those of you who have piped basket weave on a cake, you know how time consuming that is. Piping every little horizontal and vertical line on the cake takes a long time. With this rolling pin it can be done all at once. This sleeve fits over the specially made Ateco rolling pin. It’s a lovely rolling pin, it’s nice and heavy so it’s easy to work with, and you just slip the design sleeve over the top. There are several different designs that they work with, this is another design, it is the cornily lace and gives a lace effect to the fondant. This also gives a fish scale effect. This fits nice and snuggly over the rolling pin and all sorts of things you can think of. I actually use this if I want to make little blankets on cakes, on christening cakes; this is a great design for a quilted look. Ateco has these wonderful stainless steel shakers. They’re easy to remove; you can put your cornstarch, your powdered sugar, your luster dust, even your glitter into this. It’s very simple to put on, it has a nice lid on the top of it so that you can preserve and keep your contents air tight and also, I travel a lot, so this is great, it prevents my product from spilling out. I’m going to shake a little cornstarch onto this and with your hand, just very gently, wipe off the excess. Don’t have too much on there because it will dry and crack the fondant. I prefer to start from close to me and roll upwards; some people prefer to do it the other way. So hold the rolling pin down and, very slowly and gently, roll over your fondant. You’ll see there is a beautiful basket weave design. I’m now going to be working with the cornily lace design sleeve, which also pops right over the rolling pin, and it’s the same procedure as working with the basket weave rolling pin. This is such an elegant design and I can say is one of the most favorite designs for wedding cakes. Now I’m going to be working with the fishnet design sleeve, it’s just like putting on a pair of socks. Stretch it open, pull it over the handle, and then push it onto the rolling pin. It has a nice, snug fit, so it doesn’t move. It’s really an extremely pretty design. It can be used for fish scales, mermaid tails, for blankets, for quilting, it really gives a lovely design and you can run away with your imagination as to what you can do with this. If you come in and have a look closely at this, you will see how this design opens up. Look at that attractive design; it could be used for so many aspects of cake decorating.

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Looking for a quicker way to achieve that lovely basket weave design? Try Ateco’s basket weave rolling pin sleeve! Simply slip the sleeve over your rolling pin. For more designs, check out Ateco’s lace and fish scale sleeves.

Height 3 Inches
Top Diameter 2 Inches
Capacity 4 oz.
Color Silver
Material Tin
Shape Round
Type Powdered Sugar Shakers


This Ateco (August Thomsen) 4 oz. sugar shaker features tin sides and a stainless steel mesh top. It's great for giving just about anything a dusting of powdered sugar, from doughnuts and pastries to French toast! This shaker is sure to add the perfect finishing touch to your baked goods!

Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 2"
Height: 3"

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Ateco 4 oz. Tin Powdered Sugar Shaker (August Thomsen) ( 4.8 stars from 47 reviews )

    these Ateco 4 oz. Tin Powdered Sugar Shaker (August Thomsen) for me this one of the best shaker that i have not to big easy to handle and hold to your hands shake it and bam works great

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    Not my favorite product. The lid is sometimes hard to remove or put back on. My main gripe with the product is that the wire mesh isn't small enough, if you shake powder sugar out of it it falls out in large amounts instead of powering it.

    from W&W Beans Posted on

    This little guy is awesome. We use it to add sugar to our cakes, it's easy to use and looks very good, it works perfect. The quality is superb and the service as always great.

    Posted on

    Purchased these to use at a carnival themed catering event. They worked well enough. They were a little difficult to take the top of but other than that they were a good buy.

    from A Bite on the Side Posted on

    This is great for if you want to shake Powdered sugar, but it is also great for Flour for when you are working with dough!

