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Find the Best Type of Oven Mitt for Your Establishment

Oven Mitts & Gloves

Oven mitts and gloves provide heat protection when reaching into hot ovens, dropping ingredients into hot frying oil, and when carrying hot and heavy pots and pans. Conventional and puppet style mitts separate the thumb from the rest of the fingers, whereas gloves separate each finger individually. Oven sleeves do not protect the hand, but do cover the forearm allowing a user to safely extend their arm into hot areas. These mitts and gloves protect bare skin against flames, heat, oil, and hot steam when grilling, frying, roasting, and reaching into hot ovens.

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Protect your hands from burns and injury with our selection of commercials oven mitts! Whether you're handling hot pizza peels, sheet pans, or transporting chafer pans, we have the perfect type of heat-resistant glove for any foodservice operation. We even carry elbow length mitts and sleeves to protect your wrists and help prevent chef coats from catching on fire. With great options from multiple vendors, you're sure to find the perfect type of glove to protect your kitchen staff, chefs, and servers. Be sure to check out pot handle covers for handling hot skillets, pans, and other cookware. If you're wondering where to buy oven mitts & gloves, we have a large selection available at the lowest prices.