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58 reviews
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Length 16 1/2 Inches
Width 11 3/4 Inches
Material Silicone
Oven Safe Yes
Type Silicone Mats


Use this 11 3/4" x 16 1/2" half size silicone mat to bake cookies, pastries, and more without the need for messy pan cleanup! Designed to fit in a half size baking pan, this mat provides a non-stick baking surface between your culinary creations and the pan, and makes it easy to remove even messy items like lattice cookies! It withstands temperatures up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit, and after use just wipe down with a wet cloth to use it again! Versatile and reusable, this silicone baking mat is a necessity at bakeries, restaurants, and cafes.


Oven Safe

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: 11 3/4" x 16 1/2" Half Size Silicone Mat ( 4.9 stars from 58 reviews )

    This product functions identically to other silicone mats, at a substantially better value. I have had no issues with sticking or uneven baking. Highly recommended.

    from Sfamo Posted on

    I wasn't sure before ordering these mats but after reading a few reviews I decided to give them a try. I have been using French made silpats for a while and I was surprised to find a similar product for much less money. I am very happy so far with the results, as they work great, are easy to clean and seem as durable as any other brand I've used before.

    Posted on

    A couple of months into using this mat, this is turning out to be a great purchase. I use it to bake potatoes, as well as cook chicken, fish or pork in the oven, and so far it has indeed proven to be non-stick. The only thing that will stick is meat juices, if you leave the mat in the oven long enough. But that's to be expected and luckily they come off under hot water pretty easily anyway. The mat itself is also the perfect size for a half sized pan (also bought at WebstaurantStore), with corners cut off so that you can pick it up more easily, as well.

    Posted on

    These mats are reasonably priced, easy to use, easy to clean and very stick proof. We baked donuts and other pastries on them and never had a problem.

    from Spring Street Treats Posted on

    I purchased this silicone mat for my sister because she often bakes. She mentioned them a while back, and while searching locally yielded brand-name mats that were a bit out of my budget, I ended up finding this product. It's comparable to the branded mats but offered at a much lower price point. She's given me mostly positive feedback on the product with one small gripe: the mat is actually a little too big for the half-sized bake trays. I don't think it would be too hard to shave a bit off each side of the mat--I'll probably just take an exact-o knife to it. Other than that, this was a great buy.

    Posted on

    Love the way these work with money savings and easy clean up. Have ordered many of these and very happy with them. Use personally and professionally.

    from Mimi's Minis Gourmet Baked Sweets Posted on

    I purchased to use for rolling out smaller pieces of fondant. It does the trick. My fondant doesn't stick and I am a happy camper.

    from A Bite on the Side Posted on

    This silicone mat is an excellent price for a very high quality item. Comparable mats at this price-point are 100% silicon which is prone to tears. This mat features a weaved interior which makes it very durable. The silicone is also of a high quality and is very slippery whereas some silicone items can be sticky to the touch.

    from Home Use Posted on

    Excellent low-priced product. I never owned a silicone baking mat before and must say i love it. Its pretty much a re-usable sheet of parchment. I recently made ho-made candies for valentines day and used it as a nonstick surface to let chocolate set up on worked like a charm. I will have to see how it holds up to cooking.

    Posted on

    I recently made ho-made candies for valentines day and used it as a nonstick surface to let chocolate set up on worked like a charm

    Excellent product. Rolls up but then flattens completely when placed on a tray. The nonstick properties are fantastic and it is very easy to clean. It keeps the bottoms of baked goods from browning, which in many circumstances is the desired effect. Having used this product, I have no interest in even trying the more expensive branded one.

    Posted on

    Can't believe I ever baked cookies without one. Don't have to worry about broken cookies when you take them off the sheet because they really so easy. And essential for every kitchen.

    from Tenderheart creations Posted on

    These silicone mats work perfect just like the more expensive ones. Comes clean very easy and nothing sticks to them in the oven. We will be buying more.

    Posted on

    These are very nice silicone mats and for a much lower price than Silpat brand. It fits as expected in a half size sheet pan.