    Posted on

    These shakers create a much finer and easier to control dusting than your typical dredge, and they are great for finishing a dish or working with fondant and gumpaste. We have used ours regularly for months with confectioners sugar and cocoa powder without a hitch.

    from Mad Batter Baker Posted on

    It's a little smaller than I had anticipated but I should have noticed that the details listed the dimensions. Still, I like it for the mesh top. It's finer than the other shakers so the powdered sugar/cinnamon/cocoa powder doesn't come out as clumpy. It's a perfect size for the coffee station but I wished there was a bigger version for pastry use! Regardless, it's a good quality product.

    from Honeybee Patisserie Posted on

    This is perfect if you do any type of fondant decorating as you are constantly using powdered sugar. It could also be used with flour for rolling out dough.

    Posted on

    Ateco products never fail. This shaker is durable and can take a few beatings in a bakery. I don't find that the sugar will ever clump or get stuck but if you do happen to forget your shaker in a moist or warm area, just add a small handful of rice into the shaker and it will loosen up the sugar for you.

    Posted on

    Grab a couple of these as finishing touches. I fill one with powdered sugar and another with cocoa. On pancakes, cakes, brownies, and cupcakes, this gives a lovely touch. There's a tiny bump that should be used as a guide when opening the shaker. It also keeps the contents secure and prevents accidental spilling.

    Posted on

    I'm very pleased with this shaker. The quality is good. It feels sturdy in the hand. The mesh on top allows for a fine dusting of powdered sugar or cocoa powder, which can be layered for a thicker result.

    Posted on

    This shaker was more than I expected. It is very sturdy design. The powder sugar comes out evenly. This is used daily in my house and I would order again.

    Posted on

    I love my sugar shaker! I use this to dust sugar onto all of my molten lava chocolate cakes, warm chocolate cookies, crepes and more! It gives an even sugar sprinkle!

    from Shalane Bakes Posted on

    These shakers are awesome. Very durable. The top holes are just the right size to sprinkle out the product. I have three of these and would re-order.

    from Michele's Triple-C Bakery Posted on

    These are just so easy to use to have corn starch for your fondant and actually use one for my popcorn buttersalt and it makes everything so much easier

    from Kedbys Kreations & Party Rental Posted on

    Love these shakers. I purchased two so I could have powdered sugar in one and powdered cocoa in another. These make dusting donuts a snap and make dusting for decorations on cakes much easier and more controlled. They do not let out tons at a time which is what I wanted.

    Posted on

    This shaker is great for dusting sugar on desserts such as lemon bars and cookies. It works well and the holes are the perfect size to decorate any dessert.

    Posted on

    I really like this item. I find it much easier to use this to dust powdered sugar over an item than a small fine mesh sieve. Perfect size and best price around.

    Posted on

    The Ateco Tin Powdered Sugar Shaker is a must have for my bakery. I use it to dust powdered sugar on pastries, cakes and doughnuts. I bought more than one, so I can use with coco powder too. Very strong container.

    from Havana Nights Café & Bakery Inc. Posted on

    Ateco tin powdered sugar shaker, is a good product, ,I use to have those little dusting pouch,this work way better ,the sugar comes out easily,it's great but, easily to clean.

    Posted on

    We've used this shaker ever since we opened. This can be used for powered sugar and other powdery items, such as coco. It's great for storing and it washed well, too.

    from Moe & Anita's Pizzeria Posted on

    This is a great way to sprinkle powdered sugar. It's less messy than the colandar method, and you can store the sugar in it for a short time as long as it's in a dry place. The only improvement that could be made would be for it to have a second, airtight lid, but for this price it's an excellent item.

    Posted on

    Made of thick steel. Cap looks on very tightly, as it not only is a screw-on, but also has a special groove to hold it together. Important for something you're going to be hitting with your hand a lot. And speaking of which, powedered sugar falls from this shaker with an amazing consistency. No clumps or uneven holes.

    Posted on

    I really like the stainless steel construction of the shaker. I keep them handy for powdered sugar and also cinnamon and sugar. Although, I really wish they came with lids.

