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Our salt and pepper packets help speed up service to boost customer satisfaction. Thanks to their gram portion packets, they also stabilize serving costs to increase restaurant profits. We've got the right type of seasoning packet for every menu item! Flavor carry out pasta dishes with 100% grated parmesan cheese packets. Use crushed red pepper packs to season tomato sauce, meat, and even sprinkle on top of pizza slices! Bacon flavored bits are a unique addition to your salad bar. These flavored portion packs deliver great bacon taste without the cholesterol, and no refrigeration is required to ensure food safety. Use our no salt flavor sprinkles for facilities with special diet needs, such as nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living communities. Stock up on salt and pepper packets to keep customers satisfied at your buffet, cafeteria, and fast casual dining establishment. Drop these paper packets into take out orders so customers can flavor their food on the go.

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