    Posted on

    I couldn't believe the price difference between these mats and the other name brand ones. Figured I would give these a shot because I could get almost 2 for the price of one of the others. They are GREAT. Do not hesitate to order these mats.

    from Creativa Posted on

    this is so perfect for cooking cookies! they don't get to over done. Would love to order the bigger size soon. Thank you so much!

    from longview christian fellowship Posted on

    If you are going to be baking, these mats are a must have. They are easy to clean and do not blow around like parchment paper will if you use a convection oven. We have bought more, but the ones we first bought are

    from J & S Bakeria Posted on

    I was a bit hesitant to order these, as I've only been familiar with one major brand, but so far, in the month I've had them, I've baked at least 5 batches of cookies (each batch making about 5 dozen cookies) and they've held up extremely well. At a fraction of the cost of other liners, these were awesome!

    Posted on

    I had been told for years that I NEEDED to get a silicone mat & now I can't imagine my life without one! This silicone mat has been incredibly helpful not only during baking but also during decorating. I decorated a cake by covering it in sprinkles & using this mat made it easy for me to use only what I needed & save the rest.

    from sharpe creations by skyler Posted on

    I regularly use parchment paper to avoid messy clean-ups and decided to get something that could withstand higher temperature bakes like bread and pizza as parchment smokes at very high temperatures. This works OK, but bear in mind the product description is different that the actual packaging. This is apparently only safe for up to 483?F while the description claims it's safe for up to 540?. Still a great product.

    Posted on

    This half size silicone mat works very well and the expensive brand. This mat bakes evenly and no burning at all. I recommend this product and is a great price.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    I was skeptical about this mat because of the price but I am blown away by my chocolate chip cookie result. Flawless , Just like the one with the big price tag and even better because of the nice yellow color! I will order a few more soon

    Posted on

    Took me a little practice to get the hang of using this item but after learning it is awesome! clean up is a breeze and browns things nicely :)

    Posted on

    WOW! What a great price for a quality item! Works just as well as the name brand/trade marked versions. Totally non-stick and is the best for baking cookies!

    Posted on

    Item #144SBS16

    I love this mat to help with easy clean up. I have a very small kitchen and virtually no counter space. This works great because I can pick it up and move it if I need more room. I will say I have not used it in the oven as of yet, that still scares me.

    Posted on

    The one I got was not the same as shown in the photo. The brand was not Update, but Winco instead. This wouldn't bother me, except that this product really is different than depicted. The corners are not cutoff like the one in the image. So this silicone mat doesn't lay flat in the half sheet pan. The price is good though, and the quality is decent. It does the job, nothing sticks.

    Posted on

    I never knew how easy clean up could be until I tried these silicone mats. Why did it take me so long to try them?

    from Miss Debs Posted on

    I've been using the Silicone Wonder Mat from Tupperware for years and have loved it. But I've been wanting to have two on hand and decided to try the Update Half Size Silicone Mat. I love it so much more! It fits my baking sheet perfectly. It is very easy to clean, more than my previous mat, and I use it for baking and freezing. The mat is thick and made of sturdy material. I love this mat and would certainly recommend it.

    Posted on

    These work just as well as the other more expensive brand. They make baking so much easier. I haven't had any issues or any sticking.

    Posted on

    i was going to buy another one but thank god i settle for this one much less the price of the other one and those the same job. i love them

    Posted on

    Although I bought the wrong size, I still use this for my baking. It makes flawless cookies and helps to bake evenly with no burning or sticking on bottom. For someone like me who doesn't always have the best of luck, I'm thrilled with these mats!

    from Elements Posted on

    this is a really cool product. I thought that for the price it would not be such good quality. But I am glad I did try these out, comes out to be a really good silicone Mat. It works perfectly and I like it since the color is much nicer than those that sell the french type.

    from Gelatopazzo Posted on

    Very sturdy and I love the square grate instead of the long vertical grate. Fits perfectly with my half sheet pan that I also purchased.

    Posted on

    Don't waste the money on the brand name silpats, these are perfect. they clean easily with warm soapy water and everything slides right off of them.

    from Yum Market Cafe Posted on

    Very nice! I got one to try to compare to my silpat and I liked the weight of it and the size. I have used it a few times already and think it is very comparable to the silpat.

    from Lily Belle Bakery Posted on

    These liners are fantastic for baking and cooking. Cookies don't stick and they cook evenly. I highly recommend these are most of your cooking needs .

    Posted on

    These mats are very nice quality. I've used them a couple of times and they don't seem to have any issues. They are a lot more convenient than using parchement or foild to line pans and they clean up in a snap.