    Posted on

    I use this sugar shaker all the time when I am serving baked goods that require powdered sugar. I like that the powdered sugar stays put in the container and the screen really helps to direct the powdered sugar where you want it and not all over the room!

    Posted on

    Well this might be the easiest and best way to evenly distribute powered sugar onto your food. Nice small product that you can just leave out on the counter in the kitchen or out on the breakfast table. Lid seals very well to the shaker and does not leak or spill.

    Posted on

    The Ateco Tin Powdered Sugar Shaker is a little smaller than I expected, but is sturdy and well made. I think it will work very well for my purposes.

    Posted on

    Saw this while I was shopping for party items. Decided to buy for my own personal use and love it. It is perfect for even dusting of powdered sugar and makes desserts look like they were created by a professional.

    Posted on

    works great for dusting my table to make gumpaste flowers , and I can keep the powdered sugar fresh with the cap that is included

    Posted on

    Exactly what I was looking for for powdered sugar. Holds up well and I expect it will perform for quite some time to come. Glad I purchased.

    Posted on

    Love, Love, Love this powdered sugar shaker! Very well made, easy to use and clean and a great price make this a must have in the kitchen.

    from The Busy Little Baker Posted on

    Recent additions to my kitchen from Webstaurantstore include various dredges, but nothing works like a charm with powdered sugar like this shaker. It is a must if you make cakes and brownies frequently. A light shake and a dusting of powdered sugar adorns the baked good of your choice.

    from Home cook Posted on

    powdered sugar shaker

    A must have for fondant use. Put a mixture of powdered sugar and cornstarch in this and shake onto your work surface to prevent sticking,

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    I like this shaker for making desserts where you need to apply a thin layer of powdered sugar to caramelize. It is great for apple tartes. It works well for decorating brownies and slices of cakes.

    Posted on

    This product is perfect for applying delicate decorations of powdered sugar, or even cinnamon to a pastry. It's good for other things, too, but that is what i find it most useful for. Given the choice, i would always pick this one over any other type of shaker.

    Posted on

    This Ateco powered surgar shaker is the greatest shaker when im doing deserts. I make a german cheese cake and it takes alot of powered surgar. The shaker is great for it.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    This product is great to have on hand when you are making french toast or even adding a final touch to a dessert! It is easy to clean and will last a lifetime!

    Posted on

    This powdered sugar dispenser is so great to lightly dust powdered sugar on any dessert or breakfast item. I've used it for putting sugar on fried dough.

    Posted on

    These are great. they have many uses. whether powdered sugar for pastries or pancakes, or salt for your french fries fresh out of the fryer.

    Posted on

    perfect for sprinkling spice also, they don't have to work only in powdered sugar. the price is a steal! i haven't seen it cheaper in any other stores.

    Posted on

    The Ateco Powdered Sugar shaker .Is a great item to have in any bakery or pastery shop.Great on all the finishing touches,Just shake some powered sugar on cookies,cakes,whatever you like . Works great.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    This is a nice valued priced shaker that has so many uses. I love using this for fried dough confectioners sugar and as a salt shaker to popcorn i make.

    from Tristan's Posted on

    This is the perfect solution for topping our french toast souffle! It provides such a nice even coverage that looks fantastic and is extremely easy to clean.

    Posted on

    This is awesome, I have been looking for one of these in a long time, now I can decorate my cake and pastry so well.

    Posted on

    Great powdered sugar shaker! Good for garnishing and finishing desserts! Works wonderfully with cinnamon and cocoa powder too!!! Very inexpensive and stylish too! Easy to clean!!!

    Posted on

    The powdered sugar shaker is easy to use, and durable. When making desserts I use the shaker with powdered sugar or cocoa to decorate my plates.

    from Flashback Unlimited Posted on

    This shaker works well but is smaller than the ones with the handle on it. Have to fill it up more often. IIt doesn't have holes like the handle ones. Thin wire instead.

    from OC Airport Diner Posted on

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