    Posted on

    These are super great for baking and they're so inexpensive its a no-brainer. I bought these for my baker girlfriend and she loves them. Keeps the pans clean and never sticks.

    Posted on

    This works equally as well as expensive name brand version of the product, and comes at a fraction of the price. At this price, this mat really is a no-brainer if you bake frequently. It makes cleanup easier and eliminates waste and trips to the grocery store to pick up aluminum foil or parchment paper.

    Posted on

    This is really great! Its so easy to use and it works perfect. The only thing I dislike about this is its a little hard to clean.

    Posted on

    At half to one-third the price of the top brand non-stick silicone half-sheet size baking mats, of the same quality, this is a steal. It's easy to clean with a damp cloth and fits nicely in my home oven.

    Posted on

    I had initially intended to order the more well known French silicone mat, but decided to give this more economically priced model a chance. I'm pleased to report that this mat performs identically in every way to the more expensive brands out there. I used to it to great success for both a Beef Wellington and chocolate chip cookies. Clean up was as simple as a quick hand wish with dish soap. It's an excellent product at a great price point.

    Posted on

    This is a great mat. Very easy to use but it can be hard to clean. I make a lot of candies and they can sometimes stick.

    Posted on

    There are an absolute must-have. No more cleanup or excessive use of aluminum foil. That, coupled with the ease of cleaning make these an absolute no-brainer for anyone wit baking needs.

    Posted on

    Love this mat for baking cookies! I bought two and a couple of cookie scoops from webstaurant store and have rediscovered all my holiday cookie recipes! and Chocolate chip cookies come out perfectly golden - every time!

    Posted on

    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Works just like the more expensive name-brand version. Nothing sticks, easy to clean, fits perfectly inside the half-size sheet pans already available on this site.

    Posted on

    These silicon mats are great for baking pastries and are easy to wash and re-use! The long length of this one allows me to cook more pieces at once.

    Posted on

    I love, love, love these silicone mats! They are awesome for french macarons, and even rolling fondant. These are so versatile and for the price its just an amazing deal!

    from CupCake Luna LLC Posted on

    These are wonderful!! They save us so much money from constantly using parchment, and they are such a great price! Much less expensive than silpats and work just as well

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    This is a MUST buy!! Since I started using these instead of parchment I have saved a lot of money and helped the environment as well. The non-stickiness of these mats are the best you can find!

    from Frommer's Natural Foods Posted on

    This is a great nonstick alternative to the silpat. It does the same job just so much cheaper. i love it! it helps with cookies or baked sweet potatoes!

    Posted on

    I am a baker so I use these mats for items that contain a lot of sugar and/or fats. I have noticed that certain parchment papers work better for lower fat items, and that was a concern when I bought these. But they work great. To clean, I either stick in the dishwasher (home, not industrial) or submerge in soapy water and scrub gently.

    Posted on

    I never make French Macarons without it! They are a lifesaver when baking, easy cleanup, and less stress for me. A wonderful product that I need to buy more of :)

    from Winky's Kusina sa Eskina Posted on

    Pretty French macarons! Look at those perfect feet

    Other popular brand sells these mats for far more, but for a lot less these silicone mats work just as well. They look beautiful, clean up nicely and save tons of parchment paper. The quality seems good.

    from Home cook Posted on

    Great product and would recommend for anyone that bakes semi-regularly. Bought it for baking cookies, and this is what we use it for most often. Nothing sticks, not even our flour-less peanut butter cookies that have been ruined in the past because they seem to stick to anything. Best part is that you can throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Impress your friends by putting a small layer of shredded cheese, crisp in the oven, and then serve as a garnish on salads!

    Posted on

    These silicone mats are just as good if not better than the much more expensive name brand products! It is a necessity for making cookies and brittle!!

    Posted on

    This half size silicone mat is great for home baking. I use it to make tuile and other cookies. It comes right off the mat and the mat cleans quickly.

    Posted on

    silicone mat that fits my pan. the price is unbelievable. its a must have in a bakery or even just a kitchen. i'm impressed at it's quality

    Posted on

    this is a really nice economic option for bake shops. the price is only a fraction of the cost. they might not be quite the best quality, but they are deffinetly worth the low price

    Posted on